Sunday, March 27, 2011

Calling Independent Candidates to Contest

According to the situation as things stands for this moment, I estimate about 20 out of 87 seats to be WALKED OVER in the coming GE. :( This is a dynamic and fluid situation however. Until nomination day, we can still expect things to change.

I am aware of rather strong opposition candidates withholding as well as withdrawing from their original plans of candidacy, due to reasons within the oppositions itself the rather than anything to do with famiLEE LEEgime. Among the reasons, selfish and arrogant conducts of opposition leaders acting in styles that resembles PAp, does exist, and had pissed off candidates & other opposition parties. Widespread sentiment became obvious feeling that lack of adequate cooperation among opposition, and arising 3 corner scenario that is still not fully eliminated. Fortunately not everything is on the down side.

A dead lock condition exist when it comes to forming GRC teams, that the bigger than previous GE number of smaller opposition parties can not form as many GRC teams as they had intended to contest, and yet they are refusing to lend candidates to combine with other parties. All of them had wanted candidates from other parties to cross over to contest under their own party's name.

This selfish and myopic idea came from the ego of the leaders, who had considered for control over parliament seats in the event the GRC team wins. Because under famiLEE LEEgime's law, an MP stands to lose his seat when resigned from the party membership under which he had won that seat. Mr. Chiam had the same crisis when he was ousted from SDP, however then in 1992 LEEgime had closed one eye on this law and allowed Potong Pasir seat to be kept.

I am calling candidates who still can not firm up with the necessary GRC teams to contest as independent and combine with candidates from either other parties or those without any party membership. This is important. Ditch the party leaders' controls and you should be serving Singaporeans and voters instead of party leaders.

In my previous post on this blog, my video message already mentioned the importance:

I recapture the points again:

  • Nominate in ALL 87 seats as much as you can, you should give our voters their well deserved chance to cast votes, many have NOT VOTED in their entire life as rightful citizens!
  • Engage the LEEgime's election machine to it's maximum, tie up their battle resources; time; manpower; money and bandwidth. So that they can not have free resources to help their seriously endangered constituencies! Remember in 1997 Cheng San GRC (JBJ; Tang Liang Hong) Goh Choke Dong & Tony Tan had their free bandwidth to cover for Lee Yoke Suan's campaign because they both walked over! If we lid their own lame ass on fire then they won't be helping their friends any more!
  • Psychological pressure and causing tension within LEEgime.
  • Other important factors, I won't mention here in order not to prompt LEEgime.
I call also on Singaporeans to nominate and fund and assist all non-PAP candidates, and of course vote for them and vote without considering the backgrounds of them. This is strategy to pressure LEEgime, and this GE especially is the only chance. For those who wish to stand without any party membership, if you need help to tie up with others to form team I am willing to be your broker. Email me!

For the time being, I am aware of a vacancy for Indian Minority candidate needed for Tanjong Pagar GRC. ;) Stand up for Singapore Singaporean Indian Citizens! Go and meet LKy! I will back you!


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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

UncleYap's latest Election Talk Video Blasted Opposition & LEEgime

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It may be a more balanced view :-) That negative feedback and disappointments from Singaporeans had been aired this time around, against the lack of cooperative compromises and in-fighting among the oppositions.

This are the sentiments of voters and peasants that we are in touch with. I would not be fair to voters if we still continued to be silent on this aspect.

The comparison between both people and governments of Singapore and Japan was drawn to comment on the issue of national resilience. The scandal on Crime Rings I had discovered in the LEEgime Prison is also revealed in this video talk.

There is 21 mins of Mandarin and 35 mins of English recorded in this Talk Show made on 22.Mar.2011 :)

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

ICA Backed Foreign Criminal Rings Active for years in Singapore

I hereby publish my letter to Superintendent Abdul Khalid, Head Of Investigations, Central Division, Singapore Police Force.


fromk.h. Yap
dateSun, Mar 20, 2011 at 9:17 AM
subjectInformation on Crime Ring for police investigation

hide details 9:17 AM (2 minutes ago)

Attention Superintendent Abdul Khalid
Head Of Investigations
Central Division
Singapore Police Force

Hi Superintendent Khalid

I have lodged police report A/20110320/2026 today based on information I had gathered in Changi Prison Cluster B from Bangladeshi Over-Stayer.

This is a collection of shocking information regarding a Bangladeshi Crime Ring active in Serangoon Road Little India Area, notoriously during the past years committed Robberies and Extortion against Over-Stayers working in Singapore especially against the Bangladeshis. They had also committed Snatch Robberies against maids wearing Gold Necklace and notoriously Assaulted & causing Hurts during their crimes.

