Sunday, September 30, 2007

HungerStrike Now MONKS!

My suggestion to Burmese monks & other Buddhist monks in the world to mass Hunger Strike against Myanmar junta, for their brutality against Burmese monks who held peaceful protest & marching.

There were 100,000 Burmese marching and essentially monks, they suffered a brutal crackdown, deaths and arrests. The monks are held against their will now inside thier temples and monasteries by soldiers. The best thing they can do now is to go on mass hunger strike against junta's atrocities.

Leadership of Buddhist within as well as outside of Burma should consider to organize and lead mass hunger strike protest against brutalities done to Burmese monks. This will be most effective if Buddhist monks in Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Taiwan & China also take part, based on solidarity and sympathy for Burmese monks' suffering, and this will be very effective to put huge pressure on junta.

Please help to relay and propagate my suggestion.

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