Sunday, August 31, 2008

Free Utilities for Malaysian Peasants not Singaporeans!

Selangor State Government of Parkatan push a program to give their peasants FOC water supplies. BN MP had strongly opposed it at one stage. But this week Abudullah in his own budget 2009 offered free electrical supply for the poor peasants of entire Malaysia. This is then praised even by the opposition.

First World famiLEE LEEgime cut off utilities of those who can not afford to pay, and make them by electricity using pre-paid cards. Kind Singaporeans had been making donations to families of poor country-men in which students were studying at home in candle light when their home power supplies where cut off by famiLEE LEEgime, as their parents are unable to pay domestic utility bills.

Malaysian government had been toppled in 5 states and the federation government is expected to be topple on 16.September.2008 which is Lee Kuan Yew's 84th? birthday. :-) However, such a comparison show that Lee Kuan Yew's famiLEE LEEgime is much more heartless to poor peasants of Singapore, compared to Compassionate Malaysian government which the Malaysians are toppling. :-)

Isn't that a clear indication that Lee Kuan Yew's famiLEE LEEgime should had been toppled much longer ago? :-) Chinese News URL:

卡立欣慰预算案效仿豁免电费 王德齐 | 8月30日 傍晚5点05分


william leong khalid ibrahim budget 300808不过,卡立(左图右)对这份预算案还是感到诸多不满。






budget 2009 290808 11卡立表示,若阿都拉(右图左)是一名谨慎的财政部长,他理应向人民解释全球经济的状况。他举例,英国财长便承认英国经济陷入40年来的最恶劣的时刻。


















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Friday, August 29, 2008

Singaporeans to help fight Malaysian Blog Ban

Tun Dr. M slams BN Govt for banning Blog
Malaysia Today ban is a blog by famous royal member blogger Mr. Raja Petra Karmarudin, who had been charged for sedition and his blog had been blocked by Malaysian government this week.

As my own token to support Malaysian Bloggers and Reformasi movement, I just setup a quasi mirror site at and I just tested it working from Singapore. I am asking those within Malaysia now to help me test if that works in Malaysia & spread it out to the Malaysian who had been unable to read Mr. Raja Petra's Malaysia Today website. :-)

This mirror is in USA within server and domain under myself.

I am calling other Singaporeans to do similar support to Malaysian bloggers and fighters, help them now, and later we will need them to help us. This healthy collaboration must get started.


Lets help each other.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Anti-Thug-Sin Protester took over TV Station & PM Office

Yahoo Chinese News URL
Malaysian SinChew News URL

Thai PM Samak got hell today from PAD's angry protesters who broke police security lines and entered a TV Station as well as Samak's Office. Samak went on TV to warn punishment against protesters but TV Station's broadcast was interrupted by protesters which broke inside to take control of TV Station.


Thug-Sin & family ran away absconding bail and his trusted friend Samak is getting the hell on his behalf now, from the angered protesters. Why don't old dog thief Lee Kuan Yew's famiLEE LEEgime give their old friend and Shin Corp partners Thug-Sin a political Asylum?


Thailand: Protesters Break Into Premier's Compound

  • Demonstrators gather outside Thailand's Government House during a rally Tuesday, 26 Aug 2008, in Bangkok, Thailand. (Photo courtesy: AP Photo/Sakchai Lalit)

BANGKOK, THAILAND: A mob of anti-government protesters pushed their way into the compound housing the offices of Thailand's prime minister on Tuesday (26 Aug), one of a series of actions against state agencies in the capital.

The demonstrators, from the right-wing People's Alliance for Democracy, stopped once they entered the compound at Government House at about 2:30pm and did not attempt to enter the official offices there, footage on Thai TV Channel 9 showed.

Earlier, mobs of alliance protesters took over a state-controlled television station and besieged several ministries in a self-described "final showdown" to try to bring down the elected government of Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej.

It was the first time in recent years that a large crowd managed to get onto the Government House grounds. The crowd of several thousand appeared peaceful.

Samak was expected to speak about the situation late Tuesday afternoon.

The protests were the latest effort by the alliance to force Samak's government from office. The group contends Samak is a proxy for former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, who was ousted in a 2006 coup and now has gone into self-imposed exile in England.

The protest group led months of demonstrations that ended in Thaksin's ouster by the September 2006 military coup for alleged corruption and abuse of power.

The strategy of the alliance now appears to be to provoke a violent crackdown from the government, with the goal of winning public sympathy and perhaps compelling the army to step in to restore order. The need to preserve order and avoid violent clashes was one of the excuses given by the military for the 2006 coup.

Gen. Anupong Paochinda, the country's powerful army chief, reassured the public that the military would not stage a coup, adding that the latest crisis can be solved politically.

Police on Tuesday were exercising obvious restraint, and there were no reports of them using any force.

Tuesday's actions by the alliance, which aligns itself with conservative factions of the monarchy and the military, began with a pre-dawn raid by about 80 masked members of the group on the main studios of TV Channel 11, operated by the government as National Broadcasting Services of Thailand, or NBT.

Footage of the incursion showed the attackers, armed with clubs and iron rods, herding staff out of the building and destroying some property. The station was prevented from broadcasting until police rounded up the invaders more than an hour later. Police said the attackers also were armed with knives and at least one gun, a .45-caliber pistol.

