Friday, November 17, 2006

1st Mr Gandhi then Mr Guna? Why not Mr Nathan?

At time mark 10:33:00 - SSgt Kenny Quek Kah Jun: Hello Mr Gandhi!

Yes my name is Gandhi you smart cop!

watch video:


Yes Mr Smart Cop, you are right he is Mr. Gandhi! You seems to be very well informed!

BUT watch this 23 mins afterwards:

No my name is Gandhi, not Guna you dumb cop!

At time mark 10:56:00 - SSgt Kenny Quek Kah Jun: Hello Mr Guna!

Watch this on video:

What? Why had Mr. Gandhi became Mr. Guna now?

SDP in the era of Mr. Chiam did had a candidate named Guna, but he is no longer with SDP now. In court as witness, SSgt Kenny Quek testified that he DOES NOT know anyone by name of Mr. Guna. But when UncleYap cross-examined then why would he called Mr. Gandhi wrongly as Mr. Guna 23 mins after he 1st address him correctly as Mr. Gandhi, SSgt Quek could not reply.

Since he testified that he does not know anyone by that name, and Mr. Gandhi didn't show him any flase NRIC nor wear a name tag by Mr. Guna, why had SSgt Quek called Gandhi wrongly by Mr. Guna which is the name of one ex-SDP canidate? Coincedental? Or it is a leak of something? WHY DID YOU NOT CALLED HIM MR. NATHAN? I asked SSgt Quek? But judge ruled against this question as irrelevant! How did SSgt Quek had plugged that name of an ex-SDP candidate out from thin air suddently?

Mr. Gandhi insisted in court that the sequence of this video had been switched, because in his own memory, SSgt Quek 1st wrongly addressed him as Mr. Guna, and he corrected him, latter, when they spoked again, SSgt Quek correctly addessed him as Mr. Gandhi. Thus according to Mr. Gandhi, the police given version of video is doctored, which sequence of events switched.

I belive Mr. Gandhi would have a clearer memory than myself of what happened on that interesting day, because I would have remembered it more clearly if mata came and wrongly addressed me as Mr. Goh Chok Tong or Deng Xiao Ping! :-) And it would be very strange if a police can first know Mr. Gandhi's name without even looking at his NRIC or ID, and than after 23 mins, start to misidentify the same subject as Mr. Guna. There is no Mr. Guna at the scene that day, on 22.April.06

A pic of SSgt Quek Kah Jun at scene, he is the same mata who said in court that THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN GOVT & THE PAP!

We belive that police witnesses are not giving their truthful testimonies in court and there as lots of things they are trying to hide. Such as the myterious caller who supposedly had called police - the unidentifiable Mr Peter. We have information that the PAP had called police, and had wrongly instructed the police about the identity of Mr. Gandhi as Mr. Guna! We are informed because the SDP also have well informed supporters who know what happened around Chong Pang Market that day. :-)