Friday, August 31, 2007

Call for Actions on CPF Annuity

I hereby repeat my call to civil societies; political parties and academies in Singapore to organize and conduct public forums, seminars & discussions on the CPF / Annuity / Aging / Poverty subject.

Beside civil actions we need, exchange and understandings as well as education & awareness that counters famiLEE LEEgime's propagandas and cover-up.

There must be long lasting string of activities on this crucial subject which is much more significant than NKF scandal.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Mr JBJ's Cert of Practice Matter Further Delayed

The in chamber hearing today for matters with Mr. JBJ's Certificate of Practice, which was obstructed by Singapore's AGC was scheduled to be heard today 10AM at High Court, but it postphoned to 2PM, it was heard but not decided during the session. Mr. Ng Teck Sion & Mr. JBJ were at the High Court during earlier part of today's (24.Aug.07) afternoon.

The matter is further delayed until Monday, (27.Aug.07) for continued hearing.

Mr. JBJ explained to me over the telephone after this after technically that it isn't a suing suit between himself and the AGC today. I wasn't able to make out the legal technicality over the short telephone conversation.

As far as I can observe the famiLEE LEEgime is set to stall and delay Mr. JBJ's legal practice, as well as construct hurdles ahead for him. I don't think the registration approval for Mr. JBJ's Reform party will get any swift and smooth approval either, look at the present matter now.

Old Dog Thief is most reluctant to face Mr. JBJ especially in the Parliament, in the first place that had been the motive for series of oppresive law suits and charges and bankruptcy to get rid of Mr. JBJ.

Supporters of Mr. JBJ had been very concerned and angry about Mr. JBJ's Certificate of Practice, and had been calling up the Singapore's Law Society, and they also rang me up to ask me to write about these on the Internet.

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Mr JBJ took AGC to court for obstructing his license

10am tomorrow 24.Aug.2007, at the High Courts, there will be a chamber hearing for a case taken up by Mr. JBJ against Attorney General's Chamber, for the AGC's posing obstructions against Singapore Law Society to issue a Certificate Of Practise at the bar. In simple layman language, Mr. JBJ is suing Singapore Government's State Lawyer (AGC) for preventing him to get his Lawyer's License.

There are many political cases includingy my own pending defense by Mr. JBJ. I had been through many trials and appeals and Criminal Motions without a qualified legal council. And both Sub-Court & High Court and the AGC suing me had denied my applications to allow time for me to await for Mr. JBJ to get his practise license.

It turned out so clearly now that, the AGC is the culprit playing behind Singapore Law Society, to obstruct Mr. JBJ from getting his Certificate Of Practise at the Singapore Bar. There are so many other political cases similarly awaiting for Mr. JBJ, including famiLEE's defemation suits, and Judiciary Review against the unfair Kangaroo Court itself.

The filthy famiLEE LEEgime kept denying that there are no political motive behind their filthy moves. But how come it became so obviously clear that they are full of political motives with these cases? :-)

The elder son of Mr. JBJ happen to be the out-going President of Singapore Law Society to add the irony here.

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Saturday, August 18, 2007

AGC shielding LEEs for Siok Chin's bankruptcy

I slammed AGC's lawyer in court today as she defended that AGC has no political agenda in seeking 3 bankruptcy orders. Their actions in the entire public records clearly proved their motives.

In the first place, law has restriction against application of bankruptcy for amount below S$10,000. They are now applying for 3 bankruptcies for amount of S$24,000 against 3 citizens shamelessly as the state organ AGC, that average amount per person is below S$10,000 limit. Not only the state should pay for cost of constitutional hearing, they should also pay for service of Mr. M Ravi. The AGC could not answer to my challenge against their position.

As they were showing their strong desire to seek these bankruptcy orders, by repeatedly re-instating the hearings; disagreeing to all the dozens of alternative repayment proposals; and even step up their pressing for all remainder sum to be paid within 6 week instead of the agreed monthly schedule.

