Monday, December 25, 2006

Only Appeal After Released from Prison

The following is the document to file in High Court tomorrow.

I asked for the Maximum Sentence to the subordinate court after they found all 3 of us guilty. But after the sentence, when asked about appeal, I told court I will only file appeal after the sentence is served by imprisonment and I will not pay the fine, and will conduct HungerStrike in prison. All this may sound illogical or incomprehensible, but unless I state here clearly the reason.

The reason is that I have an important objective, to tell the world a message of protest, and to show Singaporean how we need not be afraid of famiLEE LEEgime's prison and should face them up directly and fearlessly to guard our national interest and civil rights, constitutional rights, political rights, and spirit of Justice.

Shown by the history of this world, those who fight against oppression and Injustice must not be afraid of imprisonment by the Totalitarian cowards. I asked for their Maximum Sentence to show this resolve of mine. I served the entire sentence which isn't very long in my measurement with the extra hard approach by taking HungerStrike. I did to the extend of completely not drinking water when there is a realistic reason for me to do so.

I also did physical challenges like Marathon during HungerStrike, on the 2nd day I was released from prison and intravenous drips just removed. To convince fellow Singaporeans that prison and HungerStrike is not able to bring a person's physical and psychological strength down, and there is nothing to be fearful about it even though the famiLEE LEEgime try to frighten us by harassing Dr. Chee Soon Juan by sabotaging his health and doping poison into his prison food. I exposed their dirty tricks and intentions.

Why I should appeal because the injustice and unfairness still have to be addressed and highlighted by engaging with the filthy famiLEE LEEgime this way. I will go tirelessly to fight them, and not let them get away. Not to be naive that their Kangaroo will practice any justice, but that however can and MUST be exposed. :-)


Magistrate’s Appeal )

No. 222 Of 2006 )

PS NO . 733/06 & others )







To the Honourable the Judges of the High Court of Singapore.


Showeth as follows : -

  1. The trial judge erred in law in not allowing the defence the opportunity to adduce evidence relevant to the defence of political motivation.

  2. The trial was aborted or ought to be so when the key prosecution witnesses namely ASP Jeremy Koh and SGT Goh Wei Siong were present during the trial.

  3. The prosecution failed to inform the court of the presence of the said prosecution witnesses.

  4. The trial judge failed to make appropriate directions at the outset of the trial on matters relating to the presence of the aforesaid witnesses, hence rendering the conviction unsafe and unsatisfactory.

  5. The trial judge made an erroneous finding when he dismissed the defence’s application to order a retrial.

  6. The trial judge was prejudiced and showed a lack of indepence when he refused to allow the Defence to cross examine the prosecution witness, namely the licensing officer on the success rate of past applications for permit by political opponents.

  7. The Trial Judge made an erroneous finding when he failed to take into consideration the fact that the Appellant was speaking to the constituents during the hustings of GE 2006.

Dated the day of November 2006

This application is taken out by YAP KENG HO





Magistrate’s Appeal )

No. 222 Of 2006 )

PS NO . 733/06 & others )







The address of service of


Sunday, December 24, 2006

Mr. Gopalan Nair began Singapore Dissident Blog

Sammyboymod Thread 127646.1

Ex-WP Mr. Gopalan Nair was a candidate in WP during the old time when Mr. JBJ was Sec Gen of WP, Mr. Nair contested more than once and was practicing law like Mr. JBJ in Singapore. Fighting famiLEE LEEgime as alot more harder those days. LEEgime convicted Mr. Nair for Contempt of Court and fined him $8000, Mr. Nair got sick of red dot and went to USA. Now an immigration lawyer in California.

Still in strong contact and support to other fighters against famiLEE LEEgime, Mr. Nair came back frequently, to e.g. Mr. JBJ's trial; Dr CSJ's trials; GE2006 etc to show support.

When he was here, we talked about setting up blogs, and I offered to help Mr. Nair in that. However he is so far away in USA, so in the end he eventually got the help from an IT person in the USA to setup the blog. It is just done.

As a blogger Mr. Nair may be new, but Singapore politics is nothing new to Mr. Nair, he was already with this since 1970s to 1980s with pioneers like Mr. JBJ. He is very familiar with all the dirty shits fo famiLEE LEEgime. I believe that he would be very active as a blogger and continue his fight against famiLEE LEEgime from USA via his blog postings.


Wednesday, December 20, 2006

YouTube ilLEEgal Speech Video Reposted

I received a request asking for the following YouTube videos to be re-posted on this blog, it was originally posted this way on my Chinese Blog, and hence I copied them here. They are from top to bottom part by part. :-) you may post URL to this posting or copy the YouTube URLs from here to re-post elsewhere.