Crowds of protesters took over the TV station a second time at about 8am, pushing down a gate and rushing past police to occupy the offices. The station was temporarily forced off the air, resuming broadcasting within an hour from a remote location. The protesters claim the station is a political mouthpiece for the government.

The Thai Journalists Association protested the seizure of Channel 11, describing it as a threat to press freedom and freedom of expression.

As many as 30,000 supporters of the alliance carried out protests at about four government ministries and Government House.

In some cases, they were preventing employees from entering, according to a police official who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to a reporter.

Samak, whose party won national elections last December, has refused to step aside and insisted as late as Monday that the protests would not affect Tuesday's weekly Cabinet meeting.

But by Tuesday morning, the government said it was moving the meeting from Government House to military headquarters to avoid protesters, deputy government spokesman Natawut Saikau said.

Protest leaders claimed several hundred thousand people were on the streets of Bangkok, but the numbers appeared far smaller. The group has a record of vastly inflating its crowd estimates.

"We are now controlling most of the key government offices to prevent them from coming to work," said Sondhi Limthongkul, a co-leader of the Alliance. "Today, we declare a long, long holiday for the government."

Outside of Bangkok, protesters said they had blocked three main highways leading into the capital.

The group has accused Samak of trying to amend the constitution to help Thaksin avert a string of corruption charges against him. They also have accused the government of failing to aggressively prosecute cases against Thaksin and refusing calls to extradite him to face justice.

It has also proposed replacing the country's electoral democracy with a system that would be dominated by appointees from the bureaucracy and the military, on the grounds that the country's rural majority is not sophisticated enough to choose good public servants.

The alliance appeared to be a threat to Samak's six-party coalition government earlier this year, but had been steadily losing influence. It alienated many Bangkok residents by disrupting already bad traffic in the capital city.

It also has lost its focus since Thaksin _ who returned to Thailand when Samak's government came to power _ went back into exile into England, becoming a fugitive when he missed a court appearance on one of several corruption charges pending against him. Thaksin claimed he could not get a fair trial in his homeland.

The group has hopped from issue to issue to try to rebuild its following. Last month it attacked the government for allegedly giving up Thai territory to Cambodia, and this month it has joined Bangkok residents unhappy over plans to move Parliament to their neighborhood. (By SUTIN WANNABOVORN/ AP)

MySinchew 2008.08.26

涉貪前總理讓人怒 泰國數千人示威

更新日期:2008/08/26 15:25 國際中心/編譯






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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Phantom Voters caught in Permatang Puah By-Election

Malaysia Kini News:

公正党押三辆巴士往警局查办 郭史光庆 | 8月26日 下午3点52分 峇东埔补选发现疑是幽灵选民的行踪!


根据公正党巴东色海国会议员哥巴拉克里斯南(N Gobalakrishnan)告诉《当今大马》,该党于今午3点接获消息,有6辆巴士相信是载着幽灵选民前往投票











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Monday, August 25, 2008

预祝公正党安华补选胜利 Congrats to Mr. Anwar






I hereby extend my sincere congratulations to Mr. Anwar Ibrahim of PKR Malaysia for his by-election which polling is to take place tomorrow.

I urge again to Singaporeans to closely watch the political developments in Malaysia in the next one month to come. Please take reference and lessons and make comparisons for considerations for our own country.

Being the closest neighbor and a twin brother nation, our close observations of Malaysia will teach us lots of valuable experience which no money can buy.

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famiLEE LEEgime say I must be unemployed first

This is famiLEE LEEgime's reply:

This was my application made.

And they gave me this a bonus, to be more precise as a special National Day Gift actually, since it was Tak Boleh Tahan on National Day 2008.

Big deal huh? How stupid can famiLEE LEEgime get further? Thread

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

famiLEE LEEgime conceded defeat in stopping protest

I told the lame bastard famiLEE LEEgime in the face of court today, their defeat will continue to deepen, as they framed yet another frivolous charge against activists including myself. District Judge Shaiffudin asked for my plea and this was what I said:

This charge is indeed ironical and I urge this court to dismiss such frivolous & vexatious charge. September 16 was Lee Kuan Yew's birthday actually, and I was there only on my own and not as any part of the group formed by the others. I registered at Speaker's Corner for speech, to express my dissatisfaction and disgust against Lee Kuan Yew. This is my lawful rights. Lee Kuan Yew's son had just at this week conceded their defeat in stopping protests, but this is still inadequate and this fight is still far from being over. It will continue until they are totally defeated and face prosecution and punishments just like what is happening now with Chen Shui Bian. If the court proceed with this charge I will defend myself and don't need a lawyer to fight for me.


On September 16 2006 I went to Speakers' Corner alone half an hour before the SDPs' people. I did not put on their DEMOCRACY NOW T-shirts, and instead I put on my own thumb-down and middle-finger to famiLEE LEEgime T-shirt. I registered to speak immediately & I spoke to the crowd of WB-IMF media before SDP's people even arrived at Speaker's corner.

