Sunday, September 23, 2007

Call for SUPPORT to Burmese Marchers

I call for support to the Burmese people marching in unity against their oppressive military regime. Led by monks the people are showing the world their unity and resolve, in a continued action that had not been seen for some years. Especially Singaporeans should pay attention to this current action in Burma, I hope Singaporeans to be inspired and learn, as well as be supportive.

Singaporeans and Burmese share many common plights as well as aspects, including history as ex-British colony, and in particular ruled by corrupted totalitarian regimes.

Singaporeans and Burmese are in position to cross-motivate each other.

During the 72hr stand off at Speakers' Cornered last Sept within WB/IMF period, Burmese group in Singapore approached me and other activists to extend us their kind support. This is the time now for me to call fellow Singaporeans to express support for our Burmese friends. :-)

To my Burmese friends: you are not alone there! Thanks to your supports we are also not alone!

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For Burmese people, I believe you can get a break through if you utilized religious influence on your country's soldiers. You must observe and learn from the Philippines People Power, especially on the parts played by their massive Catholic Churches & priests.

Churches and religious leaders played a very important part in moral support and spiritual influence delivered to the country's soldiers in arm. It contributed most significantly via changing the soldiers loyalty to dictator Marcos. At the crucial time, the churches carried out massive mass and gatherings as well as speeches. The bishop etc performed blessing and prayed for peace. Churches' radio and publications also played a part significantly in carrying out eh messages to the public as well as the military personnels.

I think in Burma it is the land of Buddha, and monks and temples will be able to do similar effects as Churches in Philippines. Monks could reach out to Burmese soldiers, invite them to temple for prayer for peace etc ceremonies. Religion can link people well with soldiers. As long as military does not use force on people, the Burmese overthrowing of junta will be achievable.