Thursday, September 06, 2007

I witnessed LEEgime's Atrocity on Dr CSJ Today

I saw Dr Chee Soon Juan who is currently imprisoned by famiLEE LEEgime as he was taken from prison to Subordinate Court 24 this morning 6 September 2007 between 0930hr to 1000hr. I call international Human Rights Organizations and Justice Groups to pay attention to this matter.

At my first sight when I walked toward judge's chamber at court 24, Dr. Chee was put in the orange jumpsuit of Queenstown Remand Prison, which I was once wearing, both his hands were handcuffed behind him. He wasn't able to walk properly and was very obviously limping every step. That sight gave me a shock when I saw.

There was just below a dozen of LEEgime cops in court 24, usually at that hour there would be prisoners taken to court for Pre-Trial Conferene (PTC). Today is the PTC for the reminding 7 charges each against Dr Chee & myself both. The famiLEE LEEgime put 4 armed matas to closely escort Dr. Chee.

When I looked at Dr Chee's limping legs I didn't see any shoes on his apparently bear foot. Therefore I could clearly see that the big toe on his right foot was bandaged.

At any time, they had at least 1 armed cop catch hold on the handcuffed arm of Dr. Chee. Other escorts were positioned before and behind and franked him. This reminds me of his situation when he was protesting at Hong Lim Park Speakers Cornered in 2006.

As I asked Dr. Chee what happened to him and why was he limping, he was unable to speak up, and just shook his head. His face expression was very tied and was apparently too painful for him to speak as he was limping his steps.

Inside the judge's chamber, during ALL of the several previous PTCs on this case both Dr. Chee & myself were asked to take seat by the judges. However not on today. The cases are only police summons and not arrested offenses. The only difference today was that Dr. Chee is serving sentence for an unrelated charge under Bankruptcy Act, he was not sentenced to imprisonment but a fine of S$4000, which based on political stands he refused to pay and was serving 3 weeks in place of that S$4000. There is no violent crime record nor mental problem with Dr. Chee nor is he deemed to be in any risk of attempting escape at all.

Why the LEEgime need to escort Dr.Chee in court constantly with 4 armed cops and had both his hands cuffed BEHIND him and deprive him of shoes?

That isn't the atrocity yet!

Throughout the entire PTC between 0930-1000hr, Dr. Chee was made to stand on one leg with both hands cuffed behind. I protested against that immediately at the very beginning of PTC. Within that half hour, I had repeated 3 times to appeal to the court to allow Dr. Chee to be seated, citing that he had a sore foot and demonstrated great difficulty in balancing himself on one leg with two hands cuffed behind. All 3 of my applications to allow Dr. Chee be seated was rejected by the judge. The judge think is was unnecessary because in his opinion the PTC duration IS NOT TOO LONG.

The PTC went on for 30 minutes with Dr. Chee kept losing his balance before the judge. Despite my repeated applications, he does not grant Dr. Chee to be seated.

Standing next to Dr. Chee I witnessed that he was put through something alike Iraq's Abu Gariab Prison Interrogation, which is called the famiLEE LEEgime's PTC.

In all the previous PTCs I had attended with Dr. Chee, we were both allowed to take seat and use writing instruments to take notes, have access to our own notes and documents. At least 2 other PTC was done in the same Court 24 Chamber with that same judge, he used to permit us to be seated. Today Dr. Chee was put through a totally different flavor of PTC. What is the reason?

I asked the court to note that both Dr. Chee and myself had made repeated as well as written application for copies the LEEgime's police video which prosecution intend to use as evidence. I clearly and repeatedly cited that my purpose is to use for preparation of trial by using that video to appeal for members of public to come forward as defense's witness.

There was lots of wasted time during the previous charge which Mr. Gandhi was among the accused. In that trial prosecution flip-flop repeatedly about admitting their mata video as evidence refusing to give us copies to prepare our defense. Trial judge ruled in the end that video DVD to be given in the middle of trial, and the trial continued without time given for us to use the video to appeal for defense witnesses.

Today Court still won't rule on giving us copies of that video, despite arguments brought up in all the several PTCs so far.

The prosecution have 9 witnesses for this trial, and defense have none so far in this trial as well as the previous. I told the judge that I can only depend on the use of video over Internet to show the location and election activities at the Causeway Point concerned to appeal for defense witnesses. The alternative for me is to go to Causeway Point during busy hour and stand there shouting with a sign to appeal for witnesses. In that case the famiLEE LEEgime will send matas again to film that and charge me again for speaking without license again? :-)

I also highlighted to the court that AGC who is obstructing Mr. JBJ from getting his practice certificate from Singapore Law Society, is by action depriving me of a defense council because I had since the very first PTC mentioned that I intend to ask Mr. JBJ to be my defense council pending his practice certificate renewal. It had been months since that(May 2007).

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I am aware of bruises and blisters suffered by Dr. Chee when he walked 100km with his sister Siok Chin during the May Day 2007. It was an action of protest against ministers' pay hike.

Feet of Dr. Chee was injured then and he was limping half the way of that 3 days 2 night walk. His right big toe was entirely bruised then, I had to give him medicine and pain killer then to support his completion of the long walk.

However since weeks after that, I also witnessed his recovery and he was walking normally in June; July; August and even before he went to jail few days ago. He does not limp at all with or without (@office) his shoes. I understand that with a toe so badly bruised there is a big risk that toe nail may fall off when the dead tissue around the nail is unable to support it.

After posting the above, I began to recall the bandage I saw today being on the same toe where he injured in May. I suspect his nail might had fallen off due to some reason while he is in jail.

2nd Note:

It just became clearer now that the famiLEE LEEgime's Queenstown Remand Prison denies Dr. CSJ his request to keep his pair of glasses, the prison today demanded his family to pay money to get him a pair of plastic frame glasses. As a result of lacking his eye glasses impaired Dr. CSJ's vision in prison, and he accidentally kicked on step or staircase, and had landed injury on his foot which 's big toe is already previously damaged from May Day Anti-Pay-Hike.

Accordingly, Dr. CSJ received medical attention in prison for his injured and sored foot.