Sunday, September 16, 2007

Activists marked 16 Sept with WALK + Vigil

Today in some very light rain activists marked 1st anniversary of WB/IMF Speakers' Cornered Event, with a WALK through the exact same route taken in last December's Freedom Walk. The WALK began today from Hong Lim Park's Speakers Cornered venue, with the singing of "WE SHALL OVERCOME" song which was from the WB/IMF 2007's event. After that from that same spot as WB/IMF, as well as same spot the Freedom Walk began, they took the same path to the 1st stop at Parliament House.

Not in the above picture is another activist who went I think to the loo :-)

The famiLEE LEEgime matas tried to stop the activists opposite the St Andrew Cathedral but was unsuccessful. One ASP from Central Mata-Chu led more than a dozen men in plain clothes broken up in separated teams tailed the activists all the way to the destination Queenstown Remand Prison where Dr. Chee Soon Juan is currently imprisoned. Dr. CSJ is expected to be released on 18th Sept Tuesday before 9am.

Today is Old Dog Thief LKy's 84th birthday. Activists made another new breakthrough to mark this day.

The WALK that asserted our RIGHTS TO GATHER was a success after team of matas failed to stop the walk which continued from North Bridge Road to Istana on Orchard Rd, to deliver the letter of assertion to Ass Loong son PM.

The WALK continued from Istana along Orchard Road, with mata video cameras filming us all the away through Tanglin till QRP prison where a candle light vigil was held from 1830hr till 2200hr tonight.

Although is was a light wet weather and the activity's announcement has only just one day notice in advance, there are the usual supporters and reporters turning up at the Hong Lim Park to support the activity. This included new faces and familiar members of the cyber community. Among them Worker Party's Andrew and candidate for previous GE Mr. Chia TL followed the route walk to take photos.

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