Sunday, May 11, 2008

Issue me an NEA Licence Now!

This will be emailed to:
Director YAP Chin Siang:

Dear NEA,

I have received your letter regarding sales of political books dated 18.March.2008, regarding my sale of political books on 2.April.2007 at at Queen Street.

Let me inform you that the information you received from police is inaccurate. It was actually a Chinese book by Dr. Chee Soon Juan 新加坡的政治神话-您还依然天真盲目的相信吗? instead of Power Of Courage being sold.

The police gave you inaccurate information, I think because they had been too preoccupied by the poster of Lee Hsien Loong which was display at that book sale. It is definitely not due to Mas Selamat however, because on 2.April.2007 Mas Selamat was still breathing in Whitley Road Detention Center, and the police were more comfortable and relaxed.

NEA is a separate government agency in a different ministry, it is unprofessional for NEA to serve me such a warning WITHOUT doing your own fact findings and investigations and merely act on the instructions of police.

Police at the very least interviewed me before deciding that they are not going to act against me. However they are ridiculous to pass the ball to you.

It is even more ridiculous of NEA when none of your officers were at the scene, nor had conducted any proper investigation with the alleged illegal hawkers.

I searched your website and e-applications and online applications & Registration / Licences / Permits etc today, and there is NOTHING FOUND on hawking license at all, in your million dollar website to my disappointment. Is NEA assuming that Singaporean hawkers don't use the Internet?

With the intention to conduct sales of political merchandise within the law in mind, I hereby indicate to NEA my sincere intention to apply for the license mentioned in your letter. So would you kindly direct me to were I can apply online or in person. Tell me what license type and fees and what terms and conditions would it be. I will recommend a bunch of applicants to you as well.

If NEA don't have a proper kind of license for the political sector to apply, please admit it and rectify it as soon as possible. Don't blame us for not applying to a license that does not exist or had never been issued.

I urge NEA to conduct hawking enforcement reasonably and professionally. Sales of political merchandise by political organizations does not require hawking licenses in most countries that I am aware of. If NEA see that is necessary to regulate it, please let us know what type of licenses is applicable, and what regulations are applicable, publish it in gazettes or your official website. If NEA does not see a need to regulate it, please publicize the exemption accordingly.

Please do not write me any of this kind of ridiculous warning letter, acting like a dodgery department of the police. The police had gone sick of serving as a political tool for famILEE LEEgime to oppress the opposition and unfortunately your NEA had been selected to take over.

The ball is in your court Mr. Lim Hng Kiang, your DPM Wong Kang Seng had kicked into your court, after his JI baby fled, he does not want to face opposition? It is your turn now Mr. Lim, please play ball. I sincerely ask you to issue me the necessary license.

yap keng ho


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