Sunday, September 30, 2007

HungerStrike Now MONKS!

My suggestion to Burmese monks & other Buddhist monks in the world to mass Hunger Strike against Myanmar junta, for their brutality against Burmese monks who held peaceful protest & marching.

There were 100,000 Burmese marching and essentially monks, they suffered a brutal crackdown, deaths and arrests. The monks are held against their will now inside thier temples and monasteries by soldiers. The best thing they can do now is to go on mass hunger strike against junta's atrocities.

Leadership of Buddhist within as well as outside of Burma should consider to organize and lead mass hunger strike protest against brutalities done to Burmese monks. This will be most effective if Buddhist monks in Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Taiwan & China also take part, based on solidarity and sympathy for Burmese monks' suffering, and this will be very effective to put huge pressure on junta.

Please help to relay and propagate my suggestion.

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Urgent-Sign petition at Burmese embassy

Rely msg:

Sign letter of protest outside Burmese embassy
29 Sep 07

Singaporeans are urged to go to the Burmese embassy to sign letters of protest. One of the letters is addressed to Ambassador U Win Myint and the other to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong (see below).

SDP Chairman Gandhi Ambalam and Secretary-General Chee Soon Juan will be stationed outside the Burmese Embassy at 15 St Martin's Drive, Singapore 257996 (opposite the Tanglin Shopping Mall) the whole of tomorrow, Sunday, 30 Sep 07 starting at 12 noon to receive

The SDP leaders will also conduct a vigil at the venue tomorrow night
in solidarity with the pro-democracy protesters.

We urge Singaporeans to come to the stand at St Martin's Drive and sign the letter to register your support for the Burmese people and to stand together with them at this time of need. We need action, not
just words.


Letter 1

30 September 2007

U Win Myint
Embassy of the Union of Myanmar

Dear Sir,

It is with disgust and utter revulsion that we learn about the murderous assault on the Burmese people by your dictatorship in Rangoon. The wanton shooting and killing of peaceful demonstrators by the military junta has brought new meaning to the word depravity.

Instead of entering into a dialogue with the citizens to resolve the crisis in Burma through peaceful means, the military junta is unleashing violence to quell the People Power that has taken firm root
in the country.

We, the undersigned, therefore and hereby call upon the SPDC to immediately

- cease all brutal acts against unarmed, peaceful protesters, including Buddhist monks who are at the forefront of the present largest democracy uprising in 20 years,

- release from detention the National League for Democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi and all other political prisoners and monks who have been detained,

- enter into a dialogue with NLD and other ethnic minority groups to diffuse the explosive situation in order to restore democracy,

- convene parliament and hand over power to the elected representatives in the 1990 elections.

We believe that a just and lasting solution to turmoil presently enveloping Burma can only be found by implementing the above demands.

We deliver this message to you on behalf and in solidarity with the
people of Burma who have suffered long enough.



Letter 2

30 September 2007

Mr Lee Hsien Loong
Prime Minister

Dear Sir,

It has been widely documented that the Singapore Government sells arms and military equipment to the military junta in Burma.

Chartered Industries and Allied Ordnance, companies controlled by
Temasek Holdings are reported to be involved in such business. We, the undersigned, ask the Government to declare whether it has sold or transhipped arms and ammunition to Burma in the past and, more
important, whether it is still doing so.

It is unimaginable that the weapons used by the soldiers to gun down
peaceful protesters and monks in Burma are manufactured by Singapore.

We do not want Singaporean hands stained by the blood of innocent and oppressed people of Burma.

In addition, the Government continues to stonewall about whether it is doing business linked with druglords in Burma. Apart from the
immorality of the business, revenue from the trafficking of narcotics
in Burma find their way into the pockets of the military rulers.

For the sake of doing the right thing we also demand to know whether GLCs are doing business in Burma. If they are, they should pull out immediately.

At this time of crisis, we should do everything we can to help the
Burmese people instead of exploiting their misery for profit.


