Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Trial for 2X7 speech charges postponed

The sub court trial which was originally fixed on 20.Aug.2007 is delayed again.

High court fixed hearing for Dr. CSJ's appeal for his attempt to travel case, and it clashed with above sub court schedule, so sub court delayed their schedule to make way for high court's hearing.

There is another hearing in high court this Friday, where the shameless state AGC wants to bankrupt 3 activists including myself. Until now, I have not gotten their formal notice of hearing.

I told the appeal court previously that AGC sent their letters in strange hand written envelops that no official logo visible, on their registered letter. And as my home is normally empty, the post man left a photocopy notice which usually seem like unimportant mails. I ever got registered mail full of news paper cuttings on political news. :-)