Saturday, February 27, 2010

Thug-Sin's Politically Related Personal Gains a useful reference to Liquidate famiLEE LEEgime

URL to Thug-Sin's asset verdict news today

The Thais had done the right things I must applaud this good example set.

I urge Singaporeans to take this as an important reference when dealing with Liquidation of famiLEE LEEgime.

Old Dog Thief Lee Kuan Yew's famiLEE LEEgime had been in must worst political monopoly rule than Thug-Sin, not only in terms of number of years, also in terms of famiLEE Generation, as well as proportion of parliamentary seats occupation in the one party rule. The other aspects that made famiLEE LEEgime worst include the un-proportional lack of check and balance; media; union; election (GRC) system; oppressive legislations; oppressive defamation suit abuses; imprisoning of opposition; ISA; and placement of cronies & famiLEE members in the SAF as generals etc. The size of GDP and huge amounts of funds in GRCs GLCs controlled by famiLEE members (e.g. Ho Jinx) and cronies as directors & chairman etc is much worst in LEEgime than Thug-Sin by 20 times. Not to mention UNIQUELY famiLEE LEEgime the Out Of The World SALARIES which LEEgalized Corruption is something that Thug-Sin's salaries will never never be able to compare.

Taiwanese president Ma Ying Jiu's way of cleansing corrupt Chen Shui Bian family and Thai way of cleaning Thug-Sin family are the key references Singaporean must refer to when dealing with Liquidation of famiLEE LEEgime, we have to make it squeaky clean just like how LKy claimed that he is.


In the opposite I must point out that Indonesian Suharto & Philippine's Marcos are NEGATIVE EXAMPLES, as they had been largely let off, leaving huge politically plundered assets with the families of these corrupts & their cronies.

I must again highlight and recommend that Death Penalty is the ideal way to deal with the worst of corruption. I commend that Chinese Communist Party executes many of their own corrupted officials all these years and is continuing to execute more. Only a persistent effort and proportional amount of cleansing function maintained can balance the nation in healthy state, unfortunately you can not clean up a country once and for all. You can not dream like Childish Lee Kuan Yew to have an Ah Beng Clean System, under which greed fulfillment became LEEgalized and no longer punishable, and self-serving bastards are protected by state machineries.

Greed is never ending sin, spreading fast and no human is naturally immunized. For those in power especially LONG RULING POWER, LEEgalization of corruption is the worst possible solution, it only solved the superficial egoistic needs of famiLEE & Old Dog LKy, and spare him from facing and cleaning up political scandals such as Teh Chaing Wan & many others. The poison of greed and plundering still hurts the nation & it's people just like in anywhere else if not WORST.

Graft & Plundering are symptoms of greed which only worsen and multiplied by Incompetence.

Lee Kuan Yew Old Dog Thief's LEEgalization of Corruption by World's Highest Salaries is the worst example of Incompetence in dealing with Corruption. Basically he kept the corrupts fulfilled in GREED and LEEgally enriched them up front to eliminate self-enrichment UNAUTHORIZED by his LEEgime. There is foolishness and naive on top of incompetence reflected in this childish idea.

Not Thug-Sin nor Chen Shui Bian had legalized their own graft / plundering. Therefore the punishment needed for famiLEE LEEgime have to be proportionally increased.

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Mr Anwar Ibrahim: Imprison me or not BN will be removed still

Malaysiakini.Com Chinese news URL

Athi Shankar | Feb 21, 10 5:58PM
Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim fired a stern warning to his detractors that the people would vote BN out of Putrajaya in the next polls, whether he is in jail or not.

I think this scenario is quite true, that regime change and reform is unstoppable by imprisoning the leaders of movement. It had been proven in the downing of Polish Communist Regime, that when Lech Walesa together with about 1600 other union leaders were imprisoned the political situation in Poland turned irreversibly against the communist regime. During that period of crucial change Lech Walesa & all of his key movement leaders were all already imprisoned by Polish Communist Regime and were not at all in control of situation outside the prisons. However the crucial shift of power still took place.

