Saturday, August 18, 2007

AGC shielding LEEs for Siok Chin's bankruptcy

I slammed AGC's lawyer in court today as she defended that AGC has no political agenda in seeking 3 bankruptcy orders. Their actions in the entire public records clearly proved their motives.

In the first place, law has restriction against application of bankruptcy for amount below S$10,000. They are now applying for 3 bankruptcies for amount of S$24,000 against 3 citizens shamelessly as the state organ AGC, that average amount per person is below S$10,000 limit. Not only the state should pay for cost of constitutional hearing, they should also pay for service of Mr. M Ravi. The AGC could not answer to my challenge against their position.

As they were showing their strong desire to seek these bankruptcy orders, by repeatedly re-instating the hearings; disagreeing to all the dozens of alternative repayment proposals; and even step up their pressing for all remainder sum to be paid within 6 week instead of the agreed monthly schedule.

I am totally against making payments, but I had made several proposals of payment for AGC to turn down, and by doing so prove their political objectives.

I told High Court that Miss Chee faces bankruptcy which Old Dog Thief Lee Kuan Yew & his Ass Loong Son have to pay heavy political price for. AGC is being abused as a shield to that. AGC denied as expected. But it can be easily proved beyond doubt.

AGC is not really hard up for S$24,000 they squander that kind of money at finger snap - this was seen in that they tried so hard to send police video tapes to USA for so called Expert Analysis when Mr. Gandhi called their evidence Doctored. That would have cost lots of tax payers funds, but they won't care.

Miss Chee & Miss Monica had through months made alternative payment plans, but all rejected by AGC. But they didn't want the money, and actually want the bankruptcies fast, because the famiLEE's suit against Miss Chee is coming to final stage now, exactly at this time frame. The shield is really called for.

Instead of the previously agreed S$800 monthly installments, today in court the AGC asked for lump sum grand total to be settled in full (about S$15K) within 6 weeks from today.

I pointed out in court previously that there is absolutely no justification on the side of AGC to be in any hurry because if they were really only up to recovering S$24K from 3 citizens, they have the time, and AGC will still exist as long as Rep of Singapore exist. None of the 3 activist are running away like NKF's Richard Yong, nor are as old as Old Dog Thief LKy dying. So what is their hurry when they rejected proposal of lower monthly installments, saying that will take too long?

The famiLEE LEEgime is obviously wary of my ways of exposing them on Internet. I had applied and collected audio recordings of the court room proceedings from the high court on all political cases involving activists. I filled a form at Electronic Transcript Service to get these CDs & DVDs. Fearing my podcasting and exposures, they revised their forms today, and purposely highlighted to me that there is a new clause and condition, that IT MAY NOT BE BROADCASTED & PUBLICIZED.

It show that they have much to hide and are fearful to be exposed. Exposing them is what every Singaporeans should do.


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