Sunday, June 03, 2007

Democratic Reform Party Logo Design Contest :-)

I will initiate a contest to seek inspirations from cyber talents to create a new party logo for Mr. JBJ's Democratic Reform Party. The party's constitution is now being drafted, and an office rental arrangement had been made. Before I can help to put up the party website, one thing I think I need is a meaningful party logo, however I think the participation of supporters will get this done better. The registration of party may also need a logo to be documented.

I will show all the presented designs to Mr. JBJ & Mr Ng etc, and these founders will decide on the logo. Participants may post their entries online on the SBF forum URL here, so you may participate anonymously, or enter your name, it is up to you. :-)

This contest is immediately opened till end of June 2007, there may not any price at all, put it as a devotion & talent showing contribution event.