This showed that imprisonment of the movement leadership can not stop the reform, and what have to change still will change, what have to be gone will still be gone.

Strikes spread like wild fire across Poland and the Communist Regime were unable to control it at all even when key union leaders such as Lech Walesa were already put behind bars for over a year. In the end the Polish Communist Regime gave up and released their political prisoners, within 3 days after Walesa was released he managed to call of all the strikes and he soon became the new president.

This is something that BN & famiLEE LEEgime have to painfully learn. When your powers are gone, they are gone, imprisoning your successors isn't going to make any difference.

Chinese news article abstract from Malaysia Kini:


晚上 10点39分



安华是今天在威省与槟岛出席槟州副议长陈福良和峇都茅区州议员阿都马列(Abdul Malik)的新春团拜时,二度如此表示。槟首长林冠英也参与这两场团拜。

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Scandal Broke! Richard Lee's home searched by police for SG Listed Firm Poll-Fraud

HK Yahoo News Chinese Page URL

Yahoo English News URL

Business Week news URL

3 of Richard Lee's private residences plus some offices were searched during Chinese New Year by HK police for evidence related to criminal frauds regarding privatization of his firm previously listed in Singapore Exchange. There was serious dispute by large group of shareholders who hold tiny amount in comparison to Richard the second son of Lee Ka Shing.

「明顯操縱投票」 私有遭否決

(明報)2010年2月21日 星期日 05:10

【明報專訊】鬧得沸騰的電盈私有化「種票疑雲」,早期經證監會 介入後,現由警方商罪科接手調查,令事件再受關注。事件源於去年電盈私有化前夕,電盈「一手股東」突然湧現而曝光,最終由上訴法庭一錘定音,裁定為「有明顯操縱投票」行為,其後在證監和傳媒的抽絲剝繭追查下,令眾多涉案的財金要人逐一曝光。

一手股東突現 Webb廉署舉報

2008年12月起,註冊在電盈股東名冊「一手股東」突然大量出現,奇怪的是,這批涉及數百人的股東,均是直接持有一手(即1000股)電盈股份, 而非透過銀行或證券行持有,情况未免過於巧合。及後獨立股評人David Webb向證監會及廉署舉報,懷疑有人派發電盈股份「種票」,意圖令私有化建議獲得通過,「種票疑雲」正式曝光。

This involved the issue of integrity and administrative responsibilities of MAS, which Goh Choke Dong is the chairman. Privatization of a SGX listed firm is a process controlled and monitored by MAS under it's responsibility. There is a polling fraud exposed in this process, that is a criminal investigation going on in Hong Kong, and MAS & SGX are still keeping mum about. This is a Major Scandal!

Foul Kay-Loong public listing and privatization process had been going on in SGX in famiLEE LEEgime's Tiny Red Dot, exploiting investors and they turn blind eyes as the Big Fish swallows the Small Fish, and they claimed to be the CLEANEST 1st world responsible governance deserving world's highest salaries. Not to forget to consider this together with the saga of Lehman Brother's Bonds also under MAS's charge.

盈科拓展 (SGXP15 ),全名盈科亞洲拓展有限公司,是香港商人李嘉誠次子李澤楷旗下的公司,於新加坡上市。公司分別持有電訊盈科盈科保險兩間在香港上市公司的股權。2006年美資的新橋資本提出以每股0.305坡元私有化盈科拓展。

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Productivity Starts @famiLEE LEEgime Cabinet, SACK $$Million Dollar Ministers NOW!

Walk your own talks Ass Loong Son! Productivity Improvement starts at your own cabinet, otherwise DON'T TALK COCK! Half the size of your cabinet! If we measured productivity of your cabinet by per dollar of ministerial salary then it is none other then the world's worst!