The more shocking aspect of this Crime Ring is that they had been working in the past years as INFORMANTS for the Immigration & Custom Authorities (ICA), and they had been abusing and using ICA as their weapon of crime, in order to commit Extortion. Any victims resisting their crimes or failed to provide monies to the Crime Ring they will be Arranged to be arrested by ICA for Over-Staying in Singapore, facing imprisonment and rotan followed by deportation by ICA.

Many of their victims were put in Changi Prison Cluster B, and I had met them while serving the sentence for Tak Boleh Tahan Protest at Parliament a case which you had investigated and had been a witness during the trial. I do not hold grudge against SPF nor yourself, and during my 14 days in Changi Prison Cluster B, I had still tried to help you and SPF gathering valuable information against crimes. :-)

In my police report you will find particulars of my Bangladeshi cell-mate, who had been personally robbed in Singapore by this Crime Ring 3 times, and he have fellow Bangladeshis who also fell as victims of similar crimes. The amount of cash and assets robbed in this 3 cases exceed S$2000.

Apart from this Bangladeshi case, I also offer you leads on unrelated but similar extortion by Indian Criminals abusing their authorized status as ICA Informants, my other cell-mate's Prison Number is S017612011 who is due to be released and deported on 9.April.2011 had been forced by ICA Informants to pay REGULAR MONTHLY PROTECTION MONEY of S$50 over the duration of his Over-Staying in Singapore. Failing to pay in one occasion, this ICA Informant had arranged him to be arrested near his place of work at Ubi area.

While we are fully aware of severe economic prices bear by Singaporeans due to job losses caused by illegal foreigners, the ICA Informants' acts of crimes and violation of laws also threaten security of Singaporeans. These criminals are unsafe for us Singaporeans as much as to legitimate foreign workers. I hope SPF can arrest these criminals active in Little India Area, which could either be Tangling or Central Division's precinct.

Thank You!


u.y. thead URL

Update: I have already received police acknowledgement of this case being received.

In addition I am adding more scandalous information regarding related ICA Informant Abuses as follows.

Among other information I gathered within the Changi Prison recently, there is at least 1 Bangladeshi worker being convicted for smuggling Counterfeit Immigration Stamps within his luggage bag while leaving Singapore returning to Bangladesh! This man claims he have totally no knowledge about these illicit items within his luggage bag, nevertheless he is imprisoned after conviction. There is wide believes that evil ICA Informants had planted these Counterfeit Immigration Stamps, while luggage was left unattended at some travel agent's office in Little India area. This means the victim had been framed by evil ICA Informants, abusing famiLEE LEEgime's authorities to punish someone that these criminals had some reasons to FIX!

There ARE Merits to this case in my own view as follows.

  1. Counterfeit Immigration Stamps are frequently used by Over-Stayers to leave Singapore without facing LEEgime's punishments. There is however just next to no other useful purposes of having them. How this work is simple: Over-Stayers pays Ali-Ba-Ba Stamp services to forge a pair of Exit and Entry stamps within their passports, so that it would falsely reflect a false Exit (departure stamp) leaving SGP within LEEgal limits of days from the Entry made LOONG TIME ago, followed by another false Entry (arrival stamp) which is also within LEEgal limits of days from the intended departure date. In other words falsify a period of absence enough to cover-up the over-stayed period.
  2. These Counterfeit Immigration Stamps are thus ONLY USEFUL WITHIN Singapore, and thus there is no purpose to smuggle them out of Singapore.
  3. Why would a foreigner need to bring them at unjustified risks out of Singapore? If necessary these forgery tools can be easily made outside Singapore.
  4. The ICA at Changi Airport knew exactly where to find these Counterfeit Immigration Stamps within that particular victims luggage bag - in a side-pocket zipped, while victim claimed to have no idea about it being there.
  5. If one smuggled these items would he just conveniently just place them in side-pocket of bag without any better concealment?
  6. Side-Pocket is a convenient place for a person to quickly plant something into other person's bag while bag is not being well secured.
I had only gathered so much information which is far from conclusive. But I am not the police investigator, and this is their job to do. The LEEgime had prosecuted and convicted this man who is still in the prison. According to many inmates frequently crying innocent. The widespread anger and resent against ICA Informants can be easily understood among over-stayers who received compulsory Rotans from LEEgime prison. According to my sources, hundreds of ICA Informants are caught in Bangladesh alone, by these angry over-stayers, some killed, others with limbs broken!