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Friday, September 28, 2007

Mr. JBJ's Practice Certificate Here



Monday, September 24, 2007

New Statutory Board Proposed = CPFb


I propose to form a Singapore's LATEST Statutory Board = Ceremonial Protest Funeral Board, for the previously mentioned purpose.

The above logo would be the official insignia of my proposed new stat board.

As discussed police permit is unnecessary in full accordance with law. Please take note that famiLEE LEEgime chosen not to charge activists including myself for the 2005 protest outside CPF Board Robinson Road; Dec 2006 Freedom Walk etc nearly a dozen of activities.

I would also like to highlight that Korean farmers stage mocked funeral recently for their beef and pork produces. As well as Burmese monks led people out to march in protest on streets all over Burma recently.

For the sake of Singaporean peoples' retirement savings I call members of CPF to take a series of serious actions beginning by joining this Ceremonial Funeral Protest = CPF. The method may be ironical in nature, but lets get serious about it.

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Call for SUPPORT to Burmese Marchers

I call for support to the Burmese people marching in unity against their oppressive military regime. Led by monks the people are showing the world their unity and resolve, in a continued action that had not been seen for some years. Especially Singaporeans should pay attention to this current action in Burma, I hope Singaporeans to be inspired and learn, as well as be supportive.

Singaporeans and Burmese share many common plights as well as aspects, including history as ex-British colony, and in particular ruled by corrupted totalitarian regimes.

Singaporeans and Burmese are in position to cross-motivate each other.

During the 72hr stand off at Speakers' Cornered last Sept within WB/IMF period, Burmese group in Singapore approached me and other activists to extend us their kind support. This is the time now for me to call fellow Singaporeans to express support for our Burmese friends. :-)

To my Burmese friends: you are not alone there! Thanks to your supports we are also not alone!

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From here:153425.25

For Burmese people, I believe you can get a break through if you utilized religious influence on your country's soldiers. You must observe and learn from the Philippines People Power, especially on the parts played by their massive Catholic Churches & priests.

Churches and religious leaders played a very important part in moral support and spiritual influence delivered to the country's soldiers in arm. It contributed most significantly via changing the soldiers loyalty to dictator Marcos. At the crucial time, the churches carried out massive mass and gatherings as well as speeches. The bishop etc performed blessing and prayed for peace. Churches' radio and publications also played a part significantly in carrying out eh messages to the public as well as the military personnels.

I think in Burma it is the land of Buddha, and monks and temples will be able to do similar effects as Churches in Philippines. Monks could reach out to Burmese soldiers, invite them to temple for prayer for peace etc ceremonies. Religion can link people well with soldiers. As long as military does not use force on people, the Burmese overthrowing of junta will be achievable.


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mr JBJ won case on his Practice Cert!

This morning at the High Court Mr. JBJ won his case regarding AG's objection to his legal Practice Certificate! It is a great day!

I got the news near noon from Mr. Ng Teck Siong who attended the court with Mr. JBJ this morning. Mr. JBJ treated Mr. Ng & myself with a lunch at South Bridge Road restaurant for celebration at about 1330hr.

The hearing was brief, only about 30 mins.

Coincidentally the judge happened to be V K Rajah (son of famous activist TT Rajah) and AGC was represented by Jeffery Chan. Both VK Rajah & Chan were the same judge and lawyer for our OM39/2005 case when we took Wong Kan Seng & mata chief Khoo Boon Hwee to court for CPFB protest. :-)

VK Rajah ruled against AGC's objection after Jeffery Chan submitted a thick pile of authorities, order was also made for AGC to refund to Mr. JBJ S$500+ worth of stamp fee previously paid.

Mr. JBJ held a press conference at his office about 1400hr after our lunch celebration. A dozen of 154th photographers & reporters turned up.

Congratulation to Mr JBJ & he is now the most senior person in Singapore in legal service. His profound background exceeds both Yong Pang How & Chan Sek Keong, since he had since the longest time been lawyer; judge; Registrar of Supreme Court; Parliamentarian law maker as well as a well known victim of law. Mr. JBJ was already lawyer way before Singapore became a republic.