Lee Kuan Yew's famiLEE LEEgime put up a total of 17 charges against these 3 speakers who spoken during the General Election 2006 within Singapore Democratic Party's contested Sembawang Group Constituency, by official policy of not issuing Public Entertainment License, and then imprison the opposition speakers for speaking without the famiLEE LEEgime's license! These are the famiLEE LEEgime's police surveillance video, which were used in court as evidence, and which the prosecution had repeatedly refused to provide the defense with a copy, but had conceded to providing after a long court battle. The famiLEE LEEgime had wanted these videos removed from Internet citing these postings to be Contempt of Court!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Lame bastard famiLEE LEEgime getting desperate

Dr. Chee Soon Juan had released his statement (click this line) .

My comments follows:

  1. Lee Kuan Yew's famiLEE LEEgime is deemed to be a lame bastard by me as usual.

  2. The lame bastard is getting desperate now, because the stronger breed of oppositions are not un-afraid to go to prison, nor are we afraid to be bankrupted. famiLEE no longer has means to stop us in what we are doing.

  3. They have to do something to ONLY Dr. Chee this time, desperately hoping that would restore some fear into the people towards their lame prisons. This had not been really done to me nor Mr. Gandhi.

  4. I had repeatedly insisted that my 10 days stay in Queenstown Free Hotel was easy and pleasant, and I managed to HungerStrike in there without facing any much trouble.

  5. Dr. Chee had been put through deliberately given sufferings, while I had the opposite. This could be a design by lame bastard famiLEE LEEgime in order to make the 2 of us give opposite accounts of our experiences in the same prison, and they wished our statements to be discrediting mutually.

  6. I believe that Dr. Chee's food had been poisoned with something but would only be harmful temporally, and no longer term symptoms or damages can be found nor tested. The idea is to harass him to deprive him of peace and rest, to cause him to suffer particularly via psychological pressures, and secondly to take some tolls against his health.

  7. famiLEE LEEgime had probably wanted this to had Dr. Chee make complains and the lame bastards hoped for the effects of scare-crows to peasants and potentially strong oppositions and activists, because they needed to restore the lost fears towards their LEEgime prisons.

  8. The other lame measures such as sleep deprivations; family visits & lawyer visit deprivations; books & reading material deprivations; yard exercise deprivations etc are additional lame measures aiming for the same as the poison in Dr. Chee's food.

  9. I ask the world not to fall for the famiLEE LEEgime's lame bastard tactics, these are not going to work very well. Simple counter measures can overcome them.

  10. Lame bastards of famiLEE LEEgime can do whatever childish dirty tactics they like, and they will get to do it only for now. When it comes to their turn to be held in prison, they will begin only to learn from us on How They Can Payback For Crimes. :-)
These are my initial comments, I may follow with more in days to come, and will be appended on to this blog posting.

Lee Kuan Yew's famiLEE LEEgime gets desperate because they are now unable to stop us Singaporeans from exercising our CIVIL RIGHTS and POLITICAL RIGHTS any longer:

Activism is on the strongest growth since our 4-person CPFB Protest last year. Something that famiLEE LEEgime thought they had mangaged to kill in Singapore in their past 30-40 years of evil oppressive rules. The famiLEE LEEgime's prsion already failed to frighten us. We had persistently gathered outside prison as they put some of us inside.

There are more Singaporeans joining into this fight against famiLEE LEEgime, and lost FREEDOM is regained by Singaporeans via these fights!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Dr Chee Released Confirming Prison Foul Plays

Dr. Chee Soon Juan released from Queenstown Remand Prison 16.Dec.2006 0942hr, all 3 of us including Mr. Gandhi had been freed from the same prison after facing the same politically motivated and unjust charges.

I am furious to hear from Dr. Chee this morning about how he was made to suffer whilst imprisoned, I think the famiLEE LEEgime is deliberately playing a game this time. Before Dr. Chee made his own statement I will hold on to further comments.

The game they played including extra early release timing to surprise Dr. Chee's family including his 3 children, that prison informed them that release time was between 1000hr to 1200hr, and before Mr. Chee and her children could arrived at prison gate, the famiLEE LEEgime released Dr. Chee at 0942hr, while his family members were all still on their way to the prison.

The camera man
in yellow T-shirt is from Reuters. Carrying Dr. Chee's younger daughter was Chee Siok Chin, Mrs Chee carrying her son standing center.

I ended HungerStrike during lunch time today, 16.Dec.2006 about 1300hr. My first normal diet meal was chicken rice. To my surprise I discovered that after 24 days not consuming any solid food, I found the food tasteless instead of attractive. This is reconfirmed again at dinner tonight which was 2nd normal diet meal after 24 days, it was curry, and while curry tasted almost as expected, the meat & potatoes etc however seems tasteless to me.

Last night, Friday 15.Dec.2006, the activists held another candlelight vigil at the gate of Queenstown Remand Prison around 2000hr to 2300hr.

