Thursday, November 02, 2006

Human Rights Lawyer Ravi fight till last min for Took

Displaying his selflessness and strong compassions, M Ravi dispite his own suspension and other important personal matters, still devote himself to help many others, that includes my trial under Public Entertainment Act. Took Liang How from murder case of Huang Na is due to be hang tomorow dawn. Ravi could not sleep at all last night, and did not sleep well the past few nights due to his care and compassion for Took's execution.

Ravi already himself had been under great stress and pressure from all the high profile cases he was handling as lawyer, and was just not too long ago discharged from hospital. I saw initially upon his suspension, that to be a blessing for Ravi's own health. But now that I still see him fighting restlessly as an individual for his cause instead of as a lawyer, I think he is still not getting all the rest which his health needs.

Being so driven by justice, love and compassion, having a lawyer practice license or not does not change things for Ravi. I think this man is extrodinary and had done great contribution to Singapore not less than the great Mr. JBJ. I appeal to public to give M Ravi the support he deserves.