Monday, February 15, 2010

WiFi Activism! Political Slogans as your ESSID :-)

I won't claim to be the 1st, but I got this idea out of my own and I am now inviting WiFi Users to start doing the same. :-) The history is also given here:

In the past years since 2008 till 2010 I had been attending Tak Boleh Tahan & WB/IMF & WB/IMF anniversary trials in famiLEE LEEgime's court among other trials such as GE2006 speeches'cases etc, day in and day out in famiLEE LEEgime's court which had turned into my office for the past few years since the previous election year 2006. There are many activists who also turned LEEgime's court into office bringing their laptops & stuffs into court to do business and political works :-) I brought a mobile broadband with WiFi to share with others, because depending on which court room we were at, some have very poor Wireless@SG connections.

To share broadband via WiFi I setup an access-point which ESSID is a political nature phrase, & I gave the WPA key to the other activists who were at the same trial. My idea had started from there regarding ESSID activism thanks to the LEEgime :-)

What is ESSID ? or this
How to change it?

You can simply select a political slogan as your WiFi ESSID and change it from time to time.

Who will see it?

Every WiFi / Laptop users who check or scan for WiFi network in the area within few hundred meters radius from your AP (access-point) will see it. If you make it very interesting they will remember it. If you shared your Internet then they will memorize it in their Handphones, Laptops, etc and use it frequently.

What are the examples of ESSIDs?

  1. Vote.PAp.OUT
  3. Ho_Jinx_STEP_DOWN
  5. MSK_here
  6. I-hate-ERP

Actually, you can also change your MAC ADDR of your e.g. WiFi routers, from time to time. Read point #8 of this.

Will it affect your WiFi functionally?

You only have to re-set-up your laptops' or handphone's AP settings according to your latest ESSID, it is actually a safe and healthy practice to periodically change your WLAN ESSID & channel number, the reason is similar with periodically changing your passwords.

Is it LEEgal?

Unless your message is inciting murder or riot, there is no law preventing you to put a political message into your ESSID. It will be fun if famiLEE LEEgime starts to make this a law :-)

When the GE come, put VOTE_OPPOSITION in all of your WiFi! :-)

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