Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Public Entertainment by Kangaroo Circus

SDP's news informed the public that the famiLEE LEEgime's prosecution wasted entire week of trail time, and after much saga arrived back as the very beginning point, just exactly as it was on the very first day of trial.

I just want to assert my opions in addition to SDP's news release here.

The famiLEE LEEgime originally in Pre-Trial Conference months ago wanted to use video evidence, and our lawyer then - Mr Ravi asked for a copy of this video, the famiLEE LEEgime prosecution agreed. But as the trial began, they changed their mind for 1st time, to say that they then don't want to use that evidence and refuse to give a copy to us.

The video matter came in to argument at the begining of trial, and at that time I personally made an application to the judge to admit the video as evidence and give us copy of it. The LEEgime prosecutor again refused to give, but the judge ruled in her favour.

So the trial went on without the video, and they relied on their mata witnesses instead of video. But they blundered twice and let me caught them twice, to have witnesses in side court irregular to trial procedure. I took them to high court for these, and surely, LEEgime's high court threw out that motion.

What the public may not had been informed by 146th [I did't read ST & other English papers for even my own news :-) ] that, jointly, the 3 accused without Ravi [in suspension] managed to break and lock the LEEgime's witnesses evidence just with only normal litigation methods.

Yesterday, they changed back their mind about using the video, after getting no where spending all these days.

CSJ & Ghandi rejected the admitance of video on the ground that copy of video not given to us. I however stated to court that, I maintain my original earlier position of apply for the admitance of this video, and I would fight all the way to high court / supreme court / court of appeal until I get a copy of it.

As said in the SDP media release CSJ & Ghandi in most part of today's trial protested in silence, by showing non-cooperation to boycott the trial, due to the prosecution's refusal to give us the copy of video. I did not follow them to boycott, but instead, went on alone to enguage the prosecution & their witness.

After the judge inidicated that he will order the prosecution to give us a copy of video when the video is determinded to be admited, I accepted the arrangement, and indicated also that I then would have no objection to the admitance to the video evidence, if I get a copy of this video BEFORE it is being used in trial. CSJ & Ghandi just kept silent with their boycotting, and did not answer these questions asked by judge regarding their position.

Then judge announced that he ruled that the video is admited as evidence, and copies are to be made for all 3 of the accused. I then gave the court a good gesture toward this ruling, I think this ruling is fair and reasonable at that time.

However, the DPP came out to tell the court to say that she request adjournment to take instruction [from famiLEE LEEgime boss] then judge began the lunch break. Not a big surprise but an ironical one after lunch, that DPP came back after getting her boss's instructions, told the court that they still refuse to comply the judge's ruling, and won't want us to get any copy of video.

Since the judge ordered video to be given, CSJ & Ghandi broke their silence protest, and all 3 of us began to argue about getting the copy of video. Ironically, the DPP's argument quoted the example of murder weapon to be compared with copy of video, and she asserted that murder weapons also can not be duplicated to give us a copy. Our arguement include that we need to let our legal advisors overseas view the video for legal advice. Our law capable friends including Mr JBJ, Mr TangLiangHong, Mr. FrancisSeow, etc are not in Singapore now. And Ravi had been suspended by famiLEE LEEgime.

In the end, judge made a final ruling that they must give us a copy. DPP again resisted by wanting us to agree on condition that Video Can NOT Be Used For Any Purposes Other Then Preparing For Defence. What are they so afraid of? I want reader to think about it.

I think the famiLEE LEEgime are afraid that I put this video on You-Tube, because CSJ & myself spoked very leathal scandal subjects in the video. NKF is nothing in these subjects, it includes vote buying, drug/blood money laundry, Thaksin connections, and other hot stuffs some are on my blogs & forum postings. In this regard I can understand how the famiLEE LEEgime is regarding this video as a deadly weapon, and comparing it as a murder weapon case exhibit.

I replied the DPP's demand of conditionally letting us have video, that I will only use the video for legal purposes, no illegal intention at all, and the video is police taken with public funds, there is no obsene content, no national or military secret, it is just election speech of very open nature, if they want to restrict my use of my copy of video they would have to go and apply for a restraining order to retrain my use of it, and I am prepare to fight them upon their application of such an order.

Eventually the famiLEE LEEgime prosecution gave up this argument. I would not be surprised that she would come back tomorow to appeal to high court or something, not wanting to give us the video again, because they had wasted entire week trying to avoid or prevent us from having this video.

We gave the judge a good gesture of cooperation after he made ruling in our favour by not objecting the video being used in court this afternoon, even without having a copy of it in hand as being promised.

In short, I want to say that famiLEE LEEgime is not just useless, coward and Kiasu + Kiasi. Nothing surprising. They are big waste of time and tax payer's money. We are not afraid to go to jail, not afraid to face video evidence, but they proved that they are afraid of video and have got lots of things to hide.

Regarding this transcripts of video, I found about 10% error of transcription inside, a bad transcription job. After viewing the video, the judge also felt unsatisfied of the transcripts, and ordered the prosecution to fix all the omissions, errors and confusions he had found in it. Prosecution had been ordered to provide another better verion tomorrow.

I still want to demand the judge to address the point I had asked I think more than once, that he must explain to me the reason as to why he rejected my identical application to admit the same video as evidence, and when the DPP applied for exactly the same thing, he approved it. This is unfair to me under Constitution Article 12 assuring my rights to be treated equally and given fair trial. It is so obvious that he favour prosecution regarding video. And help the DPP who found herself in trouble without the video's help.

I told the judge that we could have saved wasting days with their useless witnesses, if he had proved my application to admit the video upon my identical application, at which time, CSJ & Ghandi weren't objecting the admitance of video. They only began to object this when DPP die-die just won't want to give us a copy.

Judge should by now know that we are not afraid of conviction or sentence, but we just refused to be bullied in famiLEE LEEgime court suffering from unfair trial. We are giving them a hard time not because we want to avoid jail or anything, but we just refuse to be bullied, and we showed them that we can also wind their balls up as well.