Thursday, April 24, 2008

online Mata Report: Official Secret on ISD director's identity leaked? :-)

Straits Time online article - which I reported against

I just made an online police report as shown by the official auto-reply in my email (I removed my address & phone # & NRIC) :

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I am reporting possible offense against Official Secret Act Chapter 213, that Straits Time online revealed the name of ISD director to be Pang Kin Keong, and I believe identity of ISD officers are Official Secrets. It is possible that the suspect who actually leaked this secret is PM Lee Hien Loong during his parliamentary session on 22.April.2008, according to Straits Time's report.

I believe that revealing such information online and at parliament violate Chapter 213, Section 5, (d)(ii)

This offense is punishable under Chapter 213, Section 17

I here by make this report to request investigation and necessary enforcement of law by SPF.
Thank You

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