Thursday, August 23, 2007

Mr JBJ took AGC to court for obstructing his license

10am tomorrow 24.Aug.2007, at the High Courts, there will be a chamber hearing for a case taken up by Mr. JBJ against Attorney General's Chamber, for the AGC's posing obstructions against Singapore Law Society to issue a Certificate Of Practise at the bar. In simple layman language, Mr. JBJ is suing Singapore Government's State Lawyer (AGC) for preventing him to get his Lawyer's License.

There are many political cases includingy my own pending defense by Mr. JBJ. I had been through many trials and appeals and Criminal Motions without a qualified legal council. And both Sub-Court & High Court and the AGC suing me had denied my applications to allow time for me to await for Mr. JBJ to get his practise license.

It turned out so clearly now that, the AGC is the culprit playing behind Singapore Law Society, to obstruct Mr. JBJ from getting his Certificate Of Practise at the Singapore Bar. There are so many other political cases similarly awaiting for Mr. JBJ, including famiLEE's defemation suits, and Judiciary Review against the unfair Kangaroo Court itself.

The filthy famiLEE LEEgime kept denying that there are no political motive behind their filthy moves. But how come it became so obviously clear that they are full of political motives with these cases? :-)

The elder son of Mr. JBJ happen to be the out-going President of Singapore Law Society to add the irony here.

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