Mr JBJ said he would be only practicing as a council to argue in court, and he won't be doing paper works such as wills or agreements. He said his fee won't be very high and will help Singaporeans suffering injustice regardless weather rich or poor.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Dr CSJ checked out of Hotel QRP :-)

At about 0950hr today 18.Sept.2007, Dr. Chee Soon Juan who was sentenced by famiLEE LEEgime 3 week imprisonment for attempting to attend World Movement for Democracy conference under Bankruptcy Act, was released from Queenstown Remand Prison. This time the release timing is the latest compared with all other previous releases of activists / political prisoners.

Dr. Chee's friends and family as well as reporters were awaiting for him to be checked out of his regular hotel. :-)

Although he did not get admitted to hospital nor felt ill this time, he actually lost several KG of weight and look even more pale and tied then the previous time when I was imprisoned together with him.

His injured right foot seems to be recovered.

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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Activists marked 16 Sept with WALK + Vigil

Today in some very light rain activists marked 1st anniversary of WB/IMF Speakers' Cornered Event, with a WALK through the exact same route taken in last December's Freedom Walk. The WALK began today from Hong Lim Park's Speakers Cornered venue, with the singing of "WE SHALL OVERCOME" song which was from the WB/IMF 2007's event. After that from that same spot as WB/IMF, as well as same spot the Freedom Walk began, they took the same path to the 1st stop at Parliament House.

Not in the above picture is another activist who went I think to the loo :-)

The famiLEE LEEgime matas tried to stop the activists opposite the St Andrew Cathedral but was unsuccessful. One ASP from Central Mata-Chu led more than a dozen men in plain clothes broken up in separated teams tailed the activists all the way to the destination Queenstown Remand Prison where Dr. Chee Soon Juan is currently imprisoned. Dr. CSJ is expected to be released on 18th Sept Tuesday before 9am.

Today is Old Dog Thief LKy's 84th birthday. Activists made another new breakthrough to mark this day.

The WALK that asserted our RIGHTS TO GATHER was a success after team of matas failed to stop the walk which continued from North Bridge Road to Istana on Orchard Rd, to deliver the letter of assertion to Ass Loong son PM.

The WALK continued from Istana along Orchard Road, with mata video cameras filming us all the away through Tanglin till QRP prison where a candle light vigil was held from 1830hr till 2200hr tonight.

Although is was a light wet weather and the activity's announcement has only just one day notice in advance, there are the usual supporters and reporters turning up at the Hong Lim Park to support the activity. This included new faces and familiar members of the cyber community. Among them Worker Party's Andrew and candidate for previous GE Mr. Chia TL followed the route walk to take photos.

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

SPF Web: Funeral Permit UNNECESSARY

152355.22 in reply to 152355.21

Thanks for all the responses.

Mata website said a Permit is not needed, as long as we comply with certain guidelines. :-)

The question is now weather is a hotter CPF protest necessary? If it is, then we plan and proceed! :-)

Pse discuss weather is it necessary. If necessary I will be happy to organize it.


SPF Web Funeral Permit URL

Funeral Permit Guidelines .
1 With effect from 1 Oct 04, a wedding or funeral procession would not require a police permit if:

(a) The procession is held in an area other than that specified in any order made under section 5 (2) of the Act; and
(b) the following conditions are compliled with:
(i) the promoter of the procession shall be present at the assembly area and shall accompany the procession at all times until the procession stops or the participants disperse, whichever is the later;
(ii) the procession shall be held between the hours of 7 a.m. and 10.30 p.m. and shall not exceed 30 minutes;
(iii) no public address system shall be used during the procession;
(iv) the number of participants in the procession shall not exceed 150 persons;
(v) no banners, posters or placards shall be displayed along the route of the procession;
(vi) participants in the procession shall not solicit sponsorship or monetary contributions along the route of the procession;
(vii) the route of the procession shall not exceed a distance of 100 metres;
(viii) the procession shall not cause or result in obstruction or inconvenience on any public road, bridge, landing place or in any public place or place of public resort;
(ix) in the case of a procession on a public road -