For only 15 to 20 minutes during the 1st night I put on a DEMOCRACY NOW T-shirt during the sit-in stand off, but I immediately removed that T-shirt after SDP imposed moderations and restrictions against my protest actions. I can not agree nor accept these and don't want to soften my own stands to suit the SDP's. My agreement with SDP is to stay apart and not be a member of their group or action. There are other activists there such as Arthero Lim etc who also have their own individual protest agenda and are not a part of SDP's group, he left the SDP before the GE and contested under NSP's flag.

Although I assisted SDP'e election campaign in 2006, I found my fight had been too much compromised and softened to suit the SDP. Particularly, I disagreed with them that they withdrew the NKF issue for election after being sued, and allowed 10 CEC members to apologize to the lame bastard famiLEE. Therefore after the GE, I began to have much reservation in further accepting any party policy of SDP and I stopped wearing SDP's party T-shirts.

I was handed a DEMOCRACY NOW T-shirt during the sit-in stand off to put on to show support, but almost immediately they made me regret wearing that because quickly I realized that wearing that T-shirt led to SDP wanting to impose their restrictions and moderation on me. I rejected that at once and refuse to soften my position or comply with the SDP's terms. Although that was not an SDP party logo T-shirt, it carried the same effects as their party logo T-shirts!

I supported SDP since a long time ago and still will support them, because they are fighting the famiLEE LEEgime as the most confrontational opposition. But I must not be restricted by them, as their position is still not strong enough for my own flavor, I can not afford to be softened just for supporting the SDP. It would be a mutual burden if I got too closely associated with SDP, from my end I see their policies as unacceptable restrains on me, from their end they would find me crossing beyond their limits and refuse to restrain.

From my own end, compromise with SDP is not possible, although the famiLEE LEEgime had been forced to concede, if no one take them on hard enough still then they can still buy lots of time to sustain on. In my own perspective, this is giving them too much time, and SDP's hardness is still insufficient. I compare with progress with e.g. the Malaysian oppositions, they had reached much further by paying much bigger prices, and taking much bolder moves to break the BN regime into collapsing position already. In my own perspective, the scenario of famiLEE LEEgime is much more vulnerable and fragile then Malaysian BN regime.

Malaysia have their royal rulers, and BN is a political alliance comprising of many other parties besides UMNO MCA MIC Gerakan, compared with famiLEE LEEgime, their political power is very unlike our flat terrain below just one single famiLEE. We have no sultan and prata is a total puppet. All it takes in Singapore is a strong opposition to properly fix the famiLEE and the rest of PAp will be by then too soft to fight back. There is no such advantage in Malaysia, and yet Mr. Anwar is able to carry out exactly what it takes, I appreciate how the Malaysian had done so far and I must say that Singaporean still lag too far and too soft behind Malaysia.

Simply therefore for me to adopt any softer position to suit any party is counter productive.

Old Dog Thief LKy is nothing, even a hundred of such old dog thief is also nothing, his son is completely useless. They are still ruling only because Singaporeans are too weak and Singaporean oppositions are not tough enough, this was my view before I had personally joined the fight, and this is my proven conclusion after being in this fight for few years now. I have absolutely no doubt about this.

I appreciate that SDP can not take stronger position as it is because Singaporeans are Kia-Su and Kia-Si lot and any tougher than this there will be no one courageous enough to join them. They need to have this hard/soft balance in order to grow. On the other hand however, there is a great vacuum on the other side now that no tougher opposition is filling in Singapore, even just as one single individual I want to move into that position to give famiLEE LEEgime the due dealings. :-) I must not soften myself just to be able to fit in the SDP.

Ass Loong Son already conceded defeat in banning protest and political film, their defeats is still far from adequate, this fight is still far from over. Fighters must continue to step up efforts and don't let famiLEE LEEgime buy time. Paying a tiny price now can be returned with great results, this is more so here than in Malaysia, because famiLEE LEEgime is much more weaker and vulnerable then Malaysian BN. The direction is very clear and the prospect is very promising. I urge more Singaporeans to come forward and move Singapore into a brighter future without this corrupted and incompetent greedy selfish LEEgime overlord.


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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Chen Shui Bian's Money Laundering Probe EXPOSED LEEgime

Click following header for Yahoo's News URL:

Probe into Taiwan ex-president leads to Singapore: report

AFP - Wednesday, August 20

TAIPEI (AFP) - - A Taiwanese prosecutor is due to head to Singapore to investigate alleged money-laundering by former president Chen Shui-bian and his family, a report here said Wednesday.

Prosecutor Ching Chi-jen would probe allegations that the Chen family had transferred funds to Switzerland via the Singapore bank accounts of Chen's brother-in-law Wu Ching-mao, said the United Daily News.

An official at the Taipei district prosecutor's office said Ching would attend a conference in Singapore this month but declined to comment on the investigation.

The report came after Singapore's de facto embassy in Taiwan issued a statement Monday offering to assist Taiwan in the probe.

The prosecutor recently returned from Switzerland to help officials there in their investigation into money-laundering apparently implicating Chen's son Chen Chih-chung and daughter-in-law Huang Jui-ching.

Thirty-one million US dollars were sent to Huang's Swiss bank accounts in 2007, according to copies of Swiss documents obtained by a Taiwan lawmaker.

The former president has admitted that his wife Wu Shu-chen had wired abroad 20 million US dollars from his past campaign funds, saying she had done so without his knowledge. But he has denied money-laundering.

