Sunday, November 05, 2006

[Bruce Lee] appeared in Police Evidence

This questionable still frame of Dr Chee appreared at the very begining of the DVD given by Public Prosecutor, which is charging Dr Chee, Mr Ghandi & myself for speaking in public without police permit.

According to Prosecutor, this DVD was made by Police's CID directly and 100% only from the original tape which was presented to court as case exhibit P10. According to police's official witness on oath and on witness stand, that tape was a brand new blank tape with they 1st began to film SDP at ChongPang Village near Yishun Ring Road; and the police's witness PW3 said he was the video's camera-man, and he taped the entire video himself without pause nor stop nor jump editing, except for changing tape at the end of this tape over to another new tape, and that he began his filming on 22.Apr.2006 about 10am.

However, the scene on the DVD, jump-cut immediately after this still shot, over to this scene:

note the date time code is 1.Nov.06 10:01:33 hr WHY???

Then in only few frames, the same continious scene's DATE code suddently skipped backward by months to 22.Apr.06 while the TIME code didn't skip !!

I have no suggestion as to why, at this time, but I did a very simple search using PC on that DVD which bears a CID official logo. I found and belive that the very first shot must be actually one of the following sequential freeze-frames:

Notice that each frame's lower left side have date/time codes, matching the date / time of the morning immediately after LKy & Son's lawyers delivered a notice of defamation suit to SDP (22 April 2006 10:14am), which is 2 days after parliament dissolved, and 5 days from normination of General Election 2006.

Notice that date/time code of the questionable still frame is 1 Nov 2006 22:53:09 which is the time when CID was producing that duplicatd DVD after we fought for a week to force the prosecution to give us a copy.

Notice that a man in zebra stripe T-shirt happened to walk past behind Dr Chee, and got blocked entirely behind Dr Chee in 2 of these sequential frames idential to the questionable still frame that appeared in the very begining of DVD, without any logical reason.

I think this strange discovery will be the center of trial on monday 6th Nov 2006, in court 18 9:30am onwards. Mr Ghandi Ambalam used to work in television station, and he raised his doubt to the court about the trust worthyness of this video as evidence. He asked the judge on last Friday to do away with this suspicious video, and just sentence him without proceeding to the rest of the trial, because he is sick of this long waste of time.

I will put a copy of low resolution MPEG of this video on internet in next few days. :-)

The irony here is, some time early last week, judge asked each of the 3 accused person, regaring their position towards the integrity of the video evidence, which the DVD copies were just received by us. My answer to judge was: According to my only twice viewing of the video in court, I have not discovered anything wrong with it, but I have to go back to watch the DVD copies just handed to me. Unless Bruce Lee appeared in the video, I don't think I have any objection against the video.

Right now, I seems that CSJ had just appear as Bruce Lee, at the very begining of the DVD, with reason yet unknown.