Sunday, November 19, 2006

Friends & Supporters helping M Ravi in HongKong

I had managed to spread out the words and contacts established for Mr. Ravi, HK lawyer legislator Albert Ho who had been attacked not too long ago is now ironically helping Mr. Ravi. Others had been able to contact HongKong's Fa Lun Gong members to provide medical care to Mr Ravi.

Because it is the weekend and some main contact persons in Singapore & HK were traveling away, it was a bit inconvinent for me to get help to reach Mr. Ravi in shortest time.

As form of first aid, I told Mr. Ravi's assistant to apply ice wrapped towel to his wounds, during the very initial hours.

According to information received later last night, 3 thugs were traveling on the same airport shuttle bus with Mr. Ravi and
assistant, and had been finding racial fault with Ravi on the journey to HK International Airport. Reaching the airport the 3 thugs attacked only Ravi but not the Singaporean Chinese assistant traveling with Ravi.

Various reporters from Singapore had contacted me last night via telephone & email for this matter.

I am hoping that HongKong police will be able to arrest Mr.Ravi's attackers for investigation. NGOs and activists will inform the international human rights and justice network regarding the attack suffered by our disinguished human rights lawyer Ravi.

Mr Ravi's assistant who is currently with him in HongKong

Mr Ravi's assistant who is currently with him in HongKong (Young Man facing camera).