Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sentencing Day = 23.Nov.2006 - Judge

On Friday 10.Nov.06 I our trial went on Fast Forward mode as our boycott skipped most of the process. This I belive had saved tax payers money as the expense of Justice. :-)

Defense skipped cross-examinations of many witnesses, since the judge had in dozens of times ruled that our questions are IRRELEVANT. We think these are the most relevant questions. I will take up criminal motion against these rulings in high court.

Procecutor DPP Lee rested her case on Friday, 10th. Judge Tham directed us to enter defence.

We also decided to skip taking the witness stand, I told the judge I will enter writtern submission, and enter no defense. In court I clearly and briefly stated as follows:

  • This is nothing other than a part of LKy famiLEE LEEgime's silencing of our highlighting on their political scandals & crimes
  • LKy famiLEE LEEgime sued the entire SDP and CEC; sent matas to harrass our election activities; charged us of speeches; filmed us; framed us; refused to give video evidence; gave screwed up video evidence; try to prevent it from posted to Internet; try to clean-up their questionable video.. all that is to only prevent their scandals from reaching the world, scandals which we are speaking about and published in SDP's The New Democrats publication.
  • This is a series politically motivated charges.
  • We are up-holding public interest by exposing LKy famiLEE LEEgime's crimes and scandals we are doing so with respect of public interest, and tried our very best to do it within the laws.
  • However the law had been corruptedly abused to prevent our cause of justice.
  • Regulatory authorities will never issue us with any license for these speeches concerning the LKy famiLEE LEEgime's crimes and scandals.
  • Police proved themselves in court that they will not give any guideline for us to give speeches and sell The New Democrats within the laws, they only will film us and warn us to stop.
  • We will not stop, and we are not afraid to face charges.
  • I asked the judge for MAX sentence even before he ruled that I need to enter a defence for the charges, I told judge that I will not pay any single cent of fine under this law, and I am fully prepared to hunger strike in prison. I asked for MAXIMUM SENTENCE to state my resolve.
  • I will appeal to higher court, not for purpose of avoiding sentence or reducing it, I appeal against unfair trail and seek to set judiciary straight for Singapore.
Judge Tham directed that writtern submissions to be filed by all parties before 16.Nov.06, replies before 20.Nov.06 and the finalized hearing is to be on 23.Nov.06, 9:30am court 18 of sub-courts. I asked him is that also the sentencing day, he replied yes if convicted.


I am prepared to go to jail, I will appeal after serving prison & hunger strike, I will appeal even if he aquited me. I will even appeal if he sentence me to prison term too short for hunger strike.

Like I said on my other blogs, I might even refuse to leave prison and camp outside when they kicked me out. The entire fight against famiLEE LEEgime is against their corrupted and incompetence rule, non-transparancy and non-accountability, injustice and oppression. They are unfit to rule and yet will at all cost want to rule corruptedly and stay in power.

The Republic of Singapore belongs to the citizens, not PAp party, not LKy famiLEE. We have to take this country back from the famiLEE's hands, we have to do so ASAP because they are ruining our country.

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