Thursday, November 09, 2006

Why the CID CSI witness's testimony holds no water

I am refering to this blog posting.

The CID SGT Kevin Yuen testified on 7.Nov.2006 about how he had done the video duplications from 2 original police DV tapes to a set of DVDR & then from that set of DVDR duplicated another 3 sets of DVDR, plus another additional set seperatedly as requested by Investigating Officer. He detailed how he pluged wires wrongly and inserted DVDR(om) and press buttons, and how things all went wrong with the process.

But not only he could not explain why we see all these problems in his DVDs, his testimony is full of errors, as well as holds no water as to how a process as described in detail by him in over an hour can produce questionable DVDs like the entire hearing had seen.

In the 3 failed attemps, he clearly described that he played the DV tape for 40mins, 20mins, and 3mins, but NONE of his testimony ever said that he stopped or played for 13mins or anywhere near this number.

That is why this image from 13 mins into the video (video began at 10:01) could have gotton anywhere as a still frame for it to be captured into his DVD recorder. Because he said he stopped at 40mins & 20mins & 3mins, and he rewinded the DV tape. How can a frame from 13min then be available from any where to be even accidentally captured on the DVD recorder.

In addition, the witness said that his wrong connection of wiring was the problem for few failed attempts, and later, his collegues helped by doing DIRECT cable connection between DV player & DVD recorder, instead of cabling via junction box or switcher system before the successful recording had became possible, therefore in this case, the chance of any alien source of image is eliminated by the DIRECT CABLE connections.

The most unbelivable thing in this matter is that a TECHNICIAN that used such crude method full of errors and screw-ups can be in a CID department that supports investigating officers from other mata divisions all over Singapore to do technical things like duplicating evidence video. To make things worst, this CID department is the technical Feransic department, which is known as TECHNOLOGY CRIME unit. How can these clowns ever solve any technology crime if their Technology Feransic Technicians can duplicate video until so screw up?

I can not belive that.....