Monday, December 04, 2006

Deep Concern Over Health of Dr. Chee Soon Juan

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SDP's news release

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I have known Dr. Chee as a very fit; energetic and healthy person, and he was still perfectly healthy and high sprit when we were seperated at the enterance of QueensTown Remand Prison. The bad news that I had kept receiving about him so far are very shocking to me.

Dr. Chee; Mr. Gandhi & myself together spent few hours in one of the Subordinate Court's lock-up rooms after we were sentenced on 23.Nov.2006. We did a lot of discussions, and continued on our journey to the prison. There was a security officer from Ministry of Home Affairs calling the shots about special handling of the 3 of us in the courts' lock up. We were each handcaffed to one other prisoner, and the 6 of us were together put on a regular prison van, however, there was an unusual police car escorting behind this van all the way from court to the prison, and the red/blue lights on it were set blinking during the entire journey.

At the enterance of the prison, handcuffs were removed, and I was the first one being called to enter the gate when we seperated. Behind me, I heard Mr. Gandhis' name being called, so I assumed Dr. Chee would be the next after Gandhi. Dispite my various attempts including my Total HungerStrike, the prison will not let me see Dr. Chee, and until now I have not seen him yet knowing that he had been hospitalized the day after I was released from my 10 days imprisonment.

The meal provided to the entire prison's population were supposed to be the same. It is prepared without pork nor beef and deemed to be fit for all religions. I always checked my meal tray and the others of my 2 cell-mates, the contents can look rather different however. This can be due to the serving & the evenness of mixture. For example, one of the lunch was fried Mee, and in my tray it seems to be Mee mixed with 50% of BeeHoon, and in one other guy's tray it looked like 100% pure Mee without BeeHoon, and in the other guy's tray it looked like 80% Mee plus 20% BeeHoon.

In the above news release of SDP it said:

During the brief half an hour meeting, Dr Chee revealed that he had not eaten since the morning of Monday 27 November. This was because every time he ate what was served to him, he would feel nauseous and dizzy and then throw up. Normal sounds such as the jangling of the guard's keys and even the sound of his cell mate urinating are amplified causing him massive headaches. He has not been able to sleep and has been taking valium to help him rest. Dr Chee has also lost a considerable amount of weight.

Having known Dr. Chee for such a long time, I have never seen him in such a condition. I had protested with him at HongLim Parks' 72 hours stand off against the police, his endurance and energy level is amazing. I was able to run quater Marathon after 10 days of HungerStrike, but that is nothing comparing to Dr. Chee, he can easily run full Marathon and he runs daily being a runner much more trained and regularly running compared with me. I only run 2-3 times in a month at most.

This is Dr. Chee's 5th or 6th time imprisoned in this prison, while it was my 1st time only. So in terms of being familiar and adjusted towards the life in this prison, Dr. Chee is way ahead of me. He had priviously been imprisoned for 5 weeks there and he always made it without falling sick or suffering from any conditions like such.

I can not remember seeing Dr. Chee with a flu or fever or visiting clinic for any sickness, having known him for so long and working closely. Even when during very tiring campaigns or actions when many people were showing signs of unwellness, Dr. Chee is still doing OK.

Therefore, the current situation of Dr. Chee is very unusual, and very surprising to me.

If any of our activists were to get the idea of 1 of the 3 of us who were together in prison to be hospitalized, it would be me instead of Dr. Chee, because I was the one on HungerStrike, being first timer both in HungerStrike and sentenced to jail. Mr. Gandhi would had been the 2nd person of concern because of his heart problems. Dr. Chee would be the last on the mind of any of us to be found hospitalized whist in prison.

However surprising it may be it is the reality before us now. And the bloody LKy famiLEE LEEgime cause not only the information to reach us so late and also so insufficiently, not granting access dispite my sturn demands is another very despotic thing. I ask the world not to let them off this account.

Make these lame bastards PAY BACK!