Chen, his wife, son, daughter-in-law and brother-in-law were all named defendants in the case and barred from leaving the island.

But the ex-president's son and son's wife flew to the United States several days before the scandal broke last week.

Chen is already under investigation for allegedly embezzling 14.8 million Taiwan dollars (480,500 US) in special expenses while he was president, and his wife is on trial for corruption and document forgery in the same case.

Chen has admitted using false receipts to claim state money, but insisted those funds were for "secret diplomatic missions" and not his personal benefit.

Nevertheless, prosecutors found that at least 1.5 million Taiwan dollars had been spent on diamond rings and other luxury items for his wife.

Chinese News Highlights:







  • 【2008年8月20日】

    扁密帳/面交、口頭報告、忘了! 葉盛茂三度改口

    〔社 會中心/綜合報導〕陳水扁洗錢風暴越演越烈,其中更讓人覺得不可思議的案外案,就屬前調查局長葉盛茂涉嫌幫扁家隱匿案情的部分,身為情治單位的最高首長, 葉盛茂竟然沒有在收到洗錢情資的第一時間交辦,反而是壓下案子,甚至還在事件爆發後三度更改說辭,讓人對這位前調查局長的信用提出質疑。 》深入報導

    扁密帳/珍嫂昏倒是裝的?  台大醫師:尿檢無藥物反應

    〔政 治中心/綜合報導〕根據東森新聞得到的最新消息,扁嫂吳淑珍的大嫂陳俊英,日前接受檢方偵訊時,突然昏倒送醫,當時他的丈夫吳景茂,說她是被檢方逼的吞藥 物自殺,但今(20)日臺大醫院的化驗報告出爐,結果卻顯示,陳俊英的體內根本沒有藥物反應,之所以有「昏迷」情況,很可能是為了逃避檢方偵訊所使出的伎 倆。 》深入報導

    扁密帳/寶徠有三窟 陳致中無業照住豪宅 錢哪來?!

    〔財 經中心/台北報導〕阿扁一家人全都住在台北市信義區豪宅寶徠花園廣場,根據陳水扁的說法,一共租了兩戶,陳幸妤一家住在11樓,阿扁跟吳淑珍住在17樓, 每個月租金就高達56萬元,只是傳出陳致中和黃睿靚也同住在寶徠,這一戶近百坪的豪宅就算用租的,一個月也要28萬元,如果用買的更是不得了,要價上億 元,陳致中沒工作,哪來的錢可以住豪宅。 》深入報導

    扁密帳/彰銀換台新金 蘇樂明:現在的市價是1:1.8

    〔記 者曹逸雯/台北報導〕檢調調查前總統陳水扁家庭涉及海外洗錢案,並將追查二次金改過程是否涉及不法,對於其中備受各界矚目的台新金入主彰銀,目前仍存有許 多爭議,由於台新金股價近來持續下跌,財政部國庫署署長蘇樂明20日表示,如果按目前的市價來看,彰銀與台新金的股價比已經變成1:1.8了。 》深入報導

    扁密帳/洗錢不見紀錄? 張友驊質疑:扁用空軍一號運鈔

    [政 治中心/綜合報導]前總統陳水扁一家人涉及海外洗錢,多筆鉅額款項入帳,卻沒有匯款紀錄。有電視名嘴質疑,陳前總統可能利用出訪名義,使用空軍一號幫忙運 錢,名嘴還強調,元首出訪邦交國,根據法令可以攜帶五百萬美金因應外交需求。不過,東森新聞求證國防部、國安局,都說沒有類似的法令規定。 》深入報導

    扁密帳/民生寓所銀樓洗錢? 眾店家極力撇清

    〔社會中心/台北報導〕被立委邱毅點名是阿扁洗錢管道的宏佳銀樓面對各界質疑,頻頻喊冤,還爆料說其實幫忙扁家洗錢的是位在民生寓所附近的銀樓,其實光是民生寓所附近短短100公尺就有5家銀樓,只是店家人人自危,極力撇清,就是不想和阿扁的洗錢案扯上一點關係。 》深入報導

    扁密帳/葉盛茂涉嫌隱匿公文 網友諷:應放在機密外交

    ﹝社會中心/綜合報導﹞在前第一家庭瑞士洗錢案裡,前調查局長葉盛茂涉嫌隱匿公文,遭特偵組列為被告,更是網友撻伐的對象,有網友批評葉盛茂根本是「阿扁的公文收發員」,還說葉盛茂是擺錯地方了,隱匿公文的長處應該要放在機密外交的位置,這樣才不會洩密。 》深入報導

    新的阿卿嫂... 陳幸妤壓力鍋快爆了! 還好有個她?

    [政治中心/綜合報導]前第一家庭諸煩纏身,還好有豪宅相陪,陳幸妤、趙建銘一家人目前住在比陳水扁夫婦低的樓層,也是94坪的獨門獨戶。鄰居透露,陳幸妤平常最愛帶著小孩留連自家大樓的游泳池,東森新聞目擊到陳幸妤家中,有一位幫忙家務的婦人,儼然就是新的阿卿嫂。 》深入報導


    [社會中心/綜合報導]前第一家庭涉嫌洗錢,海外密帳上億資金來源究竟為何?讓特偵組陷入瓶頸?為了釐清案情,現在計畫請中央銀行外匯局以及金管會協助辦案,來個超級大整合,就是希望針對扁家海外鉅款的匯款方式及流程,進行全盤的了解。 》深入報導

    扁密帳/吳景茂表哥開銀樓 表嫂說老店不懂得洗錢啦!

