Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hotter CPF Protest if necessary

I think there should be a 2 prong approach, a sensible prong involving theory and policy discussion via public seminar & forums. The other prong is the action prong that is to make dramatic scenes.

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I went to the extend of personally calling up AP leaders to urge them to take actions, and my constructive suggestions were given already.

On the other hand, I have explored ideas with creative people on a dramatic protest which can be conducted direct at Robinson Road CPFB again. :-)

This time I plan to conduct a mocked funeral for the CPF savings of Singaporeans. Yes! A mocked up coffin will be carried to CPFB on a chosen day. This has several meanings:

1, Our CPF savings are dead, gone, unable to help peasants jumping MRT

2, CPF members are exploited to work until their deaths and still unable to get their CPF $$$, from age 55 to 65 to 68 to 85. CPF members must literally HANDOVER NRIC 交登记 before getting CPF $$$?

3, CPF members can only afford to die but not to get ill. Are we saving for RETIREMENT or REINCARNATION? To get our CPF $$$ in next life?

The mocked funeral must have a traditional Chinese lantern 灯笼 which usually written with the age of the deceased person. Which will be 55 (strike out) 65 (strike out) 68 (strike out) 85 (???) 五十有五 to 八十有五?

The photo of the deceased person will be something highly resembling the CPFB logo with 3 keys :-)

This however is not the 1st time in Red Dot.

In the 1960s, Mdm Leong Soh (elected MP = Member of Legislative Council) of National Liberation Front (political party of ex-PM Lim Yew Hock) staged a big mocked funeral for DEMOCRACY!

She expressively said that when Harry Lee became PM, then democracy is dead for Singapore. That was when she purchased the largest Chinese coffin, and staged a full funeral procession with all the traditional bands and music and religious rituals. The procession began from her house in Goodman Road to Tanjong Katong to Dunman Road to either Haig Road or Joo Chiat then to East Coast then back to her home.

It was front page story in regional news then.

Democracy for Singapore is certainly long dead. Now CPF is also dead. Our savings are sucked dry and squandered. So we the CPF members are worst then dead.

I am sharing the idea here for discussion.

If necessary, this can be done and I will organize it :-)