Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Day 13 - Feeling of HUNGER had SUBSIDED

Today is the 13th day of my HungerStrike, it is confirmed that after what I had been through, the feeling of hunger can no longer be felt any more. I belive it is my body getting used to not having any solid food, and had got adjusted to it. The biological stress or pressure of hunger had been neutralized by a kind of natural ability of adaptation. Being a person of Darwinism I have no doubt about that. :-)

The initial 2 days were actually the difficult ones, but just only relatively. My usual responses or signs of hunger will show up including drowsiness and inability to concerntrate. On 23.Nov.2006 I was constantly yawning in the final day of trial court, and that continued into prison.

Certain stress such as that of dehydration can progressively build up at the same time as body's adaptation gets used to hunger. My lips and finger tips were at some stage very dry and peeling some skin while I was in jail. I expected my resistant to cold to be reduced but it had not been true at all.

Dr. Chee shared his past experience of 10 days HungerStrike with me, he told me that I can expect to feel a bit weaker, and the rest are quite OK. The weakness part never came too significantly to me in general except during the 8th & 9th days when I refused totally to eat & drink. It had became a bit slow and difficult to walk up or down the prison's stairs between my cell and the medical post during those 2 days, and it included the feeling of giddiness when I got up from sitting or lying down.

These conditions were not at all unbearable to me. After the IV drips were applied on me, these conditions improved so quickly that I felt like Re-charged within 1 hour after the drip. Dr. Ooi adjusted the drip speed up to about 65 drops per minute in the initial hour to rush glucose into my blood stream. At the worst of all these conditions, I had never once felt any risk of blacking out.

Today being the 13th day, I can say that there is no longer any physical challenge that can be felt on myself biologically or physically. There is only a little logistics when going outside to have meal, I had to look for stores that sells soup, and try to order soup without any solid ingridients, and have to explain that I am fasting. Otherwise, I would either waste the
solid ingridients or let my lunch partners eat them. :-)

Comparatively, I feel more sleepy than before HungerStrike, however that might be the effect of getting used to sleeping alot in both day & night whilst in jail instead of the effects of hunger. I am just going to take a nap after making this blog post. :-)