To mark ending of my HungerStrike I did another 15-16km run but this time alone, between 1900hr to 2150hr from home to the vigil outside prison. It was enjoyable, but I sweat from hair to socks totally soaked. :-)

Sammyboymod Forum Thread Click here

Thursday, December 14, 2006

To end HungerStrike at lunch Saturday 16.Dec.2006

Today is the 22nd day of my HungerStrike, and via my biological adaptation towards various phases from water only to no water to liquid diet, I am already totally used to it by now. From feeling hungry at most time of a day during the first week till feeling absolutely normal as if on normal diet right now. From needing to be at rest during most time of a day till runing quater marathon or taking a stroll all the way with the Freedom Walk. It is an experience, it was a learning, but I won't even say it is too much of a challenge this time. I think it is too easy, and I have to find ways to make it harder the next time :-)

On Saturday it will reach the 24th day, which is 16.Dec.2006, the last co-fighter in this oppressive and politically motivated charge under Public Entertainment Act, Dr. Chee is expected to be released about 10am this Saturday. So I have set my schedule accordingly to end this round of HungerStrike by lunch time, and my lunch on Saturday 16.Dec.2006 will be my first normal diet meal since 0000hr midnight 23.Nov.2006. I think I might take Chicken Rice :-) I am not sure yet.

I went to prison's gate to welcome Mr.Gandhi's release, and will do just the same for Dr. Chee this Saturday before 10am 16.Dec.2006.

Thanks for all the supportive gestures and messages from the public.

My diet for the past 1 week will remain similar for the next 2 days until I end HungerStrike is 2 soups servings a day, plus coffee or tea and water or fruit juice. I did 3 km of runing one of the days beside taking part in the Feedom Walk.

An interesting thing I discovered via an email from 1 of my 2 cell-mates during my imprisonment between 23.Nov
.2006 and 2.Dec.2006, apprently after staying in the same cell with me for 10 days throughout my Hungerstrike, he also some how refused to eat the prison food!

hello Uncle Yap, it's me, finally last Saturday, i get to go home.

Unlike you, i did not have any outstanding reason for not eating when i was there, i stop eating since last Tuesday all the way till Saturday morning, in all i've skipped 8 meals except for the daily 4 slices of bread with the so-called coffee, i just don't feel like eating.

Lucky me, Grandma prepared pig kidney and mee-sua which is my favourite, i thought i would have gone for a buffet straight away but i didn't, sorry for mentioning food in the midst of your on going days without solid food, meanwhile do take care, cya.

I will not reveal his identity here, but this young man during our 10 days spent in the same cell usually eat his prison provided meals, except some of the lunch he had skiped (on about 4 of the 10 days if I am not wrong). He just said NOT HUNGRY when we asked. He will usually eat every breakfast and dinner. I am surprised to read what he wrote in the above email, I replied that to ask him about it, but have yet heard from him. I hope he is doing OK and have no problem finding a new job before X'mas.


Monday, December 11, 2006

Human Rights Day Walk 10.Dec.2006

Below: Google Earth satellite image of the path taken on 10.Dec.2006 FREEDOM WALK for International Human Rights Day. CLICK MAP TO ENLARGE.

Below: The Freedom Walk launching & departure from HongLim Park Speakers Cornered.

Below: The Freedom Walk reached Istana.

Below: Chee Siok Chin; Gandhi & Privin sending Human Rights Days message to President at Istana on 10.Dec.2006 as a part of Freedom Walk activity. International press & photographers were also there to cover the event.

Below: Plainclothe Police filming activist outside Istana, this is one of the 5 police camera teams, each team as 2 plainclothe police men. 4 other teams beside this one was positioned along the road directly opposite Istana gate pointing camera this way towards us at the gate of Istana.

Below: Chee Siok Chin; Gandhi & Privin sending Human Rights Days message to President at Istana on 10.Dec.2006 as a part of Freedom Walk activity. International press & photographers were also there to cover the event.

Below: After waiting for 7 minutes the Senior Officer in white shirt came out from Istana to receive the Freedom Walker' Human Rights Day message on behalf of President.

Below: The Freedom Walk reached Borders at junction of Orchard Rd & Scotts Rd.

Below: Night fall - the Freedom Walkers finally reached destination Queenstown Remand Prison from HongLim Park.

The police failed in stopping the Freedom Walkers this time:

They tried but had failed to stop the activists. They didn't try in the busy city e.g. HongLim Park; Bras Basah Rd; Orchard Rd; Tangling, but they only send cars and 2 men on foot to tail each of our walking teams. I belive our transportation cars which fetch the others to the relay points were also tailed by police cars.

During the last lap of the relay, Miss Chee & Mrs Chee were not on foot because they were taking Dr. Chee's children on car to wait at Queenstown Prison. Several organizers were also taking car to prison directly. Mr. Gandhi & myself were on foot all the way from HongLim. But none of us both are part of the organizing meeting because were were in jail at the time these guys held meetings to organize this walk.

Mr. Gandhi had to take a toilet break as we pass by Tanglin Mall, actually to remove his inner T-shirt as he got warmer after long walking. As a result, we ended up stopping for few minutes at the mall, and thus the originally distanced and seperated small teams got aggrigated together and as we departed from Tanglin Mall again, the police would had seen us as almost a large group of about a dozen walkers.

