Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mr JBJ won case on his Practice Cert!

This morning at the High Court Mr. JBJ won his case regarding AG's objection to his legal Practice Certificate! It is a great day!

I got the news near noon from Mr. Ng Teck Siong who attended the court with Mr. JBJ this morning. Mr. JBJ treated Mr. Ng & myself with a lunch at South Bridge Road restaurant for celebration at about 1330hr.

The hearing was brief, only about 30 mins.

Coincidentally the judge happened to be V K Rajah (son of famous activist TT Rajah) and AGC was represented by Jeffery Chan. Both VK Rajah & Chan were the same judge and lawyer for our OM39/2005 case when we took Wong Kan Seng & mata chief Khoo Boon Hwee to court for CPFB protest. :-)

VK Rajah ruled against AGC's objection after Jeffery Chan submitted a thick pile of authorities, order was also made for AGC to refund to Mr. JBJ S$500+ worth of stamp fee previously paid.

Mr. JBJ held a press conference at his office about 1400hr after our lunch celebration. A dozen of 154th photographers & reporters turned up.

Congratulation to Mr JBJ & he is now the most senior person in Singapore in legal service. His profound background exceeds both Yong Pang How & Chan Sek Keong, since he had since the longest time been lawyer; judge; Registrar of Supreme Court; Parliamentarian law maker as well as a well known victim of law. Mr. JBJ was already lawyer way before Singapore became a republic.

Mr JBJ said he would be only practicing as a council to argue in court, and he won't be doing paper works such as wills or agreements. He said his fee won't be very high and will help Singaporeans suffering injustice regardless weather rich or poor.

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