I am totally against making payments, but I had made several proposals of payment for AGC to turn down, and by doing so prove their political objectives.

I told High Court that Miss Chee faces bankruptcy which Old Dog Thief Lee Kuan Yew & his Ass Loong Son have to pay heavy political price for. AGC is being abused as a shield to that. AGC denied as expected. But it can be easily proved beyond doubt.

AGC is not really hard up for S$24,000 they squander that kind of money at finger snap - this was seen in that they tried so hard to send police video tapes to USA for so called Expert Analysis when Mr. Gandhi called their evidence Doctored. That would have cost lots of tax payers funds, but they won't care.

Miss Chee & Miss Monica had through months made alternative payment plans, but all rejected by AGC. But they didn't want the money, and actually want the bankruptcies fast, because the famiLEE's suit against Miss Chee is coming to final stage now, exactly at this time frame. The shield is really called for.

Instead of the previously agreed S$800 monthly installments, today in court the AGC asked for lump sum grand total to be settled in full (about S$15K) within 6 weeks from today.

I pointed out in court previously that there is absolutely no justification on the side of AGC to be in any hurry because if they were really only up to recovering S$24K from 3 citizens, they have the time, and AGC will still exist as long as Rep of Singapore exist. None of the 3 activist are running away like NKF's Richard Yong, nor are as old as Old Dog Thief LKy dying. So what is their hurry when they rejected proposal of lower monthly installments, saying that will take too long?

The famiLEE LEEgime is obviously wary of my ways of exposing them on Internet. I had applied and collected audio recordings of the court room proceedings from the high court on all political cases involving activists. I filled a form at Electronic Transcript Service to get these CDs & DVDs. Fearing my podcasting and exposures, they revised their forms today, and purposely highlighted to me that there is a new clause and condition, that IT MAY NOT BE BROADCASTED & PUBLICIZED.

It show that they have much to hide and are fearful to be exposed. Exposing them is what every Singaporeans should do.


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Mata wants to prevent homosexuals' jog

According to a famous Blog Yawing Bread by Mr. Aw, mata filmed and monitored the homosexuals' jog event calling it An Illegal Assembly. But the event took place as and alternative UN-Organized one. :-) how ironical can law & enforcement be in Singapore?

The group had shown courage and defiance to exercise their basic civil rights, and famiLEE LEEgime made selective and discriminative application of law on them as expected. I believe that as a peaceful event that does not violate any members of public, and the participants shouldn't be harassed by mata.

The activist of gays and lesbians also according to Mr. Aw's blog faced obstructions for their picnic event.

I am glad to observe that activists are no longer fearful to act, and deal with the matas as well as famiLEE LEEgime obstructions. Deterrents by LEEgime is unsuccessful.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Trial for 2X7 speech charges postponed

The sub court trial which was originally fixed on 20.Aug.2007 is delayed again.

High court fixed hearing for Dr. CSJ's appeal for his attempt to travel case, and it clashed with above sub court schedule, so sub court delayed their schedule to make way for high court's hearing.

There is another hearing in high court this Friday, where the shameless state AGC wants to bankrupt 3 activists including myself. Until now, I have not gotten their formal notice of hearing.

I told the appeal court previously that AGC sent their letters in strange hand written envelops that no official logo visible, on their registered letter. And as my home is normally empty, the post man left a photocopy notice which usually seem like unimportant mails. I ever got registered mail full of news paper cuttings on political news. :-)

Updates on Mr JBJ & Reform Party

  1. I visited Mr JBJ's office again today, it is furnished already, we had been moving the furniture around today. New PC and printers are being setup this week.
  2. It is not true that Mr JBJ have already got his legal practice certificate from Singapore Law Society. Not Yet! As of today. As hurdles had been cleared, more new hurdles had been put in for Mr. JBJ! By you know who.
  3. Constitution of Reform Party had been completed, there will be a final committee meeting at the end of this week to pass it, and submission for registration of political party will follow soon.
  4. Mr. JBJ & Mr. Ng Teck Siong will be attending SDP's dinner gathering this coming Saturday.
  5. SDP leaders are expected to pay Mr. JBJ's new office a visit may be next week.
  6. Reform party still open for more members, and there had been people requesting for the membership forms. So far I think there is still some lack of female Singaporeans to join. I hope to see more equal participation among male and female citizens.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

