Thursday, December 07, 2006

Mr. Gandhi Ambalam's Release

Fellow activists; family members and friends received Mr. Gandhi Ambalam outside Queenstown Remand Prison this morning about 0950hr, after awaiting for about 35 minutes.

I saw Deputy Superintendent Liew & a familiar guard walking Mr. Gandhi out.

Mr. Gandhi is generally healthy condition except that he lost about 1.5kg of body weight during his imprisonment. Accordingly Gandhi received very little news about what happened to Dr. Chee whilst imprisoned, he was put in Housing Unit B, unlike myself which was the A block in front.

We went to a coffee shop together with Mr. Gandhi's family members to have a discussion about Dr. Chee's situation and other matters.

Mr. Gandhi will join us tomorrow night at the vigil outside Queenstown Remand Prison 1930hr, as well as the walk on 10.Dec.06 Human Rights Day.