Monday, September 24, 2007

New Statutory Board Proposed = CPFb


I propose to form a Singapore's LATEST Statutory Board = Ceremonial Protest Funeral Board, for the previously mentioned purpose.

The above logo would be the official insignia of my proposed new stat board.

As discussed police permit is unnecessary in full accordance with law. Please take note that famiLEE LEEgime chosen not to charge activists including myself for the 2005 protest outside CPF Board Robinson Road; Dec 2006 Freedom Walk etc nearly a dozen of activities.

I would also like to highlight that Korean farmers stage mocked funeral recently for their beef and pork produces. As well as Burmese monks led people out to march in protest on streets all over Burma recently.

For the sake of Singaporean peoples' retirement savings I call members of CPF to take a series of serious actions beginning by joining this Ceremonial Funeral Protest = CPF. The method may be ironical in nature, but lets get serious about it.

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