(A) the procession shall not occupy more than one lane of the road; and

(B) a reasonable number of persons shall be deployed to manage traffic and ensure the safety of particpants in the procession; and
(x) in the case of a procession held during connection with a funeral, there shall not be any silt-walking, during the procession.
Where a breach of the peace is likely to occur if the procession referred to in paragraph (1) is allowed to prceed or continue, any police officer may -
(a) order the promoter of the procession not to allow the procession to proceed; or
(b) order the dispersal of a procession that has already commenced.
Where a police officer has made an order under paragraph (2)(a) or (b) in relation to a procession, the promoter of the procession shall take immediate action -
(a) to prevent the procession from proceeding or continuing, as the case may be; and
(b) to disperse the participants gathered for the procession.

Any promoter who contravenes paragraph (1)(b)(i) or (3), or who fails to ensure that the conditions specified in paragraph (1)(b)(ii) to (x) are complied with, shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding $2,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding one month or to both.

However, if the wedding or funeral procession does not meet the above criteria, a police permit would still have to be applied for (see paras 2 and 3 below).

2 To apply for a permit to hold a funeral procession, the applicant is required to submit an application to the Police Divisional Headquarters in not less than 12 hours before the procession, together with a copy of the Certificate of Death. In the case of wedding procession, the application should be make online via PLUS. The applicant is required to submit a copy of the map showing the route of the procession together with a copy of the Marriage Certificate. The necessary documents must be faxed to 6538 6647 together with the acknowledgement slip generated by PLUS within 5 working days from the date of submission of the application. Alternatively, the documents and the acknowledgement slip may be mailed to the Police Division that processes the application (see guideline 3)

The Police Division where the assembly is to be held shall process the application. In the case of a procession, the Division where the procession originates i.e. the starting point, shall process the application. For any clarification or enquiry, please contact the Compliance Management Officer of the Police Division concerned. The addresses and telephone numbers of the 6 Police Divisions are as follows:







Ang Mo Kio Police Division
51 Ang Mo Kio Ave 9
Singapore 569784
Tel No.: 6218 1304

Bedok Police Division
30 Bedok North Road
Singapore 469676
Tel No.: 62447206/ 62447203

Central Police Division
391 New Bridge Road
Police Cantonment Complex
Singapore 088762
Tel No.: 6557 51(32) - (36)

Clementi Police Division
20 Clementi Ave 5
Singapore 129858
Tel No.: 6872 7923

Jurong Police Division
2 Jurong West Ave 5
Singapore 649482
Tel No.: 6791 0000

Tanglin Police Division
21 Kampong Java Road
Singapore 228892
Tel No.: 639148(62) - (65) or 6391 4893

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hotter CPF Protest if necessary

I think there should be a 2 prong approach, a sensible prong involving theory and policy discussion via public seminar & forums. The other prong is the action prong that is to make dramatic scenes.

blog article

I went to the extend of personally calling up AP leaders to urge them to take actions, and my constructive suggestions were given already.

On the other hand, I have explored ideas with creative people on a dramatic protest which can be conducted direct at Robinson Road CPFB again. :-)

This time I plan to conduct a mocked funeral for the CPF savings of Singaporeans. Yes! A mocked up coffin will be carried to CPFB on a chosen day. This has several meanings:

1, Our CPF savings are dead, gone, unable to help peasants jumping MRT

2, CPF members are exploited to work until their deaths and still unable to get their CPF $$$, from age 55 to 65 to 68 to 85. CPF members must literally HANDOVER NRIC 交登记 before getting CPF $$$?

3, CPF members can only afford to die but not to get ill. Are we saving for RETIREMENT or REINCARNATION? To get our CPF $$$ in next life?

The mocked funeral must have a traditional Chinese lantern 灯笼 which usually written with the age of the deceased person. Which will be 55 (strike out) 65 (strike out) 68 (strike out) 85 (???) 五十有五 to 八十有五?

The photo of the deceased person will be something highly resembling the CPFB logo with 3 keys :-)

This however is not the 1st time in Red Dot.

