Sunday, June 24, 2007

Democratic Reform Party Held 1st Organizing Meeting

On 22.Jun.2007 (Friday) after dinner, Mr. JBJ & Mr. Ng Teck Siong held with founder members of Democratic Reform Party, their first Organizing Meeting. As planed the office of Mr. JBJ will be setup in July, at Smith Street within the China Town district. The registration of party form is to be submitted to Registry of Societies in July.

On the other hand, Mr. JBJ is facing red tape at Law Society, where his son Philip Jeyaretnam is near ending of his term as president, in renewing his practice certificate in order to return to the Singapore bar. Singapore had many scandals in the recent years that lawyers and fled with huge sum of clients' funds, or went bankrupt with unaccounted funds of clients. The Law Society is very nervous about this, so the result is they are asking lots of financial details a proofs about clients' funds.

Mr. JBJ had ceased operation of his law firm Jeyaretnam & Co, in 1997 after being sued by old dog theif LKy etc. Same year as Battle of ChengSan with Mr. Tang Liang Hong. It had been about 10 years since. However, now the Law Society of Singapore is demanding Mr. JBJ to show proof of accounts & have him to take oath etc and demanded old bank statement etc in a very paranoid way, to check on Mr JBJ's past clients' accounts.

This is interestingly going on under the heavy shadow of NKF & other charity fund abuse scandals, still on going in Singapore. I won't be surprised if the next scandal to be the PAp kindergarten accountant running away with huge funds!


Democratic Reform Party
had gained several new members & politically profound members since the last press conference by Mr. JBJ & Mr. Ng. There are members who had been active in politics as past members of existing parties and had taken parts in many previous elections. I am calling for Singaporean citizens who are not so experienced, to also come forward to take a part. The time has already arrived to REFORM Singapore.

The new party found by Mr. JBJ had gained friendship and supports from various fellow opposition parties, Mr. Gandhi Abalam the new chairman of SDP had personally attended the founding press conference and congratulated Mr. JBJ on 20.May.2007.

photo previously published on this blog here. Now enlarged.

I had personally helped to make arrangements for interest members to get in touch with Mr. JBJ for joining the new party. I had also received offers of supports and volunteers to assist in e.g. party's website.

Do our parts because the Republic of Singapore belong to us and not the famiLEE LEEgime, it is time to take our republic back from the famiLEE and undo the wrongs they had done to Singapore. As a Singaporean you can get involved, and please don't hesitate to come forward.


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