Wednesday, November 22, 2006

M Ravi's Attack May Not Be A Conspiracy

I met Mr. Ravi twice after his return from HongKong, his injuries are visible but not too bad. He is a Yoga instructor and I belive that he has self-healing ability. It became clearer to me that the nature of assult he suffered is more like a racist bully and personal matter than a conspiracy.

Those thugs who attacked Ravi came from a larger group Singaporeans looking like a big family with baggages. These thugs had resorted to violence from matters arrising from displeasure and misunderstanding on bus journey, which is between Ravi & that big group of Singaporean all as passengers in a bus ride in which children among other things caused tension.

However the thug's remarks had been very political beside racist, they had together punched Ravi about 50 times, after pushing Ravi's assistant violently aside. The 3 attacking thugs are belived to be brothers or cousins.