In the 1960s, Mdm Leong Soh (elected MP = Member of Legislative Council) of National Liberation Front (political party of ex-PM Lim Yew Hock) staged a big mocked funeral for DEMOCRACY!

She expressively said that when Harry Lee became PM, then democracy is dead for Singapore. That was when she purchased the largest Chinese coffin, and staged a full funeral procession with all the traditional bands and music and religious rituals. The procession began from her house in Goodman Road to Tanjong Katong to Dunman Road to either Haig Road or Joo Chiat then to East Coast then back to her home.

It was front page story in regional news then.

Democracy for Singapore is certainly long dead. Now CPF is also dead. Our savings are sucked dry and squandered. So we the CPF members are worst then dead.

I am sharing the idea here for discussion.

If necessary, this can be done and I will organize it :-)

Thursday, September 06, 2007

I witnessed LEEgime's Atrocity on Dr CSJ Today

I saw Dr Chee Soon Juan who is currently imprisoned by famiLEE LEEgime as he was taken from prison to Subordinate Court 24 this morning 6 September 2007 between 0930hr to 1000hr. I call international Human Rights Organizations and Justice Groups to pay attention to this matter.

At my first sight when I walked toward judge's chamber at court 24, Dr. Chee was put in the orange jumpsuit of Queenstown Remand Prison, which I was once wearing, both his hands were handcuffed behind him. He wasn't able to walk properly and was very obviously limping every step. That sight gave me a shock when I saw.

There was just below a dozen of LEEgime cops in court 24, usually at that hour there would be prisoners taken to court for Pre-Trial Conferene (PTC). Today is the PTC for the reminding 7 charges each against Dr Chee & myself both. The famiLEE LEEgime put 4 armed matas to closely escort Dr. Chee.

When I looked at Dr Chee's limping legs I didn't see any shoes on his apparently bear foot. Therefore I could clearly see that the big toe on his right foot was bandaged.

At any time, they had at least 1 armed cop catch hold on the handcuffed arm of Dr. Chee. Other escorts were positioned before and behind and franked him. This reminds me of his situation when he was protesting at Hong Lim Park Speakers Cornered in 2006.

As I asked Dr. Chee what happened to him and why was he limping, he was unable to speak up, and just shook his head. His face expression was very tied and was apparently too painful for him to speak as he was limping his steps.

Inside the judge's chamber, during ALL of the several previous PTCs on this case both Dr. Chee & myself were asked to take seat by the judges. However not on today. The cases are only police summons and not arrested offenses. The only difference today was that Dr. Chee is serving sentence for an unrelated charge under Bankruptcy Act, he was not sentenced to imprisonment but a fine of S$4000, which based on political stands he refused to pay and was serving 3 weeks in place of that S$4000. There is no violent crime record nor mental problem with Dr. Chee nor is he deemed to be in any risk of attempting escape at all.

Why the LEEgime need to escort Dr.Chee in court constantly with 4 armed cops and had both his hands cuffed BEHIND him and deprive him of shoes?

That isn't the atrocity yet!

Throughout the entire PTC between 0930-1000hr, Dr. Chee was made to stand on one leg with both hands cuffed behind. I protested against that immediately at the very beginning of PTC. Within that half hour, I had repeated 3 times to appeal to the court to allow Dr. Chee to be seated, citing that he had a sore foot and demonstrated great difficulty in balancing himself on one leg with two hands cuffed behind. All 3 of my applications to allow Dr. Chee be seated was rejected by the judge. The judge think is was unnecessary because in his opinion the PTC duration IS NOT TOO LONG.

The PTC went on for 30 minutes with Dr. Chee kept losing his balance before the judge. Despite my repeated applications, he does not grant Dr. Chee to be seated.

Standing next to Dr. Chee I witnessed that he was put through something alike Iraq's Abu Gariab Prison Interrogation, which is called the famiLEE LEEgime's PTC.

