Sunday, May 04, 2008

A 15 Mins Documentary on GuanXiaoShanTuaPekKong Temple

I made this documentary video today at Woodland's Guang Xiao Shan Tua Pek Kong Temple which is now over a century old. A meeting was held between human rights lawyer Mr. M Ravi and Taoism Experts and management of the temple, regarding the court hearing that will take place regarding the land acquisition by famiLEE LEEgime government which offers absolutely no compensation to the temple.

There is a century old Chinese cemetery behind the temple belonging to ancestors of Singaporean TeoChew people. Together with temple the cemetery is to exhumed and demolished for the land to be used in a proposed MRT project connecting between Singapore & Malaysia's Johore Bahru.

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Some related matters had been covered by my video shooting last night at the same temple post at above URL last night.

I encourage especially Singaporeans to view the 15 minutes documentary made today, and hear how the research Taoism Experts view this matter, the 2 of them are actually non-Asian non-Chinese.

Some excellent fruit for thought for Singaporean locals about our cultural heritage and society in the fast developing red dot.


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