Sunday, August 12, 2007

Media & Cyber Activists' New Direction

Until present, the Video / Photography & Internet activist's reflection of peasant's plight in famiLEE LEEgime's red dot is typically poor old folks picking up recycle materials or homeless people living in public. Lots of good documentations had been done by many activists in the same area.

I am now calling the activists to expand our scope jointly.

Because the impact have to be enhanced and not always stick at the same focus. To reflect a strong contrast against what LKy called Golden Period or Era, we have to reflect plight of not just the poorest peasants, but the SMEs and middle income levels, even the GLC & MNCs if you can get. The impact of such things will be a different magnitude. :-)

Hope my suggesting here will inspire our creative activists to capture on media & Internet:

  • Vacant hawkers stalls - un-rented
  • Vacant HDB shop - un-rented
  • Old torn and seasoned FOR SALE & FOR RENT signs & properties
  • Deserted shopping malls (many small old malls are in terrible conditions)
  • Deserted office units - un-rented
  • Deserted factories / warehouses with plants growing from roof & windows
  • Given up rental space that used to belong to banks & chained retails
  • Abandoned vehicles

These things gives evidence of dead and still birth economies. Un-rented lots in popular malls like Vivo City are still covered up behind beautiful posters partitions. There are lots of prime spots in CBD's buzy areas. Snapshot with your handphones and make sure date / time are there, if possible make the shots indicate the locations by including surrounding scene or landmarks.

Today I saw a middle age lady sleeping inside a ATM banking hall hiding between bank's promotion posters just asleep on the floor & ignoring ATM users. All the users of ATMs got amazed. She don't look like a homeless, but tired for sure, outside was a hot afternoon. If we take a video or picture please take an angle that don't show the peasant's faces, or use photoshop or GIMP etc to cover their eyes, just to give our peasants privacy & respect.

It is the famiLEE LEEgime's liars that we need to expose, not the peasants.

When we exposed evidence of Food Courts; Dept Stores; Malls; Offices; Factories in bad deserted shape, that help very much to explain why peasants are out on the streets homeless or searching rubbish bins for recycle stuffs. The Golden Era MYTH will become crystal clear. So far these are still lacking.

We already have enough pictures of old folks selling tissue paper. We must prove that the plight does not limit only to these folks. We know that there are lots of Ex-Bankers, Ex-Stock Brokers, Ex-Lecturers and other professionals out there unemployed or under-employed, we have to find convincing evidence to expose the reality while giving these victims their privacy.

Activists please exercise your creativities and mights. :-)

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