In all the previous PTCs I had attended with Dr. Chee, we were both allowed to take seat and use writing instruments to take notes, have access to our own notes and documents. At least 2 other PTC was done in the same Court 24 Chamber with that same judge, he used to permit us to be seated. Today Dr. Chee was put through a totally different flavor of PTC. What is the reason?

I asked the court to note that both Dr. Chee and myself had made repeated as well as written application for copies the LEEgime's police video which prosecution intend to use as evidence. I clearly and repeatedly cited that my purpose is to use for preparation of trial by using that video to appeal for members of public to come forward as defense's witness.

There was lots of wasted time during the previous charge which Mr. Gandhi was among the accused. In that trial prosecution flip-flop repeatedly about admitting their mata video as evidence refusing to give us copies to prepare our defense. Trial judge ruled in the end that video DVD to be given in the middle of trial, and the trial continued without time given for us to use the video to appeal for defense witnesses.

Today Court still won't rule on giving us copies of that video, despite arguments brought up in all the several PTCs so far.

The prosecution have 9 witnesses for this trial, and defense have none so far in this trial as well as the previous. I told the judge that I can only depend on the use of video over Internet to show the location and election activities at the Causeway Point concerned to appeal for defense witnesses. The alternative for me is to go to Causeway Point during busy hour and stand there shouting with a sign to appeal for witnesses. In that case the famiLEE LEEgime will send matas again to film that and charge me again for speaking without license again? :-)

I also highlighted to the court that AGC who is obstructing Mr. JBJ from getting his practice certificate from Singapore Law Society, is by action depriving me of a defense council because I had since the very first PTC mentioned that I intend to ask Mr. JBJ to be my defense council pending his practice certificate renewal. It had been months since that(May 2007).

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SG Review Forum


I am aware of bruises and blisters suffered by Dr. Chee when he walked 100km with his sister Siok Chin during the May Day 2007. It was an action of protest against ministers' pay hike.

Feet of Dr. Chee was injured then and he was limping half the way of that 3 days 2 night walk. His right big toe was entirely bruised then, I had to give him medicine and pain killer then to support his completion of the long walk.

However since weeks after that, I also witnessed his recovery and he was walking normally in June; July; August and even before he went to jail few days ago. He does not limp at all with or without (@office) his shoes. I understand that with a toe so badly bruised there is a big risk that toe nail may fall off when the dead tissue around the nail is unable to support it.

After posting the above, I began to recall the bandage I saw today being on the same toe where he injured in May. I suspect his nail might had fallen off due to some reason while he is in jail.

2nd Note:

It just became clearer now that the famiLEE LEEgime's Queenstown Remand Prison denies Dr. CSJ his request to keep his pair of glasses, the prison today demanded his family to pay money to get him a pair of plastic frame glasses. As a result of lacking his eye glasses impaired Dr. CSJ's vision in prison, and he accidentally kicked on step or staircase, and had landed injury on his foot which 's big toe is already previously damaged from May Day Anti-Pay-Hike.

Accordingly, Dr. CSJ received medical attention in prison for his injured and sored foot.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

8 Sept 2007 Center Point 4pm Black Shirt Event

The Cyber Community of Singapore proposed a Silent protest dressed in Black at Centerpoint Orchard Road at 4PM. This is an action against compulsory CPF Annuity policy of the famiLEE LEEgime.

I am supportive of this action and would be present.

I ask the public to show up at the Centerpoint Shopping Center at 4PM in black. Just be peacefully and orderly and there is no need to break any law. There will be mata monitoring but just behave like a normal shopper, nothing unusual will happen upon you.


Other Updates:

famiLEE LEEgime had Dr. Chee Soon Juan put in jail again, this time will be for 3 weeks. This is famiLEE LEEgime's abuse of bankruptcy act and abuse power to prevent Dr. Chee from attending World Movement for Democracy conference abroad.

I have a pending joint-trial with Dr. Chee for GE2006 Election Speeches, Pre Trial Conference will be held at sub-court tomorrow. I believe Dr. Chee would be taken from Queenstown Remand Prison to the sub-court tomorrow for this PTC.

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