SDP friends come over to dine :-)

SDP gathering is announced on the web. I will be there :-)

I call the supporters of SDP, and the activists to come over for a gathering on 18th this month. Particularly, those who had provided helps at GE2006, Sembawang GRC & Bk Panjang SMC.

It had been some time I have not met many of you. Have a meal there and get to see how you are doing.

Click the above webpage on SDP site for details & please email to SDP to confirm attendance, they have got to book seats with the catering business. Lets Makan!

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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Media & Cyber Activists' New Direction

Until present, the Video / Photography & Internet activist's reflection of peasant's plight in famiLEE LEEgime's red dot is typically poor old folks picking up recycle materials or homeless people living in public. Lots of good documentations had been done by many activists in the same area.

I am now calling the activists to expand our scope jointly.

Because the impact have to be enhanced and not always stick at the same focus. To reflect a strong contrast against what LKy called Golden Period or Era, we have to reflect plight of not just the poorest peasants, but the SMEs and middle income levels, even the GLC & MNCs if you can get. The impact of such things will be a different magnitude. :-)

Hope my suggesting here will inspire our creative activists to capture on media & Internet:

  • Vacant hawkers stalls - un-rented
  • Vacant HDB shop - un-rented
  • Old torn and seasoned FOR SALE & FOR RENT signs & properties
  • Deserted shopping malls (many small old malls are in terrible conditions)
  • Deserted office units - un-rented
  • Deserted factories / warehouses with plants growing from roof & windows
  • Given up rental space that used to belong to banks & chained retails
  • Abandoned vehicles

These things gives evidence of dead and still birth economies. Un-rented lots in popular malls like Vivo City are still covered up behind beautiful posters partitions. There are lots of prime spots in CBD's buzy areas. Snapshot with your handphones and make sure date / time are there, if possible make the shots indicate the locations by including surrounding scene or landmarks.

Today I saw a middle age lady sleeping inside a ATM banking hall hiding between bank's promotion posters just asleep on the floor & ignoring ATM users. All the users of ATMs got amazed. She don't look like a homeless, but tired for sure, outside was a hot afternoon. If we take a video or picture please take an angle that don't show the peasant's faces, or use photoshop or GIMP etc to cover their eyes, just to give our peasants privacy & respect.

It is the famiLEE LEEgime's liars that we need to expose, not the peasants.

When we exposed evidence of Food Courts; Dept Stores; Malls; Offices; Factories in bad deserted shape, that help very much to explain why peasants are out on the streets homeless or searching rubbish bins for recycle stuffs. The Golden Era MYTH will become crystal clear. So far these are still lacking.

We already have enough pictures of old folks selling tissue paper. We must prove that the plight does not limit only to these folks. We know that there are lots of Ex-Bankers, Ex-Stock Brokers, Ex-Lecturers and other professionals out there unemployed or under-employed, we have to find convincing evidence to expose the reality while giving these victims their privacy.

Activists please exercise your creativities and mights. :-)

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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

SG Review's new website & interviews

SG Review has a new blog-styled website added recently at their new domain name and links back to their current Yahoo! group.

With the new website SG Review is doing a series of interviews regarding democracy in Singapore. The series is still in on going progress right now, so far 3 persons including myself had their interviews publ

This new website of SG Review is hosted on SG Review's own domain name on European server instead of common US servers such as Yahoo! It would allow the SG Review team to have many new possibilities beyond what Yahoo Groups can permit. A significant difference now is that new site is Blog-Styled instead of E-mail based. New possibility includes multimedia & multi-lingual.

I think the new site is an addition and not a replacement to the existing Yahoo! Group.