Friday, August 24, 2007

Mr JBJ's Cert of Practice Matter Further Delayed

The in chamber hearing today for matters with Mr. JBJ's Certificate of Practice, which was obstructed by Singapore's AGC was scheduled to be heard today 10AM at High Court, but it postphoned to 2PM, it was heard but not decided during the session. Mr. Ng Teck Sion & Mr. JBJ were at the High Court during earlier part of today's (24.Aug.07) afternoon.

The matter is further delayed until Monday, (27.Aug.07) for continued hearing.

Mr. JBJ explained to me over the telephone after this after technically that it isn't a suing suit between himself and the AGC today. I wasn't able to make out the legal technicality over the short telephone conversation.

As far as I can observe the famiLEE LEEgime is set to stall and delay Mr. JBJ's legal practice, as well as construct hurdles ahead for him. I don't think the registration approval for Mr. JBJ's Reform party will get any swift and smooth approval either, look at the present matter now.

Old Dog Thief is most reluctant to face Mr. JBJ especially in the Parliament, in the first place that had been the motive for series of oppresive law suits and charges and bankruptcy to get rid of Mr. JBJ.

Supporters of Mr. JBJ had been very concerned and angry about Mr. JBJ's Certificate of Practice, and had been calling up the Singapore's Law Society, and they also rang me up to ask me to write about these on the Internet.

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