Tuesday, November 21, 2006

UncleYap's final reply to Prosecution




  1. Prosecution and court please take note that the trail had multiple irregularities and defense had raised them to high court, in view of that, the defense had been seriously compromised and had suffered unfairness in the trial.

  2. Prosecution witnesses had been giving inconsistent testimonies against each other, regarding the time of FIR and time of report relaying to Ang Mo Kio HQ, to time of arrival at scene. This indicated that the police / enforcement officials had been concealing political motivation behind the charge.

  3. The identity of informant Mr. Peter is unestablished. There station records of the FIR call as well as the relay of report from NPP in Yishun to Ang Mo Kio HQ are non-existent. These are increasable details, also indicating of concealment of political motivation behind the charge.

  4. The prosecution had wanted initially to use video evidence then changed their mind, then changed again, this indicated that the other political motive to conceal the video from the public and media during the trial. The constant resistant to give the defense a copy of video indicated the same.

  5. The prosecution reacted strongly to the video evidence exposed to Internet confirmed that, the number of political motives are aligned. That sensitive political scandals and crimes exposed by accused is the cause of entire series of oppressions, unjust charges and defamation suits taken by Lee Kuan Yew family regime against opposition during the General Election 2006.

  6. The matter involves General Election Walk-about & Meeting-the-people by contesting political party, within their contesting Sembawang GRC, during the election period. All the party's candidates were at the scene, wearing the same uniform as the accused, conducting the same Walk-about & Meeting-the-people together with the accused, selling the same The New Democrat party publication with the accused. The Republic Of Singapore Constitution and the Parliamentary Election Acts are to assure that election activities are given the necessary high liberty and protection from harassments as well as oppressive bullies, such as selective prosecution like this charge.

  7. Exhibits P10 and P11 shows in the video clearly that the candidates and election helpers of Singapore Democratic Party totaling above 10 persons are present at the scene conducting the same General Election Walk-About and sale of party publications with the 3 accused.

  8. Accused Dr Chee Soon Juan is Singapore Democratic Party Secretary General, Mr. Gandhi Ambalam is Singapore Democratic Party senior member and GE2006 agent under Parliamentary Election Act. Yap Keng Ho is party supporter and GE2006 Election Agent under Parliamentary Election Act. All 3 accused are taking part in Walk-about & Meeting-the-people at the scene which is a market under Sembawang GRC contested by Singapore Democratic Party. All other political parties contesting in GE2006 were conducting Walk-about & Meeting-the-people in their respective constituencies of contest. The 3 accused had only been prosecuted selectively, due to the sensitive political scandals and crimes such as Corrupted Vote Buying exposed by the accused against Lee Kuan Yew family regime which totally and corruptly control Republic of Singapore in the past 40 years, using methods such as this selective prosecution, abusive defamation suits, bankruptcy and disqualification from election and unfair trials such as Privy Council had over-turned the judgment made against Mr. Jeyaretnam.

  9. The cases submitted by prosecution are similar cases suffered by Mr. Jeyaretnam and Dr. Chee Soon Juan, which they suffered injustice and had been only prevented from appealing to Privy Council outside the control of Lee Kuan Yew family regime.

  10. In the video evidence recorded in P10 and P11, shows huge tent and furnitures used by Lee Kuan Yew family regime's People Action Party, using at the same location to conduct election related speeches and meet-the-people functions. They had not been prosecuted about their activities which the are similar with what the accused had been charged for. Showing clearly again the selective prosecution exist.

  11. Prosecution's closing submissions in table form on page 2, showed that the prosecution rely on only 2 segments of alleged speeches of Yap Keng Ho. However, in the entire activity as shown in exhibit P10 and P11, there are speakings of Yap Keng Ho via the same microphone at the same place, which the prosecution are not relying on to press the charge. Such as segment time marked 11:05:20 to 11:06:56 visible and audible in exhibit P11 and transcript exhibit part 2. The prosecution does not regard the speaking by Yap Keng Ho in that segment as illegal as compared to segments time marked 10:05:10 to 10:12:56 and 10:39:24 to 10:51:54. The same person speaking through the same microphone at the same place to the same Sembawang GRC voters, apart only by 15 minutes, but viewed differently by the prosecution. However only the content of the segment time marked 11:05:20 to 11:06:56 does not involve any exposure of Lee Kuan Yew family regime. That clearly showed that political motivation behind the charge. That clearly show the selective nature to this prosecution. That also clearly show that the Lee Kuan Yew family regime is interested only covering up their own crimes and scandals via their oppressive defamation suits and charges against the accused in this trial

  12. The 2 cases submitted by prosecution of Mr. Jeyaretnam & Dr Chee Soon Juan, did not happen General Election period. They were not acting in the capacity of Election Agent under Parliamentary Election Act, and charges did not happen in any contesting electoral constituency. I must highlight the nature of activity involved with this trial is entirely within the General Election period, and most of the accused person were legally appointed agents of Sembawang GRC, under Parliamentary Election Act.

