Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mr. JBJ will defend Chees on Contempt against Kangaroo

SDP website article

I went to Mr. JBJ's office today after speaking to Mr. Ng Teck Siong. We think Mr. JBJ with his profound judiciary background is the best person to defend Dr. CSJ & Ms Chee on the charges of contempts against famiLEE LEEgime's Kangaroo Court. Mr. JBJ & the Chees had agreed on the legal defend today.

My other blog post today insist that such grave injustice done by famiLEE LEEgime against SDP & Chees must not be forgiven and must be harshly held accountable by Singaporean people.

Reform Party's fund raising dinner is delayed from beginning of June to the end of June, to increase the number of tables. I had past today the reservations made via internet to Mr. Ng. The reservation is still opened and I urge supporters to book online. Click the URL link on this paragraph for details.

If you need any service of lawyers on any matters, opposition supporters are recommended to look for Mr. M Ravi, Mr. Chia & Mr. JBJ :-)

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Toa Payoh Lor 1 Tak Boleh Tahan - No Mata

A 13 minute documentary / news video on 25.May.2008 by UncleYap.

Google Video URL

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Friday, May 23, 2008

Above 50% of DVD/VCD videos in Singapore are Un-Licensed

The next time when you checkout the DVDs & VCDs on display either for sale or for FOC or for donations, try to find these postal stamp sized MDA Board of Film Censorship stickers, you will find many ilLEEgal and Un-Licensed one to your surprise in this so call Law-Enforcement-Efficient Singapore. :-)

The above Macro Views are showing different forms of the MDA Board of Film Censorship's License Stickers that are found on some VCD/DVD's in Singapore. Without these 1 inch sized stickers any VCD/DVD are deemed ilLEEgal to be in Procession; Exhibition; Distribution under famiLEE LEEgime's Films Act. Chapter Section 21:

Penalty for possession, exhibition or distribution of uncensored films
21. —(1) Any person who —
(a) has in his possession;
(b) exhibits or distributes; or
(c) reproduces,
any film without a valid certificate, approving the exhibition of the film, shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable on conviction —
(i) in respect of an offence under paragraph (a), to a fine of not less than $100 for each such film that he had in his possession (but not to exceed in the aggregate $20,000); and
(ii) in respect of an offence under paragraph (b) or (c), to a fine of not less than $500 for each such film he had exhibited, distributed or reproduced, as the case may be (but not to exceed in the aggregate $40,000) or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 6 months or to both.
(2) Any Censor and any Deputy or Assistant Censor and any Inspector of Films may at all reasonable times enter any place in which any film is kept or is being or is about to be exhibited and may examine the film, and if on such examination he has reasonable grounds for believing that an offence under this section has been or is about to be committed in respect of the film he may seize the film and any equipment used in the commission of the offence. (3) Any film and equipment seized under subsection (2) in respect of which any person has been convicted under this section shall be forfeited and shall be destroyed or otherwise disposed of in such manner as the Minister may direct. (4) For the purposes of this section if any film is altered in any way after it has been approved for exhibition under this Act, the film shall be deemed not to have been so approved.
I checked around and proved on video that in religious places as well as retail shops there are countless amount of un-licensed and thus ilLEEgal disc for distribution Free Of Charge; for Soliciting Donations as well as For Sale. In some places, ALL discs are un-licensed, in some shops over 50% of discs are un-licensed.

This is the evidence that famiLEE LEEgime is very slack in dealing with Films Act normally but had been very Politically Biased and Selective when it raided and intimidated opposition's films in such incident as their seizure and interruption of screening of One Nation Under LEE, Singapore Rebels etc.

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Charge Matas with me then I plea guilty

Gmail Uncle Yap

DAC-1294 & other - Change Of Plea
1 message
k.h. Yap Thu, May 22, 2008 at 11:39 PM
Attn M/S Wang
Attorney Generals' Chamber

Dear AGC,

I refer to above charges of illegal assembly & procession faced by myself with more than a dozen co-accused.

I refer also to the PTC session this morning at 9:30am, where I had told the judge my intention plea guilty on amended charges.

As I explained to judge at PTC, my role at the parliament square on 15.Mar.2008 was recording video just like the Media Reporters as one of the bloggers, and similar with those 4 police video team, and I took no part as a group with the protesters at any time. If there were any illegal assembly that I had committed it would be one together with the protesters but with those using camera to capture the protest.

Thus, if AGC amend the charge of illegal assembly from one that wrongly put me as part of the protesters, to one that correctly charge me together with the 4 police video crews, I will plea guilty then. It is up to the AGC weather you also want to charge all the reporters together.

I am willing to even testify on the stand that the 4 police video crew & myself share a common intent in this illegal assembly which is to take video of the protest. 4 police plus myself is sufficient to make the number of 5 therefore reach the iLEEgal limit. But I will not testify against reporters & activists.

Attached are photos of the 4 police video crews.

I will however insist to claim trial in open court if you still charge me together with the activists.

I had asked more than 5 times since the 1st PTC for:

  • List of evidence
  • List of witnesses
  • Copy of police videos in the 2 cameras

I am very sure that my 2 GSM phones are irrelevant to the case because they were never used in the parliament square area. I think more than 2 months from 15.May.2008 is more than enough time for prosecution to find out the relevance of the seized properties, stop abusing authority to hold on to these properties which had been seized abusively. I am planing to stage public protest against these abuses.

Thanks & regards

yap keng ho


9 attachments










added for reference: Large crowd of media photographers at scene on 15.Mar.2008 @ Parliament Square (the followings are not part of the above email).

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Not Approved to take video of LKy & Son's Political Masturbation

Gmail Uncle Yap

Application to take video of Lee Kuan Yew & Lee Hsien Loong on witness stand
1 message
Meen Er TANG Thu, May 22, 2008 at 4:06 PM
Dear Mr Yap,

I refer to your email below.

The Supreme Court has a long standing rule that prohibits any filming,
photography or recording of proceedings by any party for open court and
chamber matters. This applies in all cases regardless of the nature of the
case or parties involved.

You may wish to know that this rule applies to everyone, including the

Accordingly, we are unable to accede to your request.

Yours faithfully,

Tang Meen-Er (Ms)

Deputy Director (Legal Directorate)

Supreme Court of Singapore, 1 Supreme Court Lane, Singapore 178879


Privileged or confidential information may be contained in this email. If
you are not the intended addressee, you must not copy or distribute the
mail or take any action in reliance thereon. Communication of any
information in this mail to any unauthorised person may be an offence
under the Official Secrets Act (Cap 213). If you have received this mail
in error, please delete it and notify the sender immediately. Thank you.

"k.h. Yap"
uncleyap@gmail Patricia SEE/SUPCOURT/SINGOV@SINGOV
.com cc
PMO Hsien Loong
12:56 Subject
Application to take video of Lee
Kuan Yew & Lee Hsien Loong on
witness stand

To the Trial Judge Belinda ANG & Chief Justice:

Dear Sirs,

I am seeking approval from Singapore High Courts for permission to take
video of Lee Kuan Yew & Lee Hisen Loong on the witness stand in the NKF
suit. As I am aware that filming is not allowed unless approved by court.

My application is made in personal capacity as a citizen blogger. The
purpose of my video filming is to publish on my blog via Google Video.

This rare occasion of Lee's braveries to meet oppositions in cross
examination is really a record of Singapore's history. Therefore I seek the
court's approval to have this precious scenes recorded and published

I propose the use of tripod and digital cameras set in position facing
witness stand, and in remote control, so that I can operate from the public

Would the honorable court please kindly consider by application.

Thanks & regards

yap keng ho


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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Judge has no answer weather DVD evidence is LEEgal

Same Video DVD made of political contents:

This one used by LEEgime to fix opposition = LEEgal:
the above is video evidence used to convict Dr. CSJ, Mr. Ghandi & myself, it content (alledged) political speeches of all 3 of us, filmed by LEEgime's mata, screened in open Court's Hearing to media reporters.

This one used by opposition to fix LEEgime = ilLEEgal:
the above is a documentary regarding LKy & people who are fighting against his LEEgime, downloadable and Viewable online HERE. This was seized by LEEgime's mata, when screened in Private.

Today, Dr CSJ & myself were together convicted for yet another charge of election speeches. Sentencing is on 30.May.2008. I asked the judge today in open court before the LEEgime's 154th media but had no answer, that the DVD video discs used as evidence to convict us are all WITHOUT any Film Censor Board Certificate, weather does that violate the LEEgime's Film Act?

I will soon send the mata evidence DVD disc to MDA for film censorship and see if that will pass or fail. I already made police report against the LEEgime who was in possession of Un-Licensed DVD video discs in court. :-)

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