Thursday, May 31, 2007

Mr. JBJ's Reform Party Office To Start July

Mr. JBJ is awaiting for Singapore Law Society to renew his practice certificate, and he believe it should be ready in the next 1 or 2 weeks. He is going to be practicing criminal law & civil cases like defamation, in both areas Mr. JBJ have profound background topping Singapore and exceed any Singaporean lawyer or judges in seniority. I believe Mr. JBJ will take on high profile cases such as murder & death penalty cases.

A rental arrangement had been made for half of a 2nd floor above downtown shop house, to be Mr. JBJ's office as well as registered office of his new party to reform Singapore. The office is expected to be operational in July 2007. I call for supporters to contribute in furnitures and office appliances to the new political party. :-)

I will help the new party to setup Internet domain & website. Many other resources and helps are needed and lacking. I also call on those inspired to take part to join as members of the new political party.

At the moment the founders are working on the party's constitution clauses, this is necessary before the registration forms can be completed and returned to Registry of Societies. The rental of permises is part of the necessary formality to complete this registration paper.

From mid July onwards, Singaporeans who have legal cases that require to seek Mr. JBJ can find him at the new office. Media reporters & Singaporeans who have political matters to discuss with the party can also visit the office. Address telephone number will be published on Internet including Mr. JBJ's blog & new party's website.

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