Don't be fully of moronic propagandas like your cousin Moron GW Bush! If you half the size of your cabinet then Singaporean may take you seriously.

Singaporean productivity is low only because of your famiLEE LEEgime's imbecilic failures, the citizens' qualifications and skill and experience had been squandered and trashed in series of your past economic failures, they had to be Re-trained and Recycled like wastes. That is why productivity can only be low. Your Manufacturing Based Economy is a TOTAL RUIN, you switch entire Singapore into so called Service Industry (such as Casino?) Our citizens' past qualifications and skills and expertises had been wasted, and they are all forced to start anew from the very beginning, this is highest wastage on national human resources.

Who's fault is this? None other than you Ass Loong Son! You were the DMP heading Singapore Economic Development Board that caused all these huge failures and changes! You squandered the productivity figures since those days and you think you fix it today? Don't make the Merlion laugh to death!

Fix your own cabinet's productivity first then the ministries and stat boards, then the SAF & SPF. Start from somewhere nearer to yourself the Istana & PMO! Do it and show the Singaporeans!


Singapore's productivity level is 60-70% of what is possible: PM Lee
By Saifulbahri Ismail, Channel NewsAsia | Posted: 14 February 2010 1931 hrs

SINGAPORE: Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said Sunday the country has a considerable way to go in its productivity drive, especially when compared with other countries which have achieved significant productivity growth.

He said Singapore's productivity level is 60 to 70 per cent of what is possible.

Mr Lee's remarks follow the release of the Economic Strategies Committee Report, which placed productivity as the key growth strategy for Singapore's economy.

The Prime Minister made the assessment on the first day of the Year of the Tiger, as he visited a select group of workers who are keeping the country going during the holiday period.

Accompanied by key union leaders, Mr Lee gave away S$10 hong baos and oranges to some 150 staff at Swissotel the Stamford and Fairmont Singapore.

Mr Lee said efforts must redouble if Singapore is to achieve the target of two to three per cent productivity growth over the next 10 years.

"It's a turning point. Your numbers will grow more slowly and if you want the economy to do well, that means the productivity must go up," said Mr Lee.

"And if your productivity doesn't go up and we don't get the growth, then I think you may feel that you're relaxing a little bit more but the mood, the buoyancy, the optimism, will be quite different. So we have to work hard and take this very seriously."

To help staff increase their productivity levels, some hotels have been using a device called the Ezi-Maid.

The device is able to elevate beds to waist level, making it easier for cleaning staff to change the sheets and vacuum under the bed, cutting the time taken to clean a room.

The job scope of workers is also being re-looked.

General secretary of Food, Drinks and Allied Workers' Union, Tan Hock Soon, said: "We're working with management to upgrade the skills of the workers through expansion of knowledge, through skills upgrading, so that we can ultimately integrate jobs. So that productivity goes up, therefore better wages for our workers in the industry."

Mr Lee also touched on the need for Singaporeans to have more babies.

He said that while there is no "magic bullet" to boost the fertility rate, working mothers will need family support, and husbands can play a part.

"(Husbands can) start by changing nappies!" said Mr Lee. "When the kids grow a bit older, you're not just a father figure, but you're helping around the house and showing them a good example, so when they grow up they also know how to look (after) the house."

Singapore's resident Total Fertility Rate slid from 1.28 in 2008 to 1.23 last year, the lowest ever.

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Monday, February 15, 2010

BlueTooth Activism Also! Political Slogans in Devices' Names!

Related Blog Post yesterday

Actually after posting the above blog msg yesterday I started to also conceive the idea of using Political Slogans as BlueTooth Device Names! :-)

What is BlueTooth Device Name?

Read about this! Bluetooth Users Against BUSH!

For BlueTooth Device Names the difference I think is you can even enter Chinese Language & other Asian Languages, like I did in my own handphone's BlueTooth.

That means you can enter 鸟死李耀老狗贼 as your Device Name by which people can exchange music or ring tones with your handphone!