    〔地方中心/台南報導〕前第一夫人吳淑珍胞兄吳景茂供稱透過銀樓幫吳淑珍匯款,巧合的是,吳景茂位在台南麻豆住家隔壁,就是一家銀樓,而且還是吳景茂表哥開的,一聽到洗錢的敏感性,表嫂馬上澄清說不懂得洗錢,而且經營的是已經逾20年的老店,規模很小。 》深入報導


    [政治中心/綜合報導]蔡啟芳破口大罵媒體,對前第一家庭窮追猛打,他不改挺扁的初衷,前民進黨立委蔡啟芳:「未來選總統,一定要選民進黨!什麼原因?(因為)民進黨的總統錢沒處藏,只能藏在床底下...」 》深入報導

    遊行和扁有啥關係?! 陳明文:蔡英文應參加八三O遊行

    [記 者康仁俊/台北報導]民進黨今(20)日下午召開中常會,會中將對要不要動員黨支持者參加八三O大遊行進行討論;會前部份中常委都表達應該參與大遊行,並 表示地方支持者的熱情並沒有因扁密帳案受到影響,而嘉義縣長陳明文更直言,大遊行跟陳水扁之間「根本是兩個不同的問題」,並呼籲黨主席蔡英文應該一同參與 八三O遊行。 》深入報導


    [社 會中心/綜合報導]前國安局長許惠祐可能陷入弊案風暴嗎?根據最新出刊的週刊爆料,現任局長蔡朝明接到總統府命令,要撤查許惠祐任內的專案經費,有沒有私 費公報的情形。而為了順利查案,蔡朝明還把許惠祐任內管帳的會計長,也就是現任主秘陳天送拉下台。媒體預言,一場查弊以及人事鬥爭的風暴,正要在國安局悄 悄上演。 》深入報導

    痛心疾首,天理不容! 雷倩將八個字還給陳水扁

    〔社 會中心/綜合報導〕前總統陳水扁因為指前海軍中將雷學明涉及拉法葉佣金弊案,被雷學明告誹謗,曾經在法庭上說拉法葉案讓他痛心疾首,而且天理不容!現在陳 水扁一家驚爆海外洗錢案,雷學明的女兒、前立委雷倩立刻反批陳水扁家族才可惡,她要把「痛心疾首,天理不容」這八個字,完完整整的還給陳水扁。 》深入報導

    扁密帳/順道經過?! 杜正勝現身台南吳淑珍老家...

    [政 治中心/綜合報導]關注扁密帳風波的大批媒體,今(20)日在吳景茂家門前苦守時,意外發現前教育部長杜正勝也騎著腳踏車前來關心。不過,他一看到媒體立 刻快閃,甚至差點騎上雙黃線!這名扁政府時代任期最長的內閣閣員,在這個敏感時期,出現在吳景茂家門前,似乎有點不尋常。 》深入報導

    扁密帳/陳聰明迴避隱匿案 全案交由北檢偵辦

    〔社 會中心/綜合報導〕前調查局長葉盛茂涉嫌隱匿洗錢案的部分,意外引發了葉盛茂跟檢查總長陳聰明誰說謊的爭議,現在這個案件也已經進入司法程序,因為檢察總 長陳聰明身為特偵組直屬長官的特殊身分,又是這個案件的當事人,因此特偵組為了迴避以求公正性,決定在近日內將全案交由台北地檢署偵辦。 》深入報導

    扁密帳/非法作弄必當擒! 籤詩早預告,扁不理會

    〔地 方中心/彰化報導〕前總統陳水扁身陷洗錢風暴,其實早在2006年10月,陳水扁到彰化鹿港護安宮參拜時,廟方就曾經出了一張籤詩給陳水扁,其中一句是 「非法作弄必當擒」,意思是提醒陳前總統不要做違法的事,不然會有牢獄之災,廟方人員表示,當時陳水扁沒有理會,現在爆發洗錢風波是自作孽。 》深入報導

    和吳淑珍同名同姓 本被叫「夫人」現被叫「A仔珍」

    ﹝ 地方中心/高雄報導﹞前第一家庭捲入洗錢風暴,和第一家庭成員同名同姓的人也成為消遣的對象。高雄就有一名觀光船船東叫作「吳淑珍」,本來被尊稱為「夫 人」的她,現在被叫做「A仔珍」。不過,船東說和前第一夫人同名,替她打了很多免費廣告,加上名字是家人取的,所以絕對不能改。 》深入報導

    扁密帳/阿扁借我錢! 寶徠花園扁家前 小朋友也來嗆聲

    [政 治中心/台北報導]前總統陳水扁爆發出至少超過兩千萬的海外密帳風暴,引發朝野譁然,挺綠挺扁的同聲嘆息,藍營支持者則大家撻伐。而陳前總統卸任後駐所寶 徠花園前面,近日更是成為媒體休息站,除了記者外,也有許多民眾爭相前來嗆聲,今(20)天甚至還有小朋友搞笑演出,伸手要超有錢的阿扁總統借錢來。 》深入報導

