Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Tax Payers to fund FT Video Experts Testimony

As we walk down the grand staircase steps at the front enterance outside Subordinate Courts today, about 3-4 PM, as the trial stopped for the day early. The judge Eddy Tham sent his mata running out to stop us from leaving. Mata said, judge wants to see all the accused persons and the DPP in his chamber.

DPP had applied for time until tomorrow to sort out how they can get Video Expert Witness to examinate the Video filmed by Ang Mo Kio mata Divison, since doubts had been raised about the video's integrity. That being the only reason we were leaving court early today.

So we went back in to the court again, and in to chamber with the prosecution.

So the judge was worried about the additional delays sort by DPP to launder their suspectedly doctored video evidence, that's why he want to see all parties regarding time schedule for the trial. He look really worried.

DPP Lee told us all that, the police had shortlisted a few experts, and are screening their qualifications with greatest efforts now. Unfortunately none of the local experts can do it or were deem as really qualified. So they are trying to contact USA for Video Evidence Expert, (I belive to be CIA or FBI or CSI), and the time zone difference seems to have been their difficulty now, with contacting for the FT experts.

Wow! Our First World mata of Intelligent Island have no local video expert qualify to do this! And we need FT! Wow.....

Judge Tham got very worried about flying experts here taking long time, DPP seems to tell us that they are flying the tapes over to USA instead. This had kind of reminded me of the notorious incident about the multiple-murder case in which a Philippino maid was hung in Changi Prison, and then trigger strong protests in Philippines. In that case, famiLEE LEEgime flew the several corpses around the world, to get FT CIA FBI feransic experts to assist our fat man corronal to make a case to argue against the angry Philippinos, after hanging the maid.

I really feel sorry for tax payers money now, although I am just another victim awaiting to be jailed in this case.

BanZai famiLEE LEEgime! Majulah Singapura! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!