It is going to be very effective if you turn on your BlueTooth and and carry your handphone around, you are broadcasting the political slogans to any viewing BlueTooth users within 10 meters or so. Why not? The Americans had been using this trick against G W Bush for long time already, we can use it against famiLEE LEEgime of Old Dog Thief LKY!


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WiFi Activism! Political Slogans as your ESSID :-)

I won't claim to be the 1st, but I got this idea out of my own and I am now inviting WiFi Users to start doing the same. :-) The history is also given here:

In the past years since 2008 till 2010 I had been attending Tak Boleh Tahan & WB/IMF & WB/IMF anniversary trials in famiLEE LEEgime's court among other trials such as GE2006 speeches'cases etc, day in and day out in famiLEE LEEgime's court which had turned into my office for the past few years since the previous election year 2006. There are many activists who also turned LEEgime's court into office bringing their laptops & stuffs into court to do business and political works :-) I brought a mobile broadband with WiFi to share with others, because depending on which court room we were at, some have very poor Wireless@SG connections.

To share broadband via WiFi I setup an access-point which ESSID is a political nature phrase, & I gave the WPA key to the other activists who were at the same trial. My idea had started from there regarding ESSID activism thanks to the LEEgime :-)

What is ESSID ? or this
How to change it?

You can simply select a political slogan as your WiFi ESSID and change it from time to time.

Who will see it?

Every WiFi / Laptop users who check or scan for WiFi network in the area within few hundred meters radius from your AP (access-point) will see it. If you make it very interesting they will remember it. If you shared your Internet then they will memorize it in their Handphones, Laptops, etc and use it frequently.

What are the examples of ESSIDs?

  1. Vote.PAp.OUT
  3. Ho_Jinx_STEP_DOWN
  5. MSK_here
  6. I-hate-ERP

Actually, you can also change your MAC ADDR of your e.g. WiFi routers, from time to time. Read point #8 of this.

Will it affect your WiFi functionally?

You only have to re-set-up your laptops' or handphone's AP settings according to your latest ESSID, it is actually a safe and healthy practice to periodically change your WLAN ESSID & channel number, the reason is similar with periodically changing your passwords.

Is it LEEgal?

Unless your message is inciting murder or riot, there is no law preventing you to put a political message into your ESSID. It will be fun if famiLEE LEEgime starts to make this a law :-)

When the GE come, put VOTE_OPPOSITION in all of your WiFi! :-)

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Citzens' Votes - timely for backstroke against Old Dog LKy

I had for the past years since 2008 positioned that Singaporean opposition should convince the New Citizens on famiLEE LEEgime's betrayals, exploitation and backstabbing on it citizens, using our original heat-lander citizens as examples, highlighting their CPF & HDB flat & Medical issues. It had been my concept to have our opposition educate new citizens not to trust famiLEE LEEgime and learn from painful examples of betrayals, exploitation and backstabbing from exiting citizens and FORESEE their own fates in the hands of famiLEE LEEgime.

Chinese idiom : 前车可鉴,切莫重蹈覆辙

This will continue to work well.

However I must highlight now to opposition to exercise a Backstroke Assault against Old Dog Thief Lee Kuan Yew right now, that he had just said to Reverse the massive dependency on importing foreign citizens.

We MUST highlight this to the New Citizens and Voters that famiLEE LEEgime is quick in going back on their words as well as policies and they will betrayals, exploitation and backstabbing as quick as their party logo's lightning. The policy reversal after seeing their own hopeless failure and regret by famiLEE LEEgime must be highlighted to further convince these New Citizens and Voters that will educate them on how dearly and painfully they will have to suffer if they trusted and voted for famiLEE LEEgime.

This Backstroke will be politically very effective.

In Chinese : 敌进我钉,敌退我扯,倒打一耙,正中要害。

Both edges of the sword blade can cut, the enemy changed his direction of movement, we still assure that he continue to bleed worst.

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