So I noticed at least 2 police patrol cars kept tagging alone as we walked
Tanglin / Kay Siang Road, and their camera teams began to film and tail us very closely. Later, some 8 plainclothes were dropped off by a police van behind us, and tail us very close. I signaled my observations immidiately.

Mr Gandhi was the front most walker along the remote Tanglin / Kay Siang road. I ran up to him to inform him about the suddent large number of matas tailing behind. As the matas saw me changing from walking to running, they also began to run up from behind passing the other walkers. They went up ahead of Gandhi, as I moved backwards to inform other walkers to break up into smaller groups less than 4 persons and maintain distance between groups. I also told activists not to stop if some of us got stopped, just proceed to Queenstown Remand Prison via any routes or detours, don't stop just to watch them stoppin some of us.

As I past messages around, I saw an ASP in plainclothe from Tanglin mata-chu stopping Mr. Gandhi, but like I expected, he only managed to speak to Gandhi for 1 to 2 minutes, and Gandhi managed to proceed on, so did the rest of us. 4 other plainclothes were assisting next to that ASP when they stopped Gandhi.

I found out later that matas told Gandhi that he was taking part in an Illegal Assembly, and demanded him to disperse, this was denied by Gandhi, and he insisted that he was walking alone far enough from the rest, and there was no assembly as we are all just walking along a public road.

The matas failed to stop Gandhi as well as any of us. We proceed along
Tanglin / Kay Siang Rd, and then right-turn into Margrat Drive & then the Queenstown Remand Prison smoothly as the night also fall.

Police car tailed up & down along Kay Siang Rd, and they had their van picked up most of their men on foot after failing to stop us. They set up tripod video camera outside prison's visiting center to film us for about an hour. We used digital camera & handphone to photo them.

There was a red colored private plate car - old Honda Accord, stopping at busstop near prison to observe us, it had camera flash light as Francis & myself past it when we went out to buy drinks for all the activists. I went behind this car with digital camera to take few pictures, and immediately it drove off. There were 4 people inside that car, could be either ISD from Pheonix Park or some press camera team.


Freedom Walk was a success, printed photos were given to Dr. Chee in prison yesterday during his family visit, I think he would be very happy about this.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Mr. Gandhi Ambalam's Release

Fellow activists; family members and friends received Mr. Gandhi Ambalam outside Queenstown Remand Prison this morning about 0950hr, after awaiting for about 35 minutes.

I saw Deputy Superintendent Liew & a familiar guard walking Mr. Gandhi out.

Mr. Gandhi is generally healthy condition except that he lost about 1.5kg of body weight during his imprisonment. Accordingly Gandhi received very little news about what happened to Dr. Chee whilst imprisoned, he was put in Housing Unit B, unlike myself which was the A block in front.

We went to a coffee shop together with Mr. Gandhi's family members to have a discussion about Dr. Chee's situation and other matters.

Mr. Gandhi will join us tomorrow night at the vigil outside Queenstown Remand Prison 1930hr, as well as the walk on 10.Dec.06 Human Rights Day.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Day 13 - Feeling of HUNGER had SUBSIDED

Today is the 13th day of my HungerStrike, it is confirmed that after what I had been through, the feeling of hunger can no longer be felt any more. I belive it is my body getting used to not having any solid food, and had got adjusted to it. The biological stress or pressure of hunger had been neutralized by a kind of natural ability of adaptation. Being a person of Darwinism I have no doubt about that. :-)

The initial 2 days were actually the difficult ones, but just only relatively. My usual responses or signs of hunger will show up including drowsiness and inability to concerntrate. On 23.Nov.2006 I was constantly yawning in the final day of trial court, and that continued into prison.

Certain stress such as that of dehydration can progressively build up at the same time as body's adaptation gets used to hunger. My lips and finger tips were at some stage very dry and peeling some skin while I was in jail. I expected my resistant to cold to be reduced but it had not been true at all.

Dr. Chee shared his past experience of 10 days HungerStrike with me, he told me that I can expect to feel a bit weaker, and the rest are quite OK. The weakness part never came too significantly to me in general except during the 8th & 9th days when I refused totally to eat & drink. It had became a bit slow and difficult to walk up or down the prison's stairs between my cell and the medical post during those 2 days, and it included the feeling of giddiness when I got up from sitting or lying down.

These conditions were not at all unbearable to me. After the IV drips were applied on me, these conditions improved so quickly that I felt like Re-charged within 1 hour after the drip. Dr. Ooi adjusted the drip speed up to about 65 drops per minute in the initial hour to rush glucose into my blood stream. At the worst of all these conditions, I had never once felt any risk of blacking out.

