Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Podcast of Mr. JBJ Press Conference 20.May.2007


Size of the above file is approx. 8.5MB and playback length is over 1 hr. It is the voice recording of Mr. JBJ at press conference on 20.May.2007. Please download and save this file, which may take 5 mins on broadband connections.

You may also need Sony Erricson's AMR audio file codec for Windows users. example1 example2.

In this recording Mr. JBJ detailed his bankruptcy lawsuits and injustices committed by LKy famiLEE LEEgime; their OA & Kangaroo Courts. That include how the OA is reluctant to collect debts due to Mr. JBJ, and had been consistently wanting to keep him bankrupted and out of the politics.

At the last part of recording I think it included Mr. JBJ's announcement regarding forming of new political party, and it is thus historical recording if so.