Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Shocking famiLEE LEEgime CSI

After the court ruled about 2 to 3 DOZEN times yesterday that the defense's cross examination of witness were IRRELEVENT questions, today the court spent over an hour hearing a bunch of useless craps which does nothing except providing details of sad and shocking police incompetence. Which does not help justice in this hearing at all. And the same judge let this went on and on and be led around by the DPP & incapable technical expert of CID to be confused and wasted time. This is however NOT irrelevant?

This whole thing took place in court during our boycott, and we did not take part in any cross-examination of witness.

This famiLEE LEEgime CSI is SGT Kevin Yuean Koon Wai working in the CID.

He is attached to the TECHNOLOGY CRIME unit of Crime Feransic Dept of CID, he is a Technically Trained and Qualified mata. He became a witness today because he is the person who duplicated these DVDs which cause questions & doubts raised.

In his long but useless testimony over an hour, which's purpose was supposed to help the hearing find out why there are these discovered suspicious discrapancies in the DVDs given to us. But after much time wasted, in the end of his testimony, his answer is HE HAVE NO IDEA!

However, the prosecution which is expected to know this shocking answer before leading this witness and the entire hearing to one big fruitless round around the bush, just went on and on to waste as much time as possible. Why?

Because DPP Lee needs to BUY TIME! Why? Because her dept in AGC was panic chasing for Foreign Video Experts to help clean up the doubtful video evidence! This is explained here.

Our boycott and not cross-examinating the few witnesses today, did help the DPP to buy time. So at the middle of the afternoon, she ran out of witnesses to Wayang further, and she isn't ready to proceed any where further, so she finally came out with the truth and applied for court to give her some time, to sort out her FT Video Expert problems!


The funny thing is not that. It is the CID Feransic Expert's testimony:

I think CID's Technology Crime unit had never heard of Firewire or IEEE1394. Because they used analog composite video connections to duplicate DV (digital video) tapes to DVD!

SGT Yuen failed 3-4 times and wasted lots of DVD-R blanks. These are special CID DVD-Rs, which are custom pre-printed with CID logos, I have 2 copies with me. And SGT Yuen through-out his entire testimony consistantly repeated his mistake of calling DVD-Rs as DVD-ROMs. Best part is the DPP followed his mistake, and the judge also repeated the same all the way in the long and useless testimony over 1 hr, I heard this same mistake calling DVD-R as DVD-ROMs for about 100 times!

DVD-R are DVD-Recordables, not DVD-ROMs. DVD-ROMs are stamped in factory and can not be recorded on buy and laser optical drives. Movies we purchased which are mass produced in factory using injection stamping process are DVD-ROMs, ROM=READ ONLY MEMORIES.

CID technical experts are so confused, and managed also to confused the court.

I took down 4 pages of notes as I listen to this crappy testimony in details. Towards the final part of his testimony he described his process of video duplication was by trial & error! Unbelivable and pethetic!

In brief, the 1st time, he his DV player cocked up that 40 minutes into the recording process, he had to stop because the warning light came up to warn that the tape heads are dirty. So OK, blame that on his equipment. So he replaced entire DV player and restarted his duplication process.

2nd time, he wrongly plugged the cables around and he got NO IMAGE recorded this time! Wasted 20 mins.

3rd time, he wasted another 3 mins again, and another DVD-R, no image again!

4th time, he got his collegues to help him, this time he connected cables DIRECTLY without passing through junction box. He got his MASTER PEICE recorded! Thank him for saving the Singaproean tax payers!

However, this is the problem!

Because he said he Directly connect wire without passing through any junction box or switcher or video mixers, there is then no chance for him to get an alien still frame recorded at the begining, because that is only possible when mixer or switcher was set to wrong source initially, then pressing switcher button after pressing RECORD button can cause an alien frame to be recorded.

Additionally, they claimed to have been using only ORIGINAL - which has only one set of tape, for the duplication. Therefore, unless there is another set of tape to produce the alien image from another machine - which was connected to switcher, where could the alien image had come from?

The equipments he described in his testimony are non-IEEE-1394, they are just DVD-Recorders, DV-Players, and DVD-duplicators, and analog video junction box, and cables.

Unless there was a very complicated system used, which has frame buffer memory somewhere, then it is only possible to have the alien frame from buffer memory. Otherwise, when there is only one set of ORIGINAL tape, there can not be another source to produce an alien frame.

The court break for lunch after a morning wasted on useless hearing which judge did not deem Irrelevant, court resumed at 1430hr, to let this remarkable witness come back to say some thing slightly more useful - he confirmed that his master DVD also exhibited the same questionable frames and problems raised by the defence.

The judge asked him repeatedly, and his answer still remains that he have no idea how could this screw up had happened, and I feel that it is a crime to have this type of government servant kept drawing their salary from tax payer's funds.

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!