Saturday, December 16, 2006

Dr Chee Released Confirming Prison Foul Plays

Dr. Chee Soon Juan released from Queenstown Remand Prison 16.Dec.2006 0942hr, all 3 of us including Mr. Gandhi had been freed from the same prison after facing the same politically motivated and unjust charges.

I am furious to hear from Dr. Chee this morning about how he was made to suffer whilst imprisoned, I think the famiLEE LEEgime is deliberately playing a game this time. Before Dr. Chee made his own statement I will hold on to further comments.

The game they played including extra early release timing to surprise Dr. Chee's family including his 3 children, that prison informed them that release time was between 1000hr to 1200hr, and before Mr. Chee and her children could arrived at prison gate, the famiLEE LEEgime released Dr. Chee at 0942hr, while his family members were all still on their way to the prison.

The camera man
in yellow T-shirt is from Reuters. Carrying Dr. Chee's younger daughter was Chee Siok Chin, Mrs Chee carrying her son standing center.

I ended HungerStrike during lunch time today, 16.Dec.2006 about 1300hr. My first normal diet meal was chicken rice. To my surprise I discovered that after 24 days not consuming any solid food, I found the food tasteless instead of attractive. This is reconfirmed again at dinner tonight which was 2nd normal diet meal after 24 days, it was curry, and while curry tasted almost as expected, the meat & potatoes etc however seems tasteless to me.

Last night, Friday 15.Dec.2006, the activists held another candlelight vigil at the gate of Queenstown Remand Prison around 2000hr to 2300hr.

To mark ending of my HungerStrike I did another 15-16km run but this time alone, between 1900hr to 2150hr from home to the vigil outside prison. It was enjoyable, but I sweat from hair to socks totally soaked. :-)

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