Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Vigils Outside QueensTown Prison

I am hereby calling fellow Singaporeans and our friends to gether peacefully outside the QueensTown Remand Prison for candle lighting vigil, and in support for Dr. Chee Soon Juan. Mr Gandhi is expected to be released before Friday and would be joining us all outside the prison. The schedule of the 2 vigils are as follows:

  1. 7PM Friday, 8.Dec.06
  2. 7PM Friday, 15.Dec.06
The prison is reachable via Queenstown MRT station, while in the MRT station would be helpful to first read the locality MAP. Walk past BLK 27A (2 coffeeshops) then towards Queenstown Bowling's building & BLK 34A (multi-storey carpark behind old Queenstown cinema, and then a tiny road leading toward the high golf driving range safty nets, prison is before the golf range.

Candles and cups will be provided but you are encourage to bring your own. Bring umbralla if it looked rainy.

Identical vigils had been held nightly between 23.Nov.06 to 1.Dec.06, click pictures below to read SDP web's news releases:

Currently, Dr. Chee is still in the process of diagnosis by doctors in the prison ward of Changi General Hospital, awaiting result. He is still not taking food nor on IV drip, I also doubt that he would trust the establishment's medicine now, and I expect further weight lost on him.

Dr. is not only the youngest but also the most physically fit person among all the 3 of us who went to jail together via LKy famiLEE LEEgime's charges of SPEECHES during the GE2006 Walk-Abouts. It is way beyond expectation for all of us to find him falling ill instead of Mr. Gandhi or myself this time.

As it is, it had been very difficult to get access to Dr. Chee or give him any help directly. Even the prison's superintendent is unable to fully call his usual shots because MHA & his famiLEE LEEgime bosses are directing him closely on this matter.


wishing cards & letters may be sent to Dr. Chee Soon Juan C/O Queenstown Remand Prison, 50 Jalan Penjara, Singapore 149373