Monday, April 21, 2008

I saw more than a dozen PAp MPs asleep in parliament today

Today I went to parliament from about 1345hr till 1830hr till the session end for the day. Essentially to watch the Commission Of Inquiry regarding the fled JI.

Before I address anything about the COI, I MUST address what I witnessed from my seat number J22 at the parliament's public viewing gallery, that:

  • between 30% to 40% of seats were vacant (depending on the portion of the time in this afternoon's session)
  • At least 12 PAp MPs were seen asleep during the session, including COI.
  • Wong Kan Seng; Ass Loong Son; Goh Chock Tong & Old Dog Thief LKy were all missing from the session from 1345hr till about 1500hr. WKS LHL GCT turned up just before 1500hr for COI, LKy turned up only about 1630hr, after a session break.
  • Yeo Chow Tong got my vote today for the BEST PARLIAMENT SLEEPER (for today's COI)!
  • Chan Soo Sen isn't quite the second winner, but he slept right next to Yeo Chow Tong, like lovers!
  • Ong Ah Heng the usual Champion, did not lose out, after being waken up from sleep he went straight home to zzz before the COI began!
  • There are many others, who I am not naming at this stage, but I may.
  • There is another half of the house which I can not view from my seat (J22), can safely assume that equally about another dozen of PAp MPs were asleep today. (Safe statistic)
I do not wish to address the COI & JI matter first, because that is a major distraction now. I want to address the parliament sleepers first, because that is what the 154th will never report. :-)

If I didn't recognized wrongly, it was Lim Wee Kiak seated to the left of all time Champion Parliament Sleeper Ong Ah Heng who I saw, using his right elbow to knock and woke The Champion up. He did it without even turning his head to look at The Champion, I think he could hear the snore of Champion Ong, who admitted to his sleeping bravely during GE2006 when I exposed him. But Lim wasn't bordered by the noise of Ong to wake him up, I believe that he was merely covering the image of PAp party, because he was himself preparing to stand up to raise a question, and knowing that when he do that the camera will surely switch over towards himself and it will be then hard to avoid a public glimpse of Champian Ong asleep in parliament.

I can clear the name of one previous sleeper who I had exposed in 2006, that is Malboro Tan, although from my seat today I can not really view him, but he was being questioned by the house from the beginning of session, and that his seat today is too near to Wong Kan Seng during COI, his risk to be seen asleep on TV is among the highest today, so I can safely believe that he missed his sleep today (too bad). Malboro Tan put on some black suit today, because he prepared to be answering questions, unlike the super comfortable winter jacket in which he was seen by myself in Budget 2006 debate session to be sleeping comfortably and warm. Poor Malboro did you feel cold today?

From my personal observation, WKS & Ass Loong & GCT were busy in an office until just before 1500hr to prepare for the COI Wayang, I think it was final briefing. Jayakumar however, was seated in the house throughout the first part of the parliamentary session between 1330hr to 1500hr. WKS & Ass Loong & GCT emerged nearly together from the same entrance, about 10 minutes before 1500hr, which COI was scheduled.

LKy wasn't seen until about 1630hr, after the session break which followed the end of WKS's report of COI. It is obvious to me that LKy had only came in to the Q & A session about WKS's COI. It is also my observation that he was sitting there hoping his presence will help his famiLEE LEEgime and his famiLEE relative WKS during the Q & A.

LKy was there for only less than an hour if I recall correctly. I think he left after he saw the WKS lost his voice and kept drinking water (parliament's staff supplied WKS with not 1 but 2 cups of water, served in interval of about 20 mins, he very obviously needed that badly). LKy knew that his presence were unable to hold the tide of questioning and bombardments (though lame in my view) faced by WKS.

Magically, after LKy's departure from the house, WKS got better luck, and seemed to get adjusted to the lame bombardments, and could handle it. 1700hr and on, he was able to counter Mr. Low Thia Kiang & Mr. Chiam smartly. I think if Ass Loong were in WKS's position he won't be able to perform so luckily. :-)

The Q & A session was the only time that I observed the least number of PAp MPs asleep. Sleepers woke up when it came to the time they could Humtum some mild and lame attacks.

As you had probably seen on TV, Mr. Chiam now suddenly looks another 10 years older, after his stroke and hospitalization. I am worried and I wish Mr. Chiam health. Indeed now he walks slower than Old Dog Thief LKy, he need to leave his seat 3 times, and up to 20 mins long to take break. I observed that he showed lots of post stroke symptoms and is on lots of medications causing side effects on himself. He is slow and pale as well as weak.

May heaven bless Mr. Chiam with recovery.

I would like to contrast that Mr. Chiam although in such condition of his own health, did not fall asleep in the parliament, vs the PAp's million dollar sleepers. I can see that he faced lots of difficulties today with his own condition of health, but he obviously put in extra efforts to fight for Potong Pasir's voters who voted for him. People of Potong Pasir, you already got the worth of your support to Mr. Chaim, I am the witness today.

I am warning the people of Singapore, there is HUGE SLEEPER CELL OF TERROR found inside the parliament. Watch Out for Rep of Singapore, we are facing great risk. I am not joking.

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