Saturday, August 18, 2007

Mata wants to prevent homosexuals' jog

According to a famous Blog Yawing Bread by Mr. Aw, mata filmed and monitored the homosexuals' jog event calling it An Illegal Assembly. But the event took place as and alternative UN-Organized one. :-) how ironical can law & enforcement be in Singapore?

The group had shown courage and defiance to exercise their basic civil rights, and famiLEE LEEgime made selective and discriminative application of law on them as expected. I believe that as a peaceful event that does not violate any members of public, and the participants shouldn't be harassed by mata.

The activist of gays and lesbians also according to Mr. Aw's blog faced obstructions for their picnic event.

I am glad to observe that activists are no longer fearful to act, and deal with the matas as well as famiLEE LEEgime obstructions. Deterrents by LEEgime is unsuccessful.