Sunday, November 05, 2006

CID came out with speech transcripts full of errors

This 2nd Version of Speech Transcript File was done by CID upon order of court.

The reason is errors were found in transcripts and time stamps plus names of matas were missing from the 1st Version. However, the CID mata who did it is still on leave and after days of delay court wasn't able to get the 2nd version in time, and that mata had to arrange for Dr Chee Mr Ghandi and myself over the weekend to meet to collect this new transcript. I met the Jurong mata-chu matas at MRT station to collect my own copy.

But after reading them, I still found that there are about 5% transcript errors in it. Despite pointing out clearly in court that I said 27.Apr.2006 was normination day for GE2006, it still remains error same as the previous version of transcript, which became 26.Apr.2006, obviously CID's transcript standard is very poor.

I will in the next few days try to high-ligtht the transcript errors and post on this blog again, together with an MPEG1 reduced resolution video of the 1hr 40 min of mata survelence video. According to mata's witness he is from Ang Mo Kio Division's SCENE OF CRIME UNIT.

See? That is how the famiLEE LEEgime treats political party's walk-about, wasting tons of tax payers' funds and resources.

Accordingly to what I found out yesterday, during the WB-IMF protest we staged between 16-19 Sept 2006 at Hong Lim Park = Speakers Cornered, when 1 entire task force unit of the IMF security were sent 24hrs to corner a small group of peaceful protesters. While only 600 meters away from the protest a MURDER HAPPENED at night at the 7-11 store near Clark Quay! So the matas were all deployed to deal with us protesters at Hong Lim while a near-by murder happened under their own nose, which if they had deployed our tax payers resources more wisely could had avoided a serious violent crime and saved a live!

This is the kind of FIRST WORLD famiLEE LEEgime matas spending tax payers' resources to do this: