Thursday, May 01, 2008

More of Tak Boleh Tahan @ Toa Payoh Central

I went back to Toa Payoh about 1600hr after posting the previous blog news. Still very hot sunny day and I think activists got baked by the solar energy, but their spirits are very high, as usual, about 20 familiar activists were there not all in the Tak Boleh Tahan T-shirts. The sales went quite well. Some kids and family members of activists also were around.

SDP's sales booth sifted again according to the shadow from hot sun to take shade. In the late afternoon they got closer to a black lamp-pole which there had been a rope left by other hawkers previously, and SDP put the T-shirt's samples there which include designs other than Tak Boleh Tahan.

Many cyber activists from Sammyboymod were there today. Hi Guys!

can Bee Cheng Hiang be considered as parading PLACARDS under famiLEE LEEgime's so called laws?

Local reporters:

ISD matas:

near closing time:

Poor Peasant picking aluminum cans from trash:

This white T-shirt man is very Aggressively Unhappy with famiLEE LEEgime. That in his opinion what the activists are currently doing is considered Insufficient. But activists there dare not accept his Aggressive Proposals, so he was seemingly getting very disappointed. I CUT away some of what he said. :-) in order to protect this person in White T-shirt. Otherwise this video might get him into troubles. But I can see it - he Tak Boleh Tahan for REAL!

Wow! Look at the cash box you will see the level of public support. These is not inclusive of the fund raising lunch's collection which is kept separately. Singaporeans are buying the Tak Boleh Tahan T-shirts & buttons! I am not exaggerating..

Bloggers & Netizens are here to cover the event. I noted over a dozen of cameras in addition to what was used by the local & foreign media. There are a lot of bloggers & forumers taking part in film and video activism. That is very good! :-)

Youth citizens coming forward in group. I think another very good sign. They don't just know how to go to NDP! :-) The Wind Of Change Evidently is Blowing this afternoon.

Victimized by HIGH COST of medical and living, the ailing and disabled surely know what is Tak Boleh Tahan... YES! Voice UP PEASANTS! Senior Citizens had been betrayed and exploited!

Students gathered their pocket monies to by Tak Boleh Tahan & other T-shirts :-)

This street artist came between 1730 to 1830 for about 1 hour. Performed Magic Show and made his bugs, left to have dinner with his wife and children! famiLEE LEEgime's court etc didn't want to believe that street vendors and artists are providing public entertainment without permits. They just want to blindly pick on oppositions. :-) Lame Craps which no one can respect!

It is Mas Selamat! no? It is Wong Kan Seng! no? Who is that? I think the safest disguise for Mas Selamat is to make himself look like Wong Kan Seng! no? It would be REAL funny if Mas Selamat actually managed to come by today at Toa Payoh to sign petition demanding for Wong Kan Seng's resignation for his own escape! Double the fun when you recall that he pulled this off under the watchful eyes of Wong Kan Seng's ISD matas here! :-) hohohohoho...

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