  13. The prosecution had not only tried very hard to conceal the video evidence from public and Internet, they had not been able to clear the doubts against the integrity of the video, which had gradually became doubtful in the process of the trial. I had initially had full confidence with the video evidence, and had applied to the court to admit this evidence, as the trial progressed, and as the CID technician gave unreliable testimony in the court regarding how he is unsure about his duplication of the evidence, and how ignorant he is about the reason video had arise with questionable defects, and Mr. Gandhi had suspected doctoring of the evidence. I had ended up with little confidence with the video's integrity. With clearly exhibited political motive of Lee Kuan Yew regime to conceal their own crimes and scandals, it is at great risk that video evidence could be indeed doctored.

  14. In connection with point #11 above, the police at scene as shown by exhibit P10 and P11, had not interfere with nor acted against the speaking of Yap Keng Ho time marked 11:05:20 to 11:06:56. However, SSGT Quek did so against the speaking of Yap Keng Ho at previous segments time marked 10:05:10 to 10:12:56 and 10:39:24 to 10:51:54. This is an indication that the selective law enforcement is identically aligned with this selective prosecution, targeting against exposure of Lee Kuan Yew family regime crimes and scandals.

  15. Defense will like to the witness PW12 ASP Sim from regulatory authority of Public Entertainment License to testify weather President George W Bush (USA) who gave a public speech at the NUS during the middle of this trial on Thursday 16.Nov.2006, holds had been issued with Public Entertainment License and weather he holds the necessary Professional Visit Pass as a non-Singaporean speaker under the Public Entertainment and Meetings Act. Bush's speech involved ethnic & war related subjects concerning Iraq & Korea, which is in violation against Public Entertainment and Meetings Act, and Bush is not entitled to exemption under the act because he is not Singapore citizen.

  16. The Rep Of Singapore Constitution and relevant acts should be applied to protect liberty of political speakers especially during election period, to allow unhampered free speech, exposure of political scandals, without being harassed by police and selective prosecutions. Exposing corruption crimes such as buying voters' votes via nationwide Progress Package, distributed just only 5 days before polling day, are not to be prevented by police nor court. Whistler Blowers and persons reporting the crimes are should be protected by the law instead of being punished by the law.

  17. The corruption crime of vote buying by Lee Kuan Yew family regime had been taken before the Election Judge under Parliamentary Election Act by Singapore Democratic Party candidate Chee Siok Chin, and had been unjustly dismissed due to technicality of S$5000 deposit. But this crime is already known worldwide by now. In exhibit P11, Yap Keng Ho (time marked 10:44:45; 10:47:20; 10:47:30; 10:50:39 for exmaple) & Dr Chee Soon Juan (time marked for 10:18:00 to10:21:45 example) had repeatedly expose this crime, and appealing to the voters not to collude with this crime by selling their votes to Lee Kuan Yew family regime. Such actions should be protected by the law instead of being prosecuted.

  18. Dozens of transcription errors still exist in transcript exhibits of the prosecution. I would like the court to take note that at time mark 10:50:39 the transcript error is serious that, “Don't buy his illegal, don't buy his corruption” Should actually read “Vote Buying is illegal, Vote Buying is Corruption”, this are transcription errors that seems to be trying to cover up the exposed corruption crimes.

  19. Yap Keng Ho exposed the Myanmar drug syndicate investment scandal in which Lee Kuan Yew family regime had invested state fund into Myanmar with criminal syndicate, in the 2nd segment of speaking mentioned in prosecution's submission time marked 10:39:24 to 10:51:54, in this period between the time marks, Yap Keng Ho seen in the video was merely reading out an article from The New Democrats publications of Singapore Democratic Party, which he is selling to the voters and introducing the contents of the publication. Due to the exposure of Lee Kuan Yew family regime's close connection with drug criminal syndicate, it had politically motivated such selective prosecution by this charge. The law should protect citizens who exposed covered up crimes, and be not punishing them.

  20. It is clearly shown by exhibit P10 and P11, that the media and reporters were covering the event of Singapore Democratic Party Walk-About and Meet-The-People at the impending election. Man in white shirt at scene time marked 11:02:42 is reporter, and woman with long lens camera at scene time marked 11:03:54 is a media photographer, both of them had covered the Singapore Democratic Party election campaign extensively throughout the election, and both of them had spent entire morning on 22.April.06 at the scene, and evidence video show that they interviewed and photographed the event at scene. This showed that the event is an opened public activity of General Election 2006. Only that the crimes and scandals of Lee Kuan Yew family regime had been prominently exposed, had the accused been selectively prosecuted.

  21. In almost every other General Elections in the past decades, the Lee Kuan Yew family regime had filed defamation suits or criminal charges against opposition abusively and unfairly, this charge is just another example. Lee Hsien Loong the son of Lee Kuan Yew had openly said during the GE2006, that he would FIX THE OPPOSITION AFTER ELECTION, and this charge is definitely a part of his politically motivated plan of oppression. This charge should be dismissed on the grounds made to this court by the defense.