Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Now Can Arrest All the Gurkhas & ISD at Whitley??

:-) I just did what I posted this morning:
famiLEE LEEgime's Penal Code Section 233

Scanned copy is updated here already. :-)
Cut & Paste of Statutes' Penal Code (Ch224) Section 223:

Escape from confinement negligently suffered by a public servant.
223. Whoever, being a public servant, legally bound as such public servant to keep in confinement any person charged with or convicted of any offence, or lawfully committed to custody, negligently suffers such person to escape from confinement, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to 2 years, or with fine, or with both.

Basically, my report read:

I wish to make a police report in relation to Section 223 of the Penal Code against the Gurkha guards and officers of Internal Security Department on duty at Whitley Road Detention Center on about 27 February 2008 when JI detainee Mas Selamat Kastari had escaped from legal custody. The above mentioned civil servants were neglegent in permitting the escape to take place and had caused grave national security alert, huge wastage of taxpayer's fund and national resources to man hunt the escapee. I am lodging the report to request for police investigation against the offenders in respect of Section 223 of the Penal Code and to take appropriate action.

But there are several First World mata cock-ups:

  1. Mata typed his own name inside the INFORMANT box, and amended with pen later
  2. NPC charge room air-con was dripping and leaking water! Wetting entire waiting area! (see video here)

Well, as a civic minded citizen of Singapore I did the mata-chu a tiny favor before I left. I shifted a waste bin from corner of the waiting area to right below the leaking area to contain as much of the in-door fountain as possible. To make the floor less wet than it would be otherwise. :-)

Why am I doing this? Is this meaningful?

Well there are many reasons including some that I will not post online, but to help outsiders and public understand, let me address it with one. That the famiLEE LEEgime's AGC & Judges had been giving us too often the same lame excuse regarding their own BIASED & DISCRIMINATORY treatment of opposition, which include the mata's politically motivated and selective law enforcements aimed to criminalize opposition. That excuse is THE LACK OF POLICE REPORTS being the reason why enforcements and charges are not brought against countless other cases except us, because POLICE REPORTS WERE ONLY MADE AGAINST US!

With this same lame excuse they hope to get away from everything that they are targeting us, that includes and are not limited to Tak Boleh Tahan Protest and this:

Therefore, for at least this reason, I took this shot and will be followed by others. Not forgetting that I had made formal report on Vote Buying to CPIB. These are the reports that we will build up as a library in order to be used to embarrass the famiLEE LEEgime when they try again to use the same lame excuse of The Lack of A Police Report bla bla.. :-)

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