Today being the 13th day, I can say that there is no longer any physical challenge that can be felt on myself biologically or physically. There is only a little logistics when going outside to have meal, I had to look for stores that sells soup, and try to order soup without any solid ingridients, and have to explain that I am fasting. Otherwise, I would either waste the
solid ingridients or let my lunch partners eat them. :-)

Comparatively, I feel more sleepy than before HungerStrike, however that might be the effect of getting used to sleeping alot in both day & night whilst in jail instead of the effects of hunger. I am just going to take a nap after making this blog post. :-)


Vigils Outside QueensTown Prison

I am hereby calling fellow Singaporeans and our friends to gether peacefully outside the QueensTown Remand Prison for candle lighting vigil, and in support for Dr. Chee Soon Juan. Mr Gandhi is expected to be released before Friday and would be joining us all outside the prison. The schedule of the 2 vigils are as follows:

  1. 7PM Friday, 8.Dec.06
  2. 7PM Friday, 15.Dec.06
The prison is reachable via Queenstown MRT station, while in the MRT station would be helpful to first read the locality MAP. Walk past BLK 27A (2 coffeeshops) then towards Queenstown Bowling's building & BLK 34A (multi-storey carpark behind old Queenstown cinema, and then a tiny road leading toward the high golf driving range safty nets, prison is before the golf range.

Candles and cups will be provided but you are encourage to bring your own. Bring umbralla if it looked rainy.

Identical vigils had been held nightly between 23.Nov.06 to 1.Dec.06, click pictures below to read SDP web's news releases:

Currently, Dr. Chee is still in the process of diagnosis by doctors in the prison ward of Changi General Hospital, awaiting result. He is still not taking food nor on IV drip, I also doubt that he would trust the establishment's medicine now, and I expect further weight lost on him.

Dr. is not only the youngest but also the most physically fit person among all the 3 of us who went to jail together via LKy famiLEE LEEgime's charges of SPEECHES during the GE2006 Walk-Abouts. It is way beyond expectation for all of us to find him falling ill instead of Mr. Gandhi or myself this time.

As it is, it had been very difficult to get access to Dr. Chee or give him any help directly. Even the prison's superintendent is unable to fully call his usual shots because MHA & his famiLEE LEEgime bosses are directing him closely on this matter.


wishing cards & letters may be sent to Dr. Chee Soon Juan C/O Queenstown Remand Prison, 50 Jalan Penjara, Singapore 149373

Monday, December 04, 2006

Deep Concern Over Health of Dr. Chee Soon Juan

Dr. Chee's blog

SDP's news release

On my Chinese Blog

I have known Dr. Chee as a very fit; energetic and healthy person, and he was still perfectly healthy and high sprit when we were seperated at the enterance of QueensTown Remand Prison. The bad news that I had kept receiving about him so far are very shocking to me.

Dr. Chee; Mr. Gandhi & myself together spent few hours in one of the Subordinate Court's lock-up rooms after we were sentenced on 23.Nov.2006. We did a lot of discussions, and continued on our journey to the prison. There was a security officer from Ministry of Home Affairs calling the shots about special handling of the 3 of us in the courts' lock up. We were each handcaffed to one other prisoner, and the 6 of us were together put on a regular prison van, however, there was an unusual police car escorting behind this van all the way from court to the prison, and the red/blue lights on it were set blinking during the entire journey.

At the enterance of the prison, handcuffs were removed, and I was the first one being called to enter the gate when we seperated. Behind me, I heard Mr. Gandhis' name being called, so I assumed Dr. Chee would be the next after Gandhi. Dispite my various attempts including my Total HungerStrike, the prison will not let me see Dr. Chee, and until now I have not seen him yet knowing that he had been hospitalized the day after I was released from my 10 days imprisonment.

The meal provided to the entire prison's population were supposed to be the same. It is prepared without pork nor beef and deemed to be fit for all religions. I always checked my meal tray and the others of my 2 cell-mates, the contents can look rather different however. This can be due to the serving & the evenness of mixture. For example, one of the lunch was fried Mee, and in my tray it seems to be Mee mixed with 50% of BeeHoon, and in one other guy's tray it looked like 100% pure Mee without BeeHoon, and in the other guy's tray it looked like 80% Mee plus 20% BeeHoon.

In the above news release of SDP it said:

During the brief half an hour meeting, Dr Chee revealed that he had not eaten since the morning of Monday 27 November. This was because every time he ate what was served to him, he would feel nauseous and dizzy and then throw up. Normal sounds such as the jangling of the guard's keys and even the sound of his cell mate urinating are amplified causing him massive headaches. He has not been able to sleep and has been taking valium to help him rest. Dr Chee has also lost a considerable amount of weight.

Having known Dr. Chee for such a long time, I have never seen him in such a condition. I had protested with him at HongLim Parks' 72 hours stand off against the police, his endurance and energy level is amazing. I was able to run quater Marathon after 10 days of HungerStrike, but that is nothing comparing to Dr. Chee, he can easily run full Marathon and he runs daily being a runner much more trained and regularly running compared with me. I only run 2-3 times in a month at most.

This is Dr. Chee's 5th or 6th time imprisoned in this prison, while it was my 1st time only. So in terms of being familiar and adjusted towards the life in this prison, Dr. Chee is way ahead of me. He had priviously been imprisoned for 5 weeks there and he always made it without falling sick or suffering from any conditions like such.

I can not remember seeing Dr. Chee with a flu or fever or visiting clinic for any sickness, having known him for so long and working closely. Even when during very tiring campaigns or actions when many people were showing signs of unwellness, Dr. Chee is still doing OK.

Therefore, the current situation of Dr. Chee is very unusual, and very surprising to me.

If any of our activists were to get the idea of 1 of the 3 of us who were together in prison to be hospitalized, it would be me instead of Dr. Chee, because I was the one on HungerStrike, being first timer both in HungerStrike and sentenced to jail. Mr. Gandhi would had been the 2nd person of concern because of his heart problems. Dr. Chee would be the last on the mind of any of us to be found hospitalized whist in prison.

However surprising it may be it is the reality before us now. And the bloody LKy famiLEE LEEgime cause not only the information to reach us so late and also so insufficiently, not granting access dispite my sturn demands is another very despotic thing. I ask the world not to let them off this account.

Make these lame bastards PAY BACK!

ROC's Mr. Shih Ming Teh will begin SELF-IMPRISONMENT

Taiwanese anti-graft reformist Mr. Shih Ming Teh announced his self-imprisonment to commence tomorrow in his self implementation of prison until the fall of Ah-Bian's presidency. This is the new phase of anti-graft fight against Ah-Bian's presidency by Mr. Shih, who had been a very close co-fighter with Ah-Bian for entire long fight for democracy in Taiwan.

Mr. Shih's self-imprisonment can be as long as 18 months which is the remainding term of Ah-Bian's presidency. His self-implementation of prison will FULLY comply with Taiwanese prison's specification, which is one of Mr. Shih's field of Experty.

Mr. Shih Ming Teh is Taiwan if not Asia's longest record holder of political imprisonment - some 25 years by ROC KMT govt. In the long fight for democracy, Mr. Shih & Ah-Bian were both very close allies against KMT regime. Mr. Shih now supported by million Taiwanese in his campaign to fight against Ah-Bian's presidential graft scandal.

The private prison for Mr. Shih will be a part of an apartment, which has only 2 rooms. One being Mr. Shih's prison cell, the other will be the Visit Room of this prison where visitors will be able to visit Mr. Shih at a schedule fixed according to prison rules of Taiwan. Only when receiving medical care or major duty at anti-graft anit-Ah-Bian campaign will Mr. Shih be leaving his prison.

Yahoo Taiwan's New Link
Sammyboymod discussion thread

施明德明起「自囚」 到扁下台為止

更新日期:2006/12/04 06:40 記者:記者李志德/台北報導




施 明德目前正受邀在泰國訪問,預訂明天中午回到台北紅衫軍之家召開記者會。據指出,明天記者會一結束,施明德就會開始自囚,他的「牢房」,是位於台北市的一 處公寓,分成裡外兩間,裡頭是一間鋪著榻榻米的房間,外頭有一間「會客室」,一切比照獄中的作息。施明德有固定的時間「會客」,除非必須外出看病,或者紅 衫軍有重大活動,施明德將一直待在這間斗室裡,直到陳水扁下台為止。

為什麼選擇這種方式?接近施明德的人士表示,施明德從活動開始,就好幾 次表示,即使只剩他一個人,也要坐到底。如今倒扁運動雖然從凱道轉到火車站廣場,再轉進室內,但施明德完全沒有要收場的想法,施明德希望用這種行動,帶動 社會及政壇自省的風氣,把這場「良知的戰爭」打下去。


這 段對話讓施明德感慨台灣經歷了五十年的獨裁統治,但如今貪腐的危害卻遠勝獨裁,施明德認為自己在獨裁時代有廿五年「良心犯」的經驗,如今台灣社會處在「道 德自由感完全被禁錮」的局面下,許多人得逼迫自己不要看到陳水扁的畫面,才能好好生活下去,台灣此時更需要一個「良心犯」。

據了解,施明德 「自囚」的決定已經告知總部主要幹部,幹部都表支持,唯一的顧慮是施明德的身體。據指出,施明德在日前的身體檢查中,癌症並沒有復發的跡象,但施明德在內 部的會議上也曾感慨,他自囚的時間最長可能達到一年半,「對其他人來講,可能是生命的廿分之一,但對我可能是二分之一。」

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Quater Marathon while on HungerStrike

:-) yes I did it! I rested for half a day after running 12.4km, and exceeding my original 10km plan.

I didn't exactly followed the official 10km route because my running pal was taking the half marathon, and we ran the half marathon route, which means I did not turn back at the official 10km route's U-turn point (@5km) and went straight on along the half marathon route, so that we could be run together. But only my running pal went all the way to the U-turn point of
half marathon route, I paused running on stand still for about 18 min at 6.2km awaiting for my running pal, and proceeded together after meeting up again. So my effective U-turn point is at 6.2km. MAP

My run ended after 2 hours and 13 mins. At least 30 thousand people took part in the event, my estimation is only according to my observation that so many had packed the route, and can almost feel the body heat of other runners. It began to rain very lightly after I completed my run, while thousands of others were still running their longer routes.

Near the S$2B Durains, several people collapsed or had leg mussle cramps, some were take away by ambulance. My own knees can still feel a little strained until now.

I proved that quater marathon is possible even on hungerstrike. :-) many barriers can be overcomed! Sammyboy Thread

Saturday, December 02, 2006

A Brief about my HungerStrike

This is the 10th day of my on going HungerStrike, and most of it so far was done while I was in prison. I began at 0000hr on 23.Nov.2006 which was the final day of our joint trial. I plan to continue this until my co-fighters Dr. Chee & Mr. Gandhi are both released from prison. During this HungerStrike I will not consume any solid food, and will only drink, and remain hungry all the way. I will only stop on my own announcement.

This is not a suicide, this is a political and civil action instead, so I will drink at most time, and will take in nutrients via liquid form. I stopped all drinking for about 2 and half days in prison between 1530hr 20.Nov.2006 to 1030hr 2.Dec.2006, as posted in this msg.

I am pleased to tell the Internet community that I already have a proven way to conduct HungerStrike in QueensTown Remand Prison without violating prison's rule, and there are reason to belive that it can meet rules of other prisons in the world, I am sharing it with fellow activists globally via Internet.

The prison allows fasting by e.g. Muslim, activist have to declare to be fasting for political faith aclaiming equivilant to religious faith in terms of civil and constitutional rights. It is unlikely for prison to enforce that prisoners must consume all the provided meals by 100% without any left-over. I told the senior officer that I will consume the LIQUID portion of all provided meals leaving the SOLID portion, this happened on the 3rd day of my imprisonment.

During the 1st and 2nd day, I had refused to collect or accept the meal trays (a plastic multi-compartment food tray with a lid / cover). This caused the prison to take up a big series of hand and soft exercises trying to change my mind. I was warned to face punishment initially, and I volunteered to have my imprisonment extended, but they didn't like the idea. Then they told me that punishment can include LKy famiLEE LEEgime's notorious caning, I am excited to face that challenge, but they changed their mind, and they had counsellors & doctors & psycologist to talk to me... I could see a big package of tax-pay-money wasting exercises lined up for me, so I told the senior officer that I show my sincere co-operation to do my best to stay within the prison's rule to make everyone's job easier, by accepting the meal tray, and try to consume all the LIQUID part of it.
During the 1st and 2nd day, Dr. Ooi had his staff provided me with a cup of glucose powder + water mixture on each day. They refused to give me that from the 3rd day onwards, but this mixture is requested by me, but the prison had that to provide to religious fasting prisoners who are at some medical risks, and Dr. Ooi asked me on the 1st day about it as one of the alternative consideration, and I accepted the mixture since it is a liquid food.

QueensTown prison consider prisoners who refused 3 consequtive meals as unacceptable HungerStrike by their rules, and warned me about possible punishments, however, my YARD time and VISITING had not been deprived. The 146th reported that my family members did not applied to visit me, what they didn't read from my blog post is: I told all my family members that I will recline all their visits regardless of my condition. My sister belived that I will die in my hungerstrike, but now they all know that I am alive a kicking, so they will not be unnecessarily worried the next time I go to jail. :-)

Beside simply scooping up liquid from meal tray, I actually used several techniques to extract nutrients. E.g. oral fruit juicer technique, where by I will chew either apple or orange and spit out the remaining pulp after sucking their juice. The other techniqe is to stir cooked food such as fried BeeHoon in warm water to extract some oil; salt; carbohydrate; by drinking only the water leaving the BeeHoon. I will chew juicy vegitable to extract their liquid and then spit out their remainding pulp also. :-)

I am very sure that QueensTown prison carefully prepared all the meal trays before sending to my cell where I have 2 other cell mates, this include weighing and taking many digital photos of each tray! After each meal, they also weighted and photographed each tray to make very detailed reports and records - poor tax payers I am so sorry for your monies! Further, the cover of my meal tray is specially marked, my cell mates were clearly briefed not to eat from the WRONG TRAY, there are however many interesting incidents, I will those post in the future.

The 146th reported that I spat my food, yes, and I know that there are many yacky photos of that in the reports on famiLEE LEEgime's desk of my meal trays after my consumption.

I thought famiLEE LEEgime subscribed to the concept of FREE TRADE, however, the prison told me that they have some rules against barter trading of food after their first world UY diet reports suffered a series of confusions. E.g. entire chicken drumstick including bone disappeared from my tray, and got found in my cellmate's tray! I gave them my simple answer that I had traded drumstick for my cell mate's orange. :-)

If I published all the mockeries about my 10 days of QueensTown Remand Prison, it might be a thick book indeed. However, I am not in that mood now. I am very concern about Dr. Chee who is still suffering in there with Mr. Gandhi.

I am actually going for 10km version of Singapore Marathon tomorrow morning while on my HungerStrike. Online Registration I found already closed, but I will just attempt the 10km without registration. This is not an egolistic exercise, but it is a chance to test my own limits. Before coming online to make this post, I already taken 2 bottles of Essence of Chicken with Chinese herbs, and a can of RedBull, I will take more RedBull before my run, but still will take no solid food. I am not physically training myself, but it is a test and exercise of my power of will, which is the material of the fight against LKy famiLEE LEEgime. I will run while against the feeling of hunger.

This feeling of hunger had been with me in the past 10 days, and will continue on longer. Nothing will be able to fulfill my hunger in my mind until I have a Singapore free of LKy famiLEE LEEgime.

Prison Repeatedly Denied me to meet Dr. Chee

While Dr. Chee, Mr. Gandhi & myself were together serving in QueensTown Remand Prison, I repeated asked to meet with them, especially after my suspision that Dr. Chee is not doing well in prison had been confirmed. The prison will not even let me have an intercom conversation with Dr. Chee to let me check on his well being and give him my support. I am also concerned about Mr Gandhi who had been suffering from heart problems.

On 30th.Nov.06 Thursday, which was the 8th day of my hungerstrike, I had a surprised visit by Dr. Chee's sister Siok Chin & SDP Vice Chairman Francis Yong, they had told me about Dr. Chee's situation in prison. I immediately informed the prison that I demand to see Dr. Chee & Mr. Gandhi, and I stepped up my hungerstrike immediately until I the prison will allow me to see Dr. Chee - I stopped even taking any water or fluid and went on 100% total fasting. I only resumed drinking after I was released this morning.

As the 146th went on to print distorted part-truth about my hungerstrike in prison, which is in today's ST & ZaoBao, I was not even drinking, and after not drinking for 10 hours, the prison doctor put me on IV drip, 4 bottles of saline glucose @500ml was dripped into my body between 1pm 1.Dec.06 to 8:30am this morning 1.Dec.06. After the 4th bottle became empty, they removed my drip, let me bath, and process me to be released.

I told deputy superintendent that I will refuse to leave the prison unless they let me see Dr. Chee, and if they won't let me see Dr. Chee, they will have to physically throw me out the gate of prison. The deputy superintendent then informed the superintendent, who came to see me at the holding cell where they were preparing me for release. The superintendent still won't let me see Dr. Chee, won't even let me speak to Dr. Chee over intercom, but he admitted that Dr. Chee is not doing so well in prison. The superintendent described the problem as very mild, inconsistent with what the SDP had told me, he assured me that his prison will do the best possible to help Dr. Chee recover. Because I had received good medical care myself in prison while on hungerstrike, and had good mutual cooperation, I decided not to make a scene. The deputy superintendent and his guard then walked me out of the gate at about 9:55am.

I told superintendent & his deputy previously when they interviewed me that I will be their REGULAR CUSTOMER like Dr. Chee, currently there are still 7 pending charges of speeches against me and Dr. Chee. :-)

In the past few days, I had also repeated asked Dr. Ooi who is the only doctor in prison's medical post about Mr.Gandhi & Dr. Chee's conditions, wasn't given any useful information. However, I must say that I personally had received very intensive medical attention from Dr. Ooi & his staff during my entire hungerstrike. I was put in a cell just immediately above the medical post just only one floor above it. Dr. Ooi reviewed me at least once a day, and in many days more than once per day. Nurse / medics checked me very frequently and made very detailed records of my conditions daily. During my 10 days in prison, Dr. Ooi twice sent my blood sample to SGH for test, my heart ECG was tested 2 time in 10 days, my body weight measured 1 or 2 times daily, blood pressure 2 to 10 times a day, blood sugar 2 to 4 times a day. I was virtually living in hospital instead of prison, due to my hungerstrike. However, I had never even once seen Mr. Gandhi or Dr. Chee at the medical post despite my frequent present at medical post.

I am very sure that not every prisoner received the same level of medical as myself, therefore I am still worried for Dr. Chee & Mr. Gandhi. The famiLEE LEEgime just made sure that I don't die of hungerstrike in jail. I kept my hungerstrike and remain hungry throughout by not eating any solid food. The details will be posted later, in fact I will publish online a brief handbook of Hungerstrike in Prison. :-)

I suspect that Dr. Chee had been doped via his food, but not necessary that the superintendent or entire management of prison is aware of that. There are many units and departments among the prion's staff including intellegent units. I have no doubt that ISDs are among them, and I have seen some.

Fight continues outside prison

I had been released from Queenstown Remand Prison this morning as early as 9:55am, still on hungerstrike until I announce otherwise, only taking drinks and no solid food. Very concerned about Mr. Gandhi & Dr Chee Soon Juan who are both still in prison. The famiLEE LEEgime had been telling lies via their 146th about our imprisonment, I will post details later. For now, I owe my family a visit, and I am still at Dr. Chee's office. :-)

Thanks for all the supports.