    扁密帳/吳景茂妻出院時 走逃生梯躲媒體

    〔生活中心/綜合報導〕吳淑珍的大嫂陳俊英,18日陪同丈夫吳景茂接受偵訊時服藥自殺,今(20)天上午出院,不過有別於送醫時的大動作,吳景茂和太太今天卻從病房旁邊的救生梯溜走,想要避開媒體。 》深入報導

    扁密帳/也是人頭戶? 陳幸妤情緒失控催促致中回台

    〔政 治中心/台北報導〕目前陳幸妤是唯一沒有被列為洗錢案被告的扁家成員,有媒體傳出她是在上周六(16日)特偵組搜索扁家時,才知道自己也被父母當成人頭 戶,而且馬上要被約談,以至於壓力大到讓她在鏡頭前情緒失控!有周刊還爆料,陳幸妤已經打電話給弟弟,叫他們夫婦趕快回台灣面對一切。 》深入報導


    〔記者王宗銘/台北報導〕媒體報導,陳水扁全家涉及海外洗錢情資被掌握可能最早始於至去年3、4月,傳出當時新加坡曾循外交系統通知過台灣。外交部長歐鴻鍊、次長侯清山與新任駐瑞士代表謝發達20日均強調,一定會確實展開了解調查。 》深入報導

    扁密帳/陳幸妤崩潰哭倒母懷裡 綠委:放過她吧!

    〔政 治中心/台北報導〕陳水扁家族海外洗錢的案情越滾越大,陳幸妤的情緒也越來越不穩定,早在診所痛哭事件發生前,陳幸妤就曾經公開痛罵公公趙玉柱。根據了 解,當時陳前總統就曾希望安排女兒就醫,到了上個禮拜檢調大舉搜索寶徠住家時,陳幸妤更是情緒崩潰,當場倒在母親懷裡痛哭。 》深入報導

    扁密帳/周刊爆扁懼內! 吳淑珍拿菜刀等他回家

    〔政治中心/綜合報導〕從小生長在富裕家庭的前第一夫人吳淑珍,個性驕縱直率,嫁給佃農之子陳水扁,這對夫妻在家中地位,始終是陳水扁非常尊重吳淑珍,據說已經到了怕老婆的地步,週刊爆料,吳淑珍甚至有次拿著菜刀在客廳等著應酬回家的陳水扁,還差點鬧離婚。 》深入報導

    扁密帳/慶啟人攜瑞士資料赴特偵 蘇志誠現身作證

    〔社會中心/綜合報導〕為了釐清扁家洗錢案,台北地檢署主任檢察官慶啟人隻身遠赴瑞士查案,20日上午慶啟人帶著資料到特偵組和專案小組人員開會討論,至於外傳慶啟人將前往新加坡再查扁家密帳,慶啟人則是笑而不答。 》深入報導

    看問題/有請蘇志誠! 檢調想查扁偷學了老李哪幾招?!

    〔本 報記者/台北報導〕前總統李登輝的親信蘇志誠20日上午進入特偵組,一般相信與偵辦陳水扁國務機要費有關,因為在陳水扁最近一次的供述中,據說提出一些機 要費使用流向的「內帳」,特偵組若是因此希望瞭解李登輝時代國務機要費的核銷方式並不意外。不過,負責陳水扁海外洗錢案中台瑞司法互助的台北地檢署主任檢 察官慶啟人,上午也進入特偵組,兩案是否有關係,這就令外界相當好奇了。 》深入報導

    扁密帳/顧立雄不玩了 未進辦公室、手機關機

    〔社會中心/綜合報導〕前第一家庭御用律師顧立雄宣佈主動解除國務機要費委任律師一職,外界紛紛揣測是因為不想與陳水扁的洗錢風暴扯上關係,才在這個時間點做切割,事隔一天,記者前往顧立雄律師事務所採訪,卻得知顧立雄沒有進辦公室,手機也關機,心情恐怕是相當低落。 》深入報導

    扁密帳/吳景茂用「假提現真匯款」 檢方將二次約談

    ﹝ 社會中心/綜合報導﹞特偵組追查阿扁涉嫌洗錢案又有重大進展,現在不但查出吳淑珍的哥哥吳景茂涉嫌利用地下管道匯錢出境,發現他還用「假提現、真匯款」的 方式將鉅款搬出海外,還疑似以旅行社和假貿易公司的方式,將錢分散匯出境。不過,第一次的偵訊時,吳景茂沒有交代清楚,所以檢方已經決定要第二次約談吳景 茂,進一步釐清案情。 》深入報導

    扁密帳衝擊金融股 觀光、鋼鐵來相挺 指數黑翻紅

    〔記 者楊伶雯/台北報導〕美股下挫,台股也未擺脫扁密帳案的陰霾,指數在跌破7000點的信心關卡後,20日仍是下挫的表現,指數開低51.14點,以 6927.46點開出,指數呈現震盪,雖然金融股還是弱勢的表現,多頭則是點火傳產股進行反攻,由鋼鐵股、觀光股領軍上攻,搭配部分權值股、高價電子股反 彈走揚,推升大盤指數由黑翻紅,重新站上7000點之上,一度攻至7040.01點,上漲61.41點。 》深入報導

    扁密帳/珍母出門洗頭散心 記者意外撞見杜正勝

    〔地 方中心/台南報導〕洗錢案爆發後,扁嫂吳淑珍台南麻豆娘家不止有記者守候,連前教育部長杜正勝都忍不住跑來關心,扁嫂的母親多日待在家中避開媒體,今天 (20日)在孫子吳泰德的陪同下出門洗頭透透氣,吳泰德表示,這些天家中的氣氛低落,他實在不清楚父親涉及的洗錢案。 》深入報導

    扁密帳/制度殺人?錢存海外 蔡啟芳:都是贈與稅害的!