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Cafe Election Talks Singapore GE2011 video

Video was recorded today (5.Mar.2011) with Mr. Arthero Lim and is uploaded on on the electoral issues surrounding GE2011.

This issue covered the Budget Vote Buying of both GE2006 & GE2011; the National Reserve being utilised; Health Care; late Mr. JB Jeyaretnam; Lee Kuan Yew (approx 10mins); Khaw Boon Wan; NKF Scandal; Dr Susan Lim Saga; CPF fund etc.

More than 2 years after the passing of late Mr. JBJ, I have still vivid memory of wanting to post on this blog about JBJ's impending heart by-pass which he had after long years of reluctance finally accept to take. He replied that he was still awaiting for the surgical schedule to be allocated to him, couldn't give me the schedule yet. His wellness had began to deteriorate at that time amid his busy court schedules and attempts to fight for Bukit Batok By Election, I guess it was that which made him finally compromised his persisted declination for that surgical procedure - knew that he really could not sustain further without that surgical procedure. I was glad that he decided in favour of it.

Mr. Ng Teck Siong informed me that JBJ really needed more rest when I was checking with him on a suitable time to meet up with him. I was in the middle of court cases in District Court myself, along with Dr. CSJ, and Mr. JBJ was fighting cases in High Court. The next thing all of a sudden, JBJ died of heart attack. We applied for urgent adjournment for the trial and rushed to Singapore Casket. :-(

JBJ did not get his surgical schedule after all. He wont' need one any more.

All those years there were a bunch of scepticism influencing JBJ against accepting that heart by-pass procedure recommended by SGH doctors. I did not share those views. One of those arguments which I believe spoked JBJ was the possibility of him failing to wake up from the surgery in SGH, meaning that OT could be his passage to meet god. Eventually after all, he still met god at the hospital. :-( Chinese idiom called that 造化。 是福不是祸;是祸躲不过! Turned out to be so true.... thread

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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Invasion & Exploitation in the Name of Democracy? Watchful over Libya etc

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It already happened to Iraq in the hands of G W Bush, in the completely false assumption of WMD (weapons of mass destruction), invaded, destroyed, slaughtered and plundered that oil rich country. Libya is similarly oil rich and vulnerable with it's long ruling military dictator similar with Saddam Hussein in profile.

Exploiting the rebellion and in the name of supporting Democracy, the west are eying Libya for it's oil. Similar danger hangs over a handful of Middle Eastern States for similar reasons, however none of them are as immediately vulnerable as Libya as so called No-Fly-Zone - a familiar term used on Iraq is being mentioned by western governments including Obama's White House.

The Noble Peace Prize winning US President who is Commander In Chief for the armies still invading Iraq & Afghanistan, spoke of No-Fly-Zone over Libya frequently in the past week. His government is bankrupt and he had been printing tons of worthless US dollars to fund his wars and pay the bills, therefore the US$102/barrel Libyan oil will really come in handy for Obama - in the name of Democracy. Thick Black Oily and Sticky Democracy that is!

I urge the world to monitor and watch it cautiously - for exploitative invasions in the name of Democracy / Freedom / Human Rights. It may be armed plundering and graft for Black & Oily natural resources instead of what it may appeared to be, and declared to be.

One Iraq is one too many.

It is wiser for the oppressed people to handle their national affairs by themselves paying the necessary prices, rather than having interventions conducted by foreign forces. Japanese had during WW2 invaded China in the name of assisting it's suffering people to REFORM. These foreign powers all have each their very own objectives and aims, no matter how Friendly they claimed to be.

Reform? Sure! But Cheap Short-Cuts? NO THANKS!


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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Opposition should also make open call to late GE

Now that famiLEE LEEgime's own MPs had on TV expressed that LEEgime's repeated Re-DRAWING of electoral boundaries had also caused themselves problems, besides the negative comments from non-PAP parties, there is more than enough grounds to call for later elections.

The drastic & frequent changes of boundaries is a very justified reason for that, because oppositions had been in past years working on areas that had been outdated, foiling their efforts. If famiLEE LEEgime really mean what they had claimed to be LOWERING THE CONTEST'S BARS, then they must give more time for the ground works to be carried out by ALL parties including themselves. ;)

Ask for GE to be pushed to After September in a joint statement! ;) that will really put strains on famiLEE LEEgime, and set focus to voters and the rest of the world on the issues that they had created by repeated redrawing of the boundaries. Late GE also corner them into strategic disadvantage of narrowed window.

It cost opposition nothing much to make this move, on the other hand, applies pressure on LEEgime. This is caused by them, so let them taste their own poison.

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