Thursday, December 14, 2006

To end HungerStrike at lunch Saturday 16.Dec.2006

Today is the 22nd day of my HungerStrike, and via my biological adaptation towards various phases from water only to no water to liquid diet, I am already totally used to it by now. From feeling hungry at most time of a day during the first week till feeling absolutely normal as if on normal diet right now. From needing to be at rest during most time of a day till runing quater marathon or taking a stroll all the way with the Freedom Walk. It is an experience, it was a learning, but I won't even say it is too much of a challenge this time. I think it is too easy, and I have to find ways to make it harder the next time :-)

On Saturday it will reach the 24th day, which is 16.Dec.2006, the last co-fighter in this oppressive and politically motivated charge under Public Entertainment Act, Dr. Chee is expected to be released about 10am this Saturday. So I have set my schedule accordingly to end this round of HungerStrike by lunch time, and my lunch on Saturday 16.Dec.2006 will be my first normal diet meal since 0000hr midnight 23.Nov.2006. I think I might take Chicken Rice :-) I am not sure yet.

I went to prison's gate to welcome Mr.Gandhi's release, and will do just the same for Dr. Chee this Saturday before 10am 16.Dec.2006.

Thanks for all the supportive gestures and messages from the public.

My diet for the past 1 week will remain similar for the next 2 days until I end HungerStrike is 2 soups servings a day, plus coffee or tea and water or fruit juice. I did 3 km of runing one of the days beside taking part in the Feedom Walk.

An interesting thing I discovered via an email from 1 of my 2 cell-mates during my imprisonment between 23.Nov
.2006 and 2.Dec.2006, apprently after staying in the same cell with me for 10 days throughout my Hungerstrike, he also some how refused to eat the prison food!

hello Uncle Yap, it's me, finally last Saturday, i get to go home.

Unlike you, i did not have any outstanding reason for not eating when i was there, i stop eating since last Tuesday all the way till Saturday morning, in all i've skipped 8 meals except for the daily 4 slices of bread with the so-called coffee, i just don't feel like eating.

Lucky me, Grandma prepared pig kidney and mee-sua which is my favourite, i thought i would have gone for a buffet straight away but i didn't, sorry for mentioning food in the midst of your on going days without solid food, meanwhile do take care, cya.

I will not reveal his identity here, but this young man during our 10 days spent in the same cell usually eat his prison provided meals, except some of the lunch he had skiped (on about 4 of the 10 days if I am not wrong). He just said NOT HUNGRY when we asked. He will usually eat every breakfast and dinner. I am surprised to read what he wrote in the above email, I replied that to ask him about it, but have yet heard from him. I hope he is doing OK and have no problem finding a new job before X'mas.