    [記者康仁俊/台北報導]針對前第一家庭疑似洗錢案,前民進黨籍立委蔡啟芳今(20)日提出另類看法,他認為,扁家會洗錢是「因為中華民國有很不合理的贈與稅制度」,吳淑珍匯款國外是為了規避贈與稅、是基於天下父母心,整起事件「根本是制度殺人」。 》深入報導

    扁密帳/四個案子阿扁有得忙 御用律師顧立雄先退場

    〔社會中心/綜合報導〕前總統陳水扁在離開總統府後,將要面對的是一堆的司法案件,包括最受注目的境外洗錢案和國務機要費案,另外還有兩件誹謗官司也在審理當中,隨著律師顧立雄解除委任,這些案子打到最後,很可能會只剩陳水扁兼任律師自己打官司。 》深入報導

    扁密帳/金脈拼圖~ 扁珍四密帳 赫見陳幸妤戶頭?!

    [社會中心/綜合報導]前第一家庭洗錢案,陳幸妤是到現在唯一還沒被列為被告的關係人,不過,就在上個星期六,特偵組前往扁珍住所進行訪談時,吳淑珍才當面供出四個密帳,其中傳出也包括陳幸妤的戶頭。 》深入報導

    扁密帳/扁家洗錢案 北京民眾當娛樂新聞看

    〔大陸新聞中心/北京報導〕陳前總統洗錢案大陸也關注,不少北京報紙把洗錢案與奧運並列頭版消息,不過,大部分北京民眾還是關切中國奧運金牌數,對於扁家洗錢案,他們把它當成娛樂新聞看待。 》深入報導

    扁密帳/許永欽否認見扁就吃案 法務部一週內給答案

    〔社 會中心/台北報導〕被指控疑似吃案的士林地檢署主任檢察官許永欽20日出面反駁,他表示當初辦的就是台開案的部份,調查員所說的可疑帳戶和案情沒有關係, 再加上陳水扁是在位元首,依法不行併案處理。由於中間是否真有包庇之嫌,已經著手調查的法務部表示一個禮拜內就會有答案。 》深入報導


    [記者康仁俊/分析報導]民進黨今(20)日下午將召開中常會,由於陳水扁密帳重創民進黨形象,對於本土社團即將在八三O舉行百日怒吼「顧腹肚、顧主權」遊行,相較於民進黨的低迷士氣,要不要動員參與遊行,預料將會成為本次中常會的討論重點。 》深入報導

    扁密帳/珍面前爭寵~ 趙建銘靠醫術、黃睿靚靠法國菜?

    [政治中心/綜合報導]趙建銘和黃睿靚,一位是前第一家庭的醫師女婿、一位是鋼琴家媳婦,都備受吳淑珍疼愛。不過,有媒體報導說,女婿和媳婦在吳淑珍面前爭寵。 》深入報導

    扁密帳/調查員爆料 指檢察官許永欽故意不辦扁案

    〔社 會中心/綜合報導〕調查局洗錢防治中心內部網站上最近掀起軒然大波!兩名調查局洗錢防制中心的調查員就在內部網站上張貼文章爆料,表示他們早在兩年前的 「台開案」,就查出陳水扁在台新銀行有秘密帳戶,建議檢察官徐永欽繼續追查,但許永欽一看到事涉陳水扁,立刻縮手不辦。針對有調查員指控,現任士林地檢署 檢察官許永欽欽出面反駁,強調當時偵辦台開案絕無吃案,是因調查員不符合程序。 》深入報導

    快訊/扁密帳/台大:吳景茂妻恢復意識 20日上午出院

    〔生活中心/綜合報導〕前總統陳水扁夫人吳淑珍胞兄吳景茂和妻子陳俊英18日被檢方約談,偵訊過程中,陳俊英傳出疑吞安眠藥自殺陷入昏迷,緊急送往台大醫院急救。經過治療後病況穩定,台大醫院今(20)天上午11時發布消息,陳俊英已於上午出院。 》深入報導

    扁密帳/顧立雄解除御用律師角色 最驚喜的是家人

    〔社 會中心/綜合報導〕被外界稱為「御用律師」的顧立雄這次解除委任,最高興的人恐怕就是他的老母親,因為是外省第二代的顧立雄,家中政治立場偏藍,所以在陳 水扁擔任總統八年期間,他屢次接受委任打官司,都讓母親很不認同,甚至在電視上看到他替趙建銘辯護時,還氣到不想認這個兒子。 》深入報導


    〔記者曹逸雯/台北報導〕針對檢調追查二次金改過程是否涉及不法,財政部發言人張盛和今(20)日表示,財政部將從清查過去的程序有無瑕疵的方向來著手,主要將就台新金入主彰銀、開發金經營權之爭,以及中信金插旗兆豐金,以及華南金董監改選等四個案子的流程進行清查。 》深入報導

    二次金改擴大調查 金融股20日早盤續挫 台新金一度跌停

    〔記 者顏真真/台北報導〕美股持續走跌,甚至大型銀行也傳倒閉危機,加上國內檢調擴大對二次金改的調查,就連財政部及金管會也將全面清查過去有爭議的購併案, 使得今(20)日金融指數持續走跌,跌幅在1.5%左右,不過,二次金改概念股中,台新金(2887)股價仍一度打入跌停,來到新低價9.27元;新光金 (2888)、永豐金(2890)、中壽(2823)跌幅也逾3%;中信金(2891)、元大金(2885)跌幅逾2%。 》深入報導

    扁密帳/幸妤抱母哭? 邱毅:我沒跟兒子抱頭痛哭過嗎?

    〔記 者陳思穎/台北報導〕媒體報導,前總統陳水扁千金陳幸妤飽受壓力,目前正在接受精神治療,還傳出抱著母親吳淑珍痛哭。不過,國民黨立委邱毅對相關傳言十分 不以為然。邱毅今(20)日上午除了要大家別中扁家的「技倆」,還反問記者,「那過去幾年扁家迫害我,我沒有跟我兒子抱頭痛哭過嗎?」 》深入報導

    扁密帳/邱毅:郭漢甫、吳景林助扁洗錢 規模高達上百億

    〔記者陳思穎/台北報導〕國民黨立委邱毅今(20)日上午爆料,透過銀樓為前總統陳水扁洗錢的吳景茂只是「陳水扁海外洗錢的小宗」,外界懷疑的上百億洗錢案關鍵人物應該是前「日本扁友會會長」吳景林、「美國扁友會會長」郭漢甫。 》深入報導


    〔記 者陳思穎/台北報導〕政論節目名嘴胡忠信表示,前中華開發公司董事長劉泰英握有前總統夫人吳淑珍的胞兄吳景茂「替扁家匯款到海外的水單」,國民黨立委邱毅 今(20)日上午表示,如果胡忠信所言屬實,將是特偵組、檢調調查海外洗錢案的重要線索。邱毅說,他今天將前往土城看守所探視劉泰英,了解事實真相。 》深入報導

    扁密帳/特偵組16日搜查扁家 陳幸妤痛哭:媽媽怎麼辦?

    ﹝政治中心/台北報導﹞18日在大批媒體包圍追問下,情緒失控的陳幸妤在鏡頭前大發飆,重覆激動的訴說:「我不服氣啦」!殊不知,時間再往前幾天,特偵組16日去扁家搜索時,陳幸妤情緒一度崩潰,甚至哭倒在媽媽吳淑珍的懷裡,難過的說:「媽媽,怎麼辦」? 》深入報導

    【台股看板】扁密帳案衝擊短線信心 將進入一段沉澱期

    〔記 者楊伶雯/台北報導〕美股下挫,台股也未擺脫扁密帳案的陰霾,指數在跌破7000點的信心關卡後,20日仍是下挫的表現,指數開低51.14點,以 6927.46點開出,指數呈現震盪,施羅德投顧投資長陳朝燈認為,台股周KD值仍維持交叉向上,如果周KD值能夠持續向上,走勢不至於太悲觀,此波從7 月中旬展開的反彈力道有機會續航,不過短線市場遭到心理因素衝擊,預計將會進入一段沉澱期。 》深入報導

    扁密帳/扁親電要脅尋求政治協商解套? 王金平否認!

    [政 治中心/綜合報導]前總統陳水扁深陷海外密帳的洗錢風暴當中,媒體披露,陳前總統曾經在8日急電尋找立法院長王金平,提出與國民黨政治協商的要求,甚至要 脅將公佈國民黨不法事項。對此,王金平今(20)天笑臉否認,強調當時他正在國外,沒接到電話,也根本不可能有這樣的事情。 》深入報導

    扁密帳/回台灣就再也出不去了! 幸妤電致中要求返台?

    [政 治中心/台北報導]前第一家庭洗錢風暴,讓前總統陳水扁的愛女陳幸妤瀕臨崩潰邊緣?根據媒體最新報導,親近扁家人士透露,不堪龐大壓力的陳幸妤,上周親電 弟弟陳致中返台,要他「書不用念了!」不過,陳幸妤在電話中也坦白以告,提醒弟弟和弟媳,「要有心理準備!回台灣後就再也出不去了!」 》深入報導

    扁密帳/致中電盼保留學籍明年讀 維大:規定須重新申請

    [政 治中心/綜合報導]因為涉入洗錢風暴,陳致中未敢現身在申請就讀的維吉尼亞大學法學院,校方表示,沒有參加新生報到的陳致中,確定無法註冊。不過,最新消 息是,陳致中致電維大,希望能保留學籍到明年就讀,對此,維吉尼亞大學法學院人員表示,根據校方規定,明年就讀必須要重新申請,無法保留學籍。 》深入報導

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