Sunday, December 03, 2006

Quater Marathon while on HungerStrike

:-) yes I did it! I rested for half a day after running 12.4km, and exceeding my original 10km plan.

I didn't exactly followed the official 10km route because my running pal was taking the half marathon, and we ran the half marathon route, which means I did not turn back at the official 10km route's U-turn point (@5km) and went straight on along the half marathon route, so that we could be run together. But only my running pal went all the way to the U-turn point of
half marathon route, I paused running on stand still for about 18 min at 6.2km awaiting for my running pal, and proceeded together after meeting up again. So my effective U-turn point is at 6.2km. MAP

My run ended after 2 hours and 13 mins. At least 30 thousand people took part in the event, my estimation is only according to my observation that so many had packed the route, and can almost feel the body heat of other runners. It began to rain very lightly after I completed my run, while thousands of others were still running their longer routes.

Near the S$2B Durains, several people collapsed or had leg mussle cramps, some were take away by ambulance. My own knees can still feel a little strained until now.

I proved that quater marathon is possible even on hungerstrike. :-) many barriers